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  2. WaterDR

    Garbage can full of water

    2002 Sunesta. Twice now I have found the garbage can full of water. Boat is always covered. rain water and can’t figure how the #$^% water is filling the can bit not ended up anyway else. And it’s LOADs of water. Only after major rains. The can is stored in the under sink area. Anyone else run into this?
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  4. Rx7thHeaven

    Signature 350 questions

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and have a few questions. My wife and I are currently in the market for a cabin cruiser and have narrowed down the search to either a Signature or a Sundancer. My main question is in regards to price. I very much like the early 2000's year model 350's and am a little curious about what the fair value is for a good condition boat. I see most of these in the $75k asking price range. However when hanging around the local docks (Inland North Carolina) , boat owners (of the same or similar models) all seem to think they are worth much less and say they think and have paid closer the $50-60 range. None of these people seem interested in selling for that price though! I am just looking to find out what is a fair price to be expecting to pay for one. I don't want to be a lowballer but also not looking to overpay. Also looking for some words of wisdom of things to watch out for and be on the lookout for. One of my other concerns is the generator options. I have been on boats that have generators but not able to run all the main systems at once with the installed generator. What size should I be looking for to be able at a minimum to run AC, TV and stereo at the same time and maybe NAV lights if I am out at night? Thank you in advance for any input. Thank you, Jonathan
  5. Thank you Curt. Its a 8.1L Gi-H with DPS-A drive. 325 Hours. Only heard the one alarm sound and at exact time power was reduced. Overheating and oil pressure looked normal (low with idle and up to half way at 1500 rpms or more Mechanic that recently looked at it said a fuel pump was giving a 'whining' sound and recommended replacement. Wingnut (the master!) agrees. You also believe fuel pressure is eliminated? Other problem its been having for past few years - would start perfectly when cold. Run 30 minutes. Anchor up a few hours. Then not crank but not start again for longest time! Sounded like starving for fuel. Likely all the same problem. [Wingnut explained to me the whole internal fuel pump paint issues] Thank you for the help!
  6. It sounds like the engine went into protect mode and limited power considering the alarm and inability to power back up following the event. Typically this is caused by low oil pressure or high temperature, but can be a few other things depending on exact engine. Was the alarm steady or recurring beep? When you added throttle, and RPM’s came up but no power, how high did they get? Also, if you’d kindly post the complete engine model number, more complete help specific to your engine can be provided. For example, 8.1Gi-__, 8.1GXi-__, etc. If we ignore the alarm sounding and inability to power back up, since the fuel pump is being replaced, it’s possible pressure was insufficient to maintain power and protect mode wasn’t triggered. But, since it appears there was an alarm and the passage of time cleared the fault, if the alarm coincided exactly to when power was reduced, fuel pressure is eliminated as a potential issue. (Could be more than one thing going on though.) Best.
  7. For a variety of reasons this was my first run of boat for season and it was to transport it to another marina for service. And I ran into trouble! Was moving boat 25 miles total to new marina for service next week (replacement of fuel pump, plugs, out-drive service, battery load test, etc. next week) and after 13 miles/25 mins of smooth running on plane at 28 MPH/2,800 RPMs I heard an audible engine alarm beep and experienced a sudden loss of power, dropping me off plane. Stopped for 30 seconds to check gauges etc. (oil pressure normal. temp normal. trim OK). Powered up engine throttle again and RPMs came up but would not propel forward properly. Felt like no power! So after being unable to power up to plane I "idled" forward at 1,500 RPMs and 10 MPH for 30 minutes to keep moving to the marina. After 30 mins (its was unbearably hot out and no breeze) I powered up successfully back on plane, as if nothing happened! Now I had a new water pump professionally installed at end of last season so this was first run on new water pump. Any thoughts? If it overheated I would have suspected impeller or water pump but temp was fine. New marina mechanics will have it on Monday but I want to be as informed as much as possible. i don't know them so its a new relationship I building. THANK YOU FELLOW OWNERS!!
  8. Iggy

    genset has smoky dark water coming from boat

    How does the water look that is coming out of the reverse heat exchanger? Just a thought and takes 1 minute to look. If its the same than something is kicking up the mud. Also, from the genset is the dark water oily or have a smell to it?
  9. Iggy

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    If it was me and I do mean me. Most devices (other than marine) are not sunlight readable or waterproof. I get it, I would need to run the cable from to engine to the helm and than to the cabin. But once its done, I can connect other gear, VHF, AIS, Fusion remotes and........... That would also save me from installing the WiFi adapter/gateway. And use my chartplotter to read the data. I am also thinking of using Simrad's https://www.simrad-yachting.com/simrad/type/instruments/is35-digital-gauge/ From what your saying is $150 less and can do the same thing.
  10. DougB

    Top Speed Loss

    pulled the boat out cleaned the bottom and lower unit really wasn't that bad...i just don't like a dirty hull...changed the fuel/water separator and putt gas from a different source in it...she runs like she should top speed is back to normal....I blame the gas..
  11. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    I would pay attention to the overheat condition. Either an impeller, wear plate or thermostat needs to be replaced. Easy fix now, potentially tougher after the inevitable happens. Good news on your props... brick
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  13. rjbergen

