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  2. You have to remember about the heavy LOAD on the engine just as the boat struggles out of the water. Heavy load on a motor of any type ? Always a LOUD sound. Tractor & trailer going up a steep hill ? LOUD at any speed. Just like your boat coming onto plane. Check with the company about how loud of a exhaust while running your boat onto plane.
  3. The exhaust doesn't completely seal shut and when you hit the gas to get up on plane the outlets will go under water until it comes up on plane underpower. That is likely what the difference is that you are noticing. If it seems unreasonably loud then you may have a flapper problem.
  4. I added a few sandbags (maybe 150lbs?) to the storage area under the dash. It straightened right out and the list is gone. I can safely conclude that the cause is a weight distribution issue. I have to admit that Phillbo may have been on to something with the comments about more people in the boat. I still can't explain why the boat sits naturally with a list when there is no weight added. I'll have it in for winterization and regular service at the end of the summer so I'll see what the local Chaparral service team has to say about it. For now, it runs great and sits well in the water so from a performance standpoint I am happy. Having said the above, I probably wouldn't consider a Chaparral boat again unless someone associated with Chaparral can tell me what is going on with this boat. None of my buds who have Formulas, Sea rays, and cobalts have heard of anything like this
  5. Appreciate the reply. It's not the idle noise that concerns me. It gets really loud when accelerating, at about 3500 rpm's, just as it's getting on plane. It's almost like I'm flipping the switch from quiet to loud, but I'm not. I bought the boat used so no dealer to ask. If that's the way it's suppised to be, then I'll need to deal with it, but it seems like something is wrong. Not the 'quiet" mode that I expected.
  6. It has been posted that some people are not happy with the Quiet mode. Since it is bought to make noise ? The company gives it a louder idle.
  7. 33 is the rubber seal in the top cover 42 is the plastic guide click to enlarge
  8. I have a 2015 Chaparral 277ssx with 8.2 mag Mercruiser that has Captain's Call Exhaust. The switch and solenoids are working and there is a "slight" difference in sound between loud and quiet at idle, however, much of the exhaust comes out the sides even in the quiet mode. It's a nice rumble and not overpowering, but not "quiet". The issue is that when accelerating, the exhaust gets really loud just as the boat is getting on plane. Is this normal? I've checked to see that the Corsa flappers are in place and are fully closed in the quiet mode.
  9. You should see a black rubber seal in the top of the water pump housing.This is what the copper tube slides into. The plastic guide just get pressed into the top cover, it is only guide, nothing to seal
  10. I've got the new water pump kit today including the new water tube. What I can't find anywhere on Youtube or in diagrams is a clear view of what seals should go to seal the copper water tube to the plastic water tube, or if there is meant to be a seal under the plastic water tube. I think I'm going to give the job to the marine engineer at the boatyard to sort but I'd be really interested if a diagram exists. Thanks Stu
  11. Had a Sierra gasket set on the boat as a spare. Oring is 1/16" smaller OD. Worked perfect. Oring size is 1 5/16 x 1/8. Mercruiser is 1 3/8.
  12. cyclops2

    Fuel filter

    In the FULL SPEED forward gear position ? No boat movement ? You have a slipping propellor or the GEAR SHIFTING LINKAGE to the transmission , is not connected anymore. Check the prop for junk wrapped around the blades.
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  14. Edit Not enough air to the carburetor or a fuel problem
  15. Hi my name is James I have a 1989 chaparral 1900. It well run great some time and then I will slow down. Then try to accelerated the engine was found at full speed but the boat will barely move I don't know what my problem is don't know if it's not enough pair to the car for a fuel problem?
  16. Redid tonight, made sure everything was perfectly aligned and gasket glued in place. Even shaved off the gasket edge next to the oring. Torqued to 25 foot lbs and everything still perfect. Then 40 and started to pooch out. At 50 foot lbs almost the entire orange bead is showing. Going to get an oring tomorrow of slightly smaller circumference so it can displace in the bell housing recess rather than pushing the gasket.
  17. There is NO NO substitute fo massive cruisers & all that it offers to a group of wake surfers . AND their friends & partying. Cruisers are the only SAFE way. With a 4 person PWC or a bow rider to pick up the fall downs.
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    Cecil marine, I need a P and will split the cost with you, they are about 80 bucks, and I have a hard time rationalizing cost. I’ll eventually buy the complete script which is the only way they’re sold , but let me know, thanks Dennis
  20. @solidgain thanks for the info!
  21. Best & biggest wakes that last for over 70' behind a boat. Is a wooden cabin cruiser that carries 17 people & goodies . It is a round bottomed hull . Massive 4 to 5' wake. Buy a boat that parties & wakes.
  22. Obviously this just gives you a starting point where the engine isn't cocked. From here you adjust up or down as needed adjusting both sides evenly. Mine was off side to side bad enough bar wouldn't go in, but got it all straight doing above. Since you just replaced the bearing, a couple smacks may fix.
  23. cyclops2


    It is fine. Unless you race for money.
  24. I just went through this. No way to really adjust side to side ad a simple adjustment. First, just barely engage the alignment bar to the coupler, ie. Not all the way in. Smack the end of the alignment bar side to side and keep test fitting the alignment bar till you get it closest. This aligns the gimbal bearing and can make a huge difference. Hopefully that's all your problem. If not support engine from above with front mounts backed off so you know engine is hanging level relative to rear mounts. Front mounts may end up adjusted differently. One of my front mounts has 5 more threads below the engine bracket, and my alignment bar slides in as easily as it should.
  25. So I have my out drive off the port side to do bellows and and new lower shift cable. I decided to replace the gimbal bearing. I have two alignment bars. One is slightly undersized by 5 thousandths (machine shop guy couldn't read my crappy writing, it was a "government project" so just accepted it). The other is a purchased tool which appears to be 1.01" that its supposed to. Anyway. The spec bar slides in almost all the way, gets tight about 1.25" in. The under size bar slides all the way in. But when I pull out there is grease trails from the spline at 90 deg, but no contact at 270 deg. I am thinking the engine appears to be OK up down, but front off to starboard side slightly. It appears that adjusting alignment from side to side isn't very easy. I dropped in battery and will rotate engine to make sure its indeed off. Whats easiest way to shift front of engine horizontally?
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