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  2. Did you figure out what the problem was? Greetings from denmark
  3. I am waiting for the new part to come in. So the port engine works good now.
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  5. I have a 297 SSX, my analogy fuel gage does not work properly, we tested the sender unit and it is working correctly, could this be problem with the Garmin software, or is there a module that the sender talks to that could be bad? thx
  6. Thanks JohnZ. You've answered all of my questions. Appreciate your help.
  7. hopefully these photos can be viewed!! I can’t seem to get the image link to post within the url box, so I just copied and pasted the link in the text. the first photo shows the base of both port and STDB side elbows/risers. As you can see the port side has either some deterioration or possibly just casting differences. Non the less it is thinner where it mates to the manifold. https://www.dropbox.com/s/72emkfejrpyqrtx/Photo Aug 02%2C 3 40 24 PM.jpg?dl=0 This photo is a closeup of the port side elbow/riser base. https://www.dropbox.com/s/02kl7ew6ovafug3/Photo Aug 03%2C 11 20 12 AM.jpg?dl=0 Is the port side worthy of installing and using the rest of this season? Is there a tolerance spec somewhere? EDIT: A link to an article I read that helped me make the decision to replace both the Exhaust Manifold and the Riser/Elbow on the Port side is listed below. The mounting surfaces for the exhaust manifold and the riser/elbow on the STDB side were ok and not deteriorated as compared to the port side. I will compare the STDB side manifold and riser to the new ones I ordered when they arrive, but I believe there’s little to no deterioration on the STDB side mounting/gasket surfaces. https://www.yachtsurvey.com/exhaust_risers.htm
  8. How Chaparral can still offer a non-DTS engine option on an over $100k boat in 2020 is insane
  9. rreale


    go to page 38 http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Sportboat/2005/235.pdf
  10. thanks for the feedback! Will post what is wrong with the boat once it is looked at tomorrow.
  11. Quick Update - I finally got my transom switch (USPS took forever to deliver!) and replaced it, and the problem with the trim driving full up is fixed! Wanted to report back in case anyone else has the problem one day.
  12. Still won't work. I probably need to get a meter to test. Charged brand new batteries overnight, still won't work. Plugged grill into a 15 amp circuit outside the cabin and it works perfectly. Plugged 950 watt microwave into the inverter and it wouldn't work, pugged it into the same outside outlet and it worked. So, outside outlet runs both, inverter won't run either. Maybe a bad inverter? inverter and batteries are both brand new.
  13. I have a 285 SSi where I’m thinking about installing a starboard speaker by the controls and a port speaker under the front passenger seat. The right enclosure is a thinner plastic so wondering how it might sound ? The new speakers are 35 watt JBL marine 6.5.
  14. Thanks Dan, everything visually looked OK as far as my limited knowledge goes, connections seemed good, didn't see any melted wires, etc.
  15. Faria estimated a 5 week turn around for lens replacement. Gonna cost me nearly the same as just buying a new gauge and swapping the lens myself. Thanks for the feedback!
  16. I'm looking to add tower speakers to my stock xtremetower. I called xtremetower and they told me the stainless caps on each side are for speaker mounts. They said that they do not provide this part but that Chaparral may. Does anyone know of a mount for this area? If not, can tower speakers be mounted to the back bar by running internal wire? Under the cover is a center hole that has a black plug in it.
  17. Cblack229


    So close! But it shows it with a towel over it so not much help. Thank you though!
  18. Winter no ice. Sumer ice. That is the way I roll.
  19. Wrong approach... You buy a 3 year old boat so the PO has dealt with all the malfunctions and hassles.....
  20. Thanks to Wingnut I was able to bush up on the owners and maintenance manuals The Stern drive level was low, added to full mark and No more Beeps! Thanks guys
  21. A windless is a great option to have for sure. One thing I have to do when I pull the boat out on the trailer is loosen the anchor and hang it on the bow railing or it interferes with the wench.
  22. I have had 0 problems with both 2002 Sunbrella original covers. Still look new & even colored. Sunbrella was never cheap. I have old patio Sunbrellas. Excellent also. Droppings on any fabric will cause a problem. Move the boat or tree.
  23. Thank you for the input. I also reached out to Chaparral and Medallion several times (both by phone and message) weeks ago with NO reply from either. I like the boat, however the customer service from both manufactures is very poor. My dealer has no clue about the Medallion system which makes this issue even worse.
  24. We recently bought a new 23SSI with the wakeboard tower and are looking for a way to keep it clean while parked on the trailer. We have a lot of trees, and the stains from little bits of junk falling out of them are already becoming a problem. We have the snap on mooring covers which help, but the rest of the top of the boat is still a mess after a few days. I got a quote on a trailer cover from Chap for $1200 from our dealer, but really I don't think we necessarily even want it covered to/from the water. Leaving it open to air out on the way home actually seems like it's a good thing. Any recommendations? I'm looking at various covers like this too which are quite a bit less expensive, but am really not sure what's the best way to go. I've asked the dealer for other cover options too, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks.
  25. dan02gt

    Tube Towing

    You're going to have to use the eyelets with the Y harness and just watch the rope. You could also pick up something like the Airhead ORB to help keep the rope floating better.
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