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    You have a few problems to take care of first. You have a water leak splashing water around the engine compartment just by looking at the 50A CB . The CB is the first place you get power from to operate everything . So remove and clean those connections,. The slave solenoid has 2 mounting bolts and nuts. A bad one usually just goes "click" when trying to start the motor. Electronics should never come on with the key, nor stereos, lighting or anything else. If your ign is fused you can blow the fuse at the most inopportune time and be dead in the water
  3. I can’t figure out how the #$^% to get this solenoid off the engine......
  4. Wingnut, Good info as always. Will definitely check the hose connections as I thought they would be inverted flare fittings and the adapter as well for cracks. Will let you know what I find, Greg
  5. Yesterday
  6. Spray some Armor All on the belt surface and I'll bet that noise goes away for a minute or two. Easy test and Armor All residual will wear away in a minute or two. W
  7. I recently replaced the circulation pump & impeller and now a few hours later I have this noise. It's definitely coming from the front of the engine. At first I thought it might be a rocker arm or valve but because of the "location" I'm thinking something else. I've checked and nothing is loose, there's no water leaking. Also, the belt looks to be in good shape but I noticed what appears to be some belt dust. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Engine is the VP V8-300-C-A. I've attached an audio file - could not get video due to size. The noise does change with RPM. This is at idle. My Movie3.mp3
  8. eng84ine: thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree with you on it being very well equipped, that’s why it’s at the top our list. I was at the Miami Boat Show this past weekend and they seemed to have almost every boat on the planet there, except for the 230 Suncoast. They did have the 250 Suncoast though. That’s also a very nice boat, just a bit too much for what we need. I was impressed with the fit and finish of all hardware and vinyl.
  9. Chuck... i am between procedures at work and tried to call the number listed on the front page. I will be tied up for most of the afternoon but will try to call later.
  10. Tel me this is not connected to your vhf radio click to enlarge
  11. My swim platform is bolted on to the transom and the underside is open. All told, I think my platform is about 3/4" thick where I through-bolted. For your platform, I would check to see if it is accessible from anywhere. I wouldn't recommend lag bolts as there's not much to grip. At least on my platform, it is a ~3/16" layer of fiberglass on either side of a Nidacore panel. I would try and find a way to through-bolt, but you may not be able to if you can't access the inside of the swim platform.
  12. Trying to figure out how to install my MAGMA grill onto the swim platform of my 2006 Signature 276. The swim platform is 11 inches thick. How could I possibly through-bolt? Or is the platform hollow and the recess accessible from engine room? I was thinking of sinking six lag bolts with 5200.
  13. 2006 Chaparral Signature 276, wanting to install my new Catalina MAGMA grill on swimplatform. Is the swimplatform hollow? Bolt through is probably not an option. Sinking 1/4"x 1 1/2" screw bolts into platform will probably be the solution, but not certain. Can I just run these bolts--along with 5200--into the swimplatform? Installing the pedestal mount.
  14. I remember test driving my 256 and launching out of Mays Landing. Went down the river for a few miles and it seemed like a cool area to boat on. I don't know what river that would be but I believe it took you down to Somers Point and Ocean City.
  15. Whoever you choose, ask them if they have Hale equipment. I use Rockhall Propeller, Rockhall Md. W https://www.halepropeller.com/services/analysis https://rockhallpropeller.com/
  16. Precision propeller located in Newburgh NY.
  17. Would like to clean up my DPS props. Who do y'all recommend?
  18. I think alot of it depends on where you live. Here in the Midwest, it is very unusual to get a survey on a runabout. A houseboat or a cruiser, yes. You usually just run it either on muffs or take it to the nearest lake for a test run. We just dont have as many surveyers as a costal area or large fresh water lake area.
  19. SST - I'm a combination of shocked / saddened and stunned that someone who is refined and quality driven as to own a Chaparral would consider lowering themselves to watching Coronation Street I can't begin to describe how I detest that ****** program. As a child I was forced (Yes, I do mean forced) to endure hours of Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner, and when I was once again forced to endure the painful experience in recent years I found it almost exactly the same. I was born and raised in Liverpool, only a few miles away from where Coronation St is meant to be based and its truly a land where time stood still. Whippets, flat caps, racing pigeons, black-pudding and cobbled streets everywhere. I shall pray a special prayer to the Lord tonight that he rescues you from your fate, before you know it you'll be saying things like "Eh-up" and "I'll go to the foot of our stairs". You're doomed unless you escape now.
  20. Yes, We will still honor the discount price. You'll have to call me to order
  21. Might be quicker to just call and ask. He’s usually quick to answer/respond. Can’t hurt.
  22. I was thinking about having a bow thruster installed because I only have a single engine and looking for some assistance with docking. Sometimes the current on the Milwaukee river is pretty strong. I was doing some Internet research on bow thrusters and ran across this water jet system which uses a water pump vs the traditional propeller. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything like this. The installation looks to be much easier and the cost for bow and stern thrusters are relatively equal to a traditional bow thruster install without any of the necessary fiberglass work. http://jetthrusteramerica.com/jetthruster/systems/bow-and-stern-thruster
  23. Since were talking about the boat shows. I am buying a bigger boat, I already have a deposit on one. So this fall I am selling my 2011 Sig 290 if anyone is interested. Please P.M. if so. Its I buyers market so the dealer is freezing both trade-in and selling price for 10 months. Which is great giving me time to rise more $$$. Can't wait and driving my wife a little crazy over the whole thing.
  24. Thanks for the encouragement, Greg. Interesting, we have the same boat and are quite close to one another as our home port is in Venice.
  25. Meant to order last week and totally forgot. Any chance you will still honor the group buy price? I will order tomorrow.
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