    Yacht Device install on a 2005 Volvo GXI-E

    So I’ve looked into it pretty well. To start with the basic setup that would display engine data on my iPad, I would at least need the following: 2 Yacht Devices Engine Gateways ($199/each) 2 MEFI adapter cables ($39/each) 1 Yacht Devices WiFi Gateway ($199) NMEA 2K starter kit ($100) RAM Mount for iPad ($60) So about $850 plus my time to install would show me digital engine data on my iPad via WiFi. There’s so much more you can add once you have the NMEA 2K network. I would like to connect it to my Raymarine E80 MFD, but then I need to fish NMEA cables from the engine room to the helm. I would like to connect my Fusion RA70NSX to the network, but then I need to fish cables from the helm to the cabin. I’d like to replace my analog gauges with three Garmin GMI 20 multifunction gauges, but they’re $500+ each and I would need to redo my helm’s gauge panel. I’d like to add additional sensors to the network like fuel flow, trim tab position, water and waste tank levels, stereo remotes, etc. Those are all $100+ each plus time to install. Ultimately, if I build out the network fully, it would actually need to be powered by a circuit breaker at the helm that would supply power to the auxiliary switch at the helm. That requires adding the circuit breaker and running a wire behind the helm to connect to the switch. See where this all goes? lol
  14. Hi, Genset has previously been running fine for hours at a time. Had the oil and impeller changed a month ago, and coolant level looks good. Have 3/4 tank full of gas. Today while swimming, I noticed the water from the genset appeared "dark or muddy". At first I thought it looked like muddy water, but realized we were in deep water and the water was clear for the lake. Got closer and heard the genset bog a few times and the water looked "dark or smoky" to me, but was still running - but didn't sound right. Immediately boarded and turned the genset off before it died on its own. I cleaned the strainer about two weeks ago so doubt it's that. I was wondering if I might have sucked up some trash or something. If so, how do you check this or would driving the boat back to the slip clear that? Looking for some advice of what to check for or what may have caused the issue. I did find this in another post Check the water intake to ensure there is no debris clogging the water intake. But not sure where to check this.
  15. I don't understand when you say intercepts? Are you talking about a relay?
  16. I think I’m gonna go with a single switch, there much cheaper and can handle 20 amps each
  17. eneitzer

    Project boat/or parts

    http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/profile/53474-jsather007/ jsather007 are you still looking for parts. I’m sorry I’ve been away. I’m located in key Largo. Let me know.
  18. David Vaccaro

    Latest Hour Meter Milestone

    Generally, I don’t learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to check out and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite a great post. Regards:
  19. That’s perfect, just a tad bit expensive, I’ll see what else they have thanks!
  20. Oh well this is over 5 separate units, 2 halo lights, a 32-42 inch light bar, underwater led, pa speaker and about 55 feet of led strip, all of the lights are rgb and I plan on getting more underwater lights so that number may go up. Are there any switch panels where the power doesn’t go through the switch panel but instead the panel I guess “intercepts “ the wire and can turn it off and on? edit: 6 units, may go up to 7-9
  21. Phillbo

    Live Well

    Are you sure you have a live well and not a ski locker?
  22. Assuming that you have added all up correctly, the 552 watts is a lot of lumens. There is no direct relation between watts and lumens, all depends on the particular bulb efficiency, but a rule of thumb for comparison is: 1 watt = 10 lumens for incandescent bulbs and 1 watt = 100 lumens for LED bulbs. This would suggest that your LED installation will generate 55,000 lumens of light. Are you trying to spot the boat from an orbit? It will be one bright boat that, at 40+A of current, eats the batteries for a snack! On the DC wire size: don't forget to count the entire wire length (round trip). If the device is 25 feet from the source, the wire length for size calculation is 50 feet.
  23. Jon P

    Live Well

    Sorry for the delay in responding - couldn't get back to my boat. I couldn't find any ball valve. And what switch needs to be flipped on the dash - there is none labeled live well?
  24. I don'y know exactly what you want, but https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=blue-sea-systems-dc-branch-circuit-breaker-panel&path=-1|328|2290000|2290006&id=1055764 If nothing else, Defender has a lot to choose from!
  25. SST

    Looks like water in my lower unit oil

    Yeah there is a post I made about it. I went looking for it but its buried in a thread that isn't obvious. Perhaps @Hatemor @Denny knows which post its under.
  26. @Iggy @drewm3i do you guys know of any switch panels that have big enough wiring to handle 550 watts and 41 amps? I’m having trouble finding one
  27. ColdOne

    Looks like water in my lower unit oil

    @SST wasn’t there a story around you current flag pole that made it special to you? Don’t recall the specifics but I thought there was something.
  28. Curt

    SX cobra to SX-M

    Not sure off the top of my head, but can research and determine. A few questions before spending the time. - Is the drive a Cobra by OMC or an SX Cobra by Volvo Penta? -What year is the “Cobra”? -Find the tag on your current transom assembly. What are the numbers? -Assume what you’ve found is less expensive than an SX-M? Thank you.
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