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  2. I contemplated installing quick-quiet when I re-powered but 5.7 SB just doesn’t sound good enough for the $$. I would have had to relo stuff in the engine compartment and the hassle just wasn’t worth it. If you do decide to do the side exhaust route a YouTube guy with a SeaRay did a good instructional video many years ago. https://youtu.be/QEVTYnL4Ols
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  4. You should always be able to get home on a twin engined boat. Unless you do not fix problems as soon as they FIRST appear. Your odds are 2 X better than a single engine. Are you destroying the props by running too shallow ? No power left to motor home ?
  5. I like no noise UNTIL I go to W O T
  6. Beats finding your old or new boat filled with water. With no pier power ? I would buy it.
  7. I installed the Siren Pro alarm system https://sirenmarine.com/?utm_source=AdSt&utm_medium=Paid_Search&utm_campaign=S3P_Launch&utm_term=%2Bmarine %2Balarm&utm_content=BOATSECURITY&gclid=CjwKCAiA-_L9BRBQEiwA-bm5fjCjLOxtbfCMAQ2AQNU9b8wzOatUhhmy0dRUpQ9wuWYEkrhqy9m1UxoCFxQQAvD_BwE It tells me if I loose shore power. Monitors house and starting batteries. You can also hookup high water, temp and door alarms and inputs to monitor more stuff.
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    It the bot wants to talk boats in November I'm in.
  9. Very nice and congrats. I bought a "new to me" 2016 Suncoast 230 back in October. Got lucky with weather here in the mid atlantic and got 15 hours on it. Can't wait for next year!
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    You guys realize you are interacting with spam bots that drug up a 7 month old dead thread?
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    I also have an FX7. I did have the shorten the stock to make it fit.
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    I recommend Seachoice utility anchor, I liked everything about this light -weight galvanized anchor except ... the dipped galvanizedfinish is rough with sharp edges. I sliced my hand on a sharp point. I took my file and sandpaper to smooth down the edges and points while trying to not remove the coating. It should be easier to drop and stow now.
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  15. Hello folks, Haven't been here for a while, mainly because nothing has broken lately and I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I've moved to a new mooring which is somewhat more remote than the marina with no shore power, and I wanted to be able to monitor my battery condition remotely via 4G using an app on my phone; the fear being that the batteries go flat before I can get down there with my generator. I discovered Chargemetrix which does exactly what I wanted and thought it might be useful for anyone else with the same issue.
  16. I have it and don't like it. It's too noisy and it's a fixed thru hull exhaust. No way to make it quiet. I would not do it unless you install the quick and quiet exhaust system.
  17. Hi all, Both my wife an I grew up on lakes and boats (all sorts of dinky boats on Lake Champlain and various Maine lakes) then moved up to a 21ft Rinker bowrider in 2002 when we moved west (bought new in Coeur d' Alene, ID) where our family (+2 boys) spent hours and hours on it. We still have it today - it will be yard art long after it isn't sea worthy because of the memories - but now live in SolCal where our beloved Rinker is just too small for us to feel safe out on the big water. So, we went a little bigger -2007 Chaparral 350, dual VP 5.7 - and I have questions. In the past, wh
  18. I have it, came with the boat. Complete waste of money for someone.
  19. Adds no performance gain and small engines 5.7 and smaller with low compression dont really sound good IMO. That said it shouldn't be problem. Just map it all out well before you cut. May find some pics of other boats like your with it.
  20. The trick is to add fuel stabilizer before you fill up the tank. Then you take the boat out for a day so that the stabilizer/fuel mix gets all the way to the engine. You pull back in and put the boat away for the winter with an almost full tank of stabilizer/fuel mix. I just buy whatever gasoline stabilizer is on sale at the auto store in the ratio that matches the gallon capacity of my fuel tank.
  21. Sport boats don't count as a residence, unfortunately!
  22. Interested myself as I am putting a swim platform and through hull exhaust on my 2330
  23. Toddler

    Props off

    I made a cap a few years back when my props were in the shop. You'll need a 4x3" rubber boot then a 4" piece of 3" PVC, 3x2 PVC reducer, 4" piece of 2" pipe, 2" cap. Glue it altogether and drill a hole into the cap. You'll use the screw form the anode to bolt it on and tighten he rubber boot around the piece. .
  24. Are they still alive ?
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  26. On an 2008 with smart craft gauges, you have to go through the menu screen to set-up, and then do a trim calibration. It will ask you if the trim is all the way down. If no, trim it full down then press yes. The it will ask you to put the trim full up, and when you get it there, press yes. W
  27. Thanks to all for the replies and suggestions. I'm going to leave the engine removal as a last resort. Shimming the started seems to have helped some so I'll wait till spring to see how she behaves.
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