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  2. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    Then pay themarina place to set it up. Beats a accident. A couple of hundred SHOULD get it done right enough. Make sure the chains ARE HOOKED to the tow truck loose enough for a tight turn. NOT DRAGGING. About 3" off the ground is O K.
  3. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    Thanks to everyone for the advice so far. If I trim the drive all the way up will it clear the rear crossmember? Because I feel like the transom will sit up ahead of it.It looks like the previous owner already moved the rear crossmember forward about 4" though. I have the bowstop all the way back as far as it can go.If need be can I put it on the other side of where the trailerv's off, to keep the boat sitting further back? Sorry for all the questions, I am new to this and have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    You are a little oversize. To me ? I love a combination like yours as long as you can get enough weight on the truck hitch ball ? Go with it. You may have to trim the drive up to winch the boat ahead enough. Rubber stretch cord a piece of scrap 2X4 in between the tilted up drive & boat to prevent a slow settling down of the driveduring a 6 hour drive. Get home & do as Wingnut suggests. DO CHECK the tires for cracks & wheel bearings For rough rotation spots. Need to make sure the brakes release when needed. Tire air pressure to what is stamped on the tire side wall. Buy 3 light duty RACHET STRAPS to tie the stern & bow down to the trailer FRAME. Harbor Freight, Lowes or Home Depot are good enough==============MAKE SURE YOU coil up the long excess strap lengths so there is NO WAY flapping around & can flip under a tire !!
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  6. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    Pictures of new trailer would help us determine if simple modifications are prudent. I cut down trailers all the time so the owner can turn the thing in something less than a football field, and most trailers are pre-drilled so they are adjustable to fit many different boats. If yours is a welded custom build, it makes it harder, but not impossible. I built this a couple months ago. W
  7. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    If it has a adjustable bow stop/winch head simply move it back 2-3 feet. just like the one in the pic.You can always move the axels to correct a weight imbalance
  8. bahamas trip

    That's a big trip I think I'd just be safe and take an extra battery or two
  9. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    Hello, I recently purchased a 2003 chaparral 215 that does not come with a trailer. It is currently sitting 6 hours awayin storage at a marina and I need to pick it up this month. I own a mattress store and traded a mattress for a Venture VATB-6425 trailer knowing the trailer is a bit big, but I could always sell it and come out ahead. From the specs I can find, my boat has an overall length of 21.5'but I can not find a measurement for bow eye to transom anywhere. Venture's website says that trailer is for a 24-25' boat. I would rather not go through the trouble of selling it and getting a new one. Does anyone have any idea if I can makethis trailer work for my boat?
  10. Replacing the fuel filler line

    US made ethanol wasn't around at the time my boat hit the production line so I doubt that the design took into account flesh eating gasoline. But a better flow angle would have been better. No gas in the bilge. If the tank is leaking, likely a drip, it won't make its way into the bilge. The area that the tank sits in, is sealed off from the bilge. I'm pretty certain, based on partial borescope, that the "tunnel" that is underneath the tank is closed off. Meaning the cuddy drain is a "closed tunnel" that runs underneath the tank and empties out into the bilge beyond the sealed tank area. So if there is gas sitting under the tank, it won't make into the bilge/engine compartment.
  11. ALWAYS ALWAYS remove all metal finger rings. Metal wrist things. Metal neck chains. Or your skin will instantly smell like burnt bacon. I have the scars to prove that happens. I was lucky with the wedding band. I ripped it loose as it was searing my finger flesh.........Turn off & remove all wires / cables on 1 of the battery posts. Of each battery. Turning off a switch.......DOES NOT MEAN power has been removed also. DIY hookups can still power up a boat with the switches turned off.
  12. Replacing the fuel filler line

    I just love companies who bury / seal in a fuel system with ETHANOL SOLVENT gasoline !! Brain dead or just counting every penny ? Why not have the filler hose & vent hose in the middle of the tank & coming straight up so the stupid , needless, long , flat gas filling lines are done away with. A real stupid safety issue at present. Cars do not even consider such long filler & ventlines. Buyer beware of all self regulated products.
  13. bahamas trip

