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  3. Dan02gt.As it happens, there is One yellow wire that was attached to one of the old gauges, hanging loose and unconnected. Hopefully that's it. tks for your help. jt
  4. Thank you very much. I've already thought about it. A lot of my friends have taken out loans and they've done well. I hope this option works for me too.
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  15. I bought a chap with twin mercs that was freshwater use only and I use it in salt. I researched it pretty extensively and at the end of the day I opted to have closed water cooling kits installed, zincs changed to salt water zincs and the bottom painted with antifouling paint. Cost was about $8k. IMO a worthwhile investment given my plans for the boat.
  16. No luck on seeing streams of water from any of my pumps and I couldn't detect anything dripping into the remaining half inch of bilge water from the engine area - seems like the leak is coming from below that half-inch water line. The transducer looks fine also. I can't see the bottom of the transom wall so maybe something there. I've never touched the brass drain-plug on the back/bottom of the hull - do those ever start leaking? The boat is on a lift and on shore power, so nothing coming in and not in danger of sinking. Thanks for the reply.
  17. Some Polluted areas of Florida ARE VERY damaging to cruisers docked. . Weeds & animals like boat bottoms a lot. The salt destruction compared to fresh water has caused heart attacks to Yankees after 2 years of Saving money on maintenance steps of Aluminum parts / anodes. Stray dock electrical currents can be endless in large marinas.In general you will be very unhappy witg th condition of all metal parts in salt areas. SOO very easy to scratch finishes with dried salt spray. Salt loves time & money . You WILL NOT find many boats looking like yours in Florida.
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  19. Plus one on a cracked or torn shift cable boot.
  20. Check the vertical wall of the transom. Hot or cold water tank parts / hoses / pumps leaking ? Depth finder transducer on the bottom of the hull ? Drive shifter cable has a rubber boot that could be going.. Lots of things to drip that fast . To me every 30 minutes is a serious RUNNING DOWN of the boat battery.. I would be pulling the boat shortly. Connect a 120 vac charger to the boat battery that runs the pump .
  21. Hello, this is my first post here and I wanted to share my opinion on this. So, you have big problems, as this type of boat hates the cold and most likely you have to replace the engines.
  22. I'm using Progressive now. Just called them this weekend because I paid off the boat early, great customer support. GEICO is too expensive.
  23. Have a 1999 2330, and got my platform from swimplatforms.com. Very happy with mine.
  24. The prices that people are willing to pay for used boats nowadays are incredible. Boats are the best way to avoid lockdowns and masks. The local dealers are having trouble keeping inventory, they are making cash offers so they can flip the boat.
  25. Don't forget to bring a nice tablecloth that can soak up a mess. You just tie everything up, then untie at the dumpster near the dock and let it all out. Don't forget to pre-select an appropirate music library.
  26. The biggest cost in all boats is storage. You gotta keep it somewhere when you aren't using it. Marinas charge by the foot per month. You can store it yourself at your property, but then you'd need a vehicle that can tow plus a trailer. Insurance is cheap, routine maintenance is cheap, and fuel costs depend on how fast you want to go and how often you anchor out.
  27. We barely used the interior grills or stoves in our bigger boats in the past. The smoke, smell, and clean-up aren't worth it. Get one installed in the cockpit or get a model that hangs over the side. You'll get your money's worth out of those.
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