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  2. We cook just about every time out, it sure beats cold sandwiches. My boat has the built in grill which makes it very simple. Probably the best option, and unfortunately the most expensive, would be a magma style grill mounted somewhere. Although my buddy had a portable stainless purchased from Lowe’s that he would bring and throw on top of a piece of plywood and he would cook on his bow of a ‘20 ft glastron. He ate just as well as I did. One thing to remember is that there can be hazards with propane. Keep your portable tanks away from the bilge area and in a well vented area somewhere else on the boat. There are lots options out there in all price ranges, look around, you’ll find something that works.
  3. Just found this, kind of like what this guy is doing with a propane tank...
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  5. I want to cook on board a 21' open bow but not sure of the best way to go about it. Looking to keep it simple, both the setup and what gets cooked - thinking mostly sausages and the like. I feel like there's a better / easier (to set up and to clean up after) / less expensive option than a mounted grill that I'm not thinking of! I do have a large swim platform and a deck boat layout so it's really pretty spacious. My current ideas are a magma grill (or similar?) mounted to the guard rails. I've seen there are some that can mount on an existing table pedestal maybe? Maybe an isopropyl alcohol mini camping stove? Portable generator and a microwave :)? How do you heat food on your open bow boat? Are you happy with your setup? Or what ideas do you have for it? Hoping to minimize mess, expenses, and difficulty. Thanks!
  6. True, but for the right deal I'd make the drive if I wanted a boat bad enough.
  7. Is your new distributor marine rated?
  8. so funny was just reading all this and was going to tell you to check the distributor or cap because it sounds like lack of timing advance.
  9. Stretch, your a little far from Pennsylvania.
  10. I'd buy this with a 5.0 before I bought anything with a 4.3 or this
  11. Anyone with an older Sig with twins replace their controls? If so, what new ones did you go with?
  12. Okay... off the list...Plus I realized it was a Volvo Penta. Description said Mercruiser, engine pic showed 4.3GXI VP
  13. That 4.3 is gonna be under powered imo. We rented a 19' boat last summer with the 4.3 and with 4 adults and 2 kids it sucked on take off and top speed.
  14. How about a 2006 204ssi? Looks great in the pics...4.3 MPI
  15. Problem / good thing ? Chaps are very rare in my area. But the salesman KNEW the price of a virgin 2002 with a V8. I used Kelly Blue Book price.......... Prices are listed for a company buying a PRIVATE boat................... Caution. Life can be a long string of good luck sometimes. Clayton Marina & Dennis are great.
  16. You would be in very warm waters so your bound to gets some growth. Plus there this no barrier coat. Being in FL, I would just paint the bottom and the drives and keep it in a slip. Having a slip opens a whole new world! Just to go down there, have a drink, watch the sun set or rise or just have dinner. The fact the you just walk right on broad is a great thing!
  17. +1. I think Cobalt is a notch up but I don't like their styling. Not a fan of Bryant's looks, either. But that's all just a taste thing. Also, those turn of the century Regals with the "arm" over the side windshield? Ugh!! What wee they thinking!!
  18. I think Sea Ray, Regal, Bryant, Monterey are all somewhat equal competitors. Cobalt maybe, or a slight notch up. brick
  19. So there isnt a single brand of boat that compares to a Chaparral?
  20. Haha...not for a prototype Besides, you can't see 2 feet in my lake. Would be cool for the Keys or Bahamas, though!
  21. You were selling a boat? I would be offering the lowest reasonable price
  22. Do I detect an upgrade?
  23. Yeah, you will need a galvanized or aluminum one. Maybe you can do a swap at one of your local dealers. That trailer looks to be in pretty good condition.
  24. Wow! That is cool!!!
  25. This would be a much easier trip, Duane (except for the long tow). Would enjoy you coming along!
  26. On my lake there is not even a lot of times that you can go WOT without knocking you teeth loose. You have to get out early or stay late. Too many big boats.
  27. Aerial and submersible drones. Just saw this on TV. Looks pretty cool to be able to operate in both atmospheres.
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