    Cool. Are you at Big Game? How bad were the rooms ($)?
  14. Starter Issue

    Never use the crank bolt, break it or strip it, and you`ll need a new crank.If you must use the harmonic balancer, remove the pully, install 2 fine thread bolts and use a bar between the bolts to try and turn a motor.
  15. Backfire at full throttle

    It's aremanufacturedengine, identical block and head of that which came out. Original engine was OF423914, new engine is Z162338, with block stamp GM57LG SGI
  16. Starter Issue

    may be spinning but not pushing out far enough to engage flywheel. starter failure.
  17. Replacing the fuel filler line

    I guess if that's the easiest way to troubleshoot and maybe you get lucky, go for it. Some boats smell like gas just do, are you losing gas, seeing gas in your bilge? Check all the fuel lines going to the carb, carb no leaking. I still think end of the day you will be ripping up the floor to find the issue, but hopefully this fixes it.
  18. Need Bluetooth Help

    WWT- I installed mine last weekend but did not have power to test. (We talked BT before, JBL head unit) I'll admit I guessed as to which wire to connect for power. There are so many friggin wires it is hard to tell which is which. I know the speaker and AUX wires and set them aside. There are probably 8 other wires including 2 red, and a yellow witha circuited fuse in line. Thoughts?
  19. Replacing the fuel filler line

    I borescoped the area at the end of the season. Could not determine where the leak is. Even if I rip up the entire floor, I still would not be able to find where the leak is in regards to the tank. I'd have to rip out the tank to do it. Replacing the tube without ripping up the floor is the easiest step to take to determine where the leak is. It will only be an inconvenience to replace a tube thatdidn't need replacing.After the tube replacement, and there's still a leak somewhere, that immediately tells me its the tank. All clamps are tight. I'm leaning towards the filler tube being the problem. The filler tube design is as bad as the vent line. 90% of the filler tube lies flat along side and slightly below the tanks top. It remains flat from the tank flange all the way up to the cockpit before it starts up for the filler port. That's about 9 feet of a flat line. So, that means when the tank is FULL and topped off, gas will remain in the filler line untilaround 3/8th of atank. This is due to dead rise and especially when the boat is moving. All the gas gets pushed to the rear of the tank. The flange is at the rear also. So gas gets pushed into the filler line. Just think about all that gas that has been sitting in the tube for 30 years. Its like the auto dealer trying to repair your car. They don't have a clue what to do, so they just start clicking off a list and see what happens.
  20. missing snaps on boat hull

    The snaps are typically on the end of a wood screw. If you post a pic it would be easier to help, but you may just need to get the vice grips on the stub end and twist it out. If the hole is still in good condition, screw in a new snap.
  21. bahamas trip

    rooms for Bimini are booked. I don't have my msid # on me but I'll get it to you at the captains meeting.
  22. Replacing the fuel filler line

    can you disconnect the filler hose clamp it fill it with a known amount of liquid, let it sit for a few days, and let it out to see if you have the same amount. My money if you in fact are losing fuel is a loose connection or bad tank.
  23. bahamas trip

    I also left the freezer in my truck for over 24 hours, and had no issue. I don't know how this compressor gets by with so little power, but it does. It's an old-style freezer box that has no interior fan, it freezes the sides of the cooler. once it's cooled down, it doesn't come on very often.
  24. Starter Issue

    fine put away then now acting up, starters often time do just break, but more times than not they are a slow go. Personally load test the battery, check all connections and I mean, and clean and tighten as necessary, 90% of the time that's the issue.
  25. Starter Issue

    If he's hearing a grinding noise the starter bendix is spinning.
  26. Installing windlass on 2001 300

    My galley is on the port side.
  27. Installing windlass on 2001 300

    It only comes with the rocker switch, so at first probably only that, then if I feel the need later, add the foot switches.
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