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  2. most states require 3 or 4 in lettering.
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  4. Posting some info about your truck will help others to provide better towing mods/ideas.
  5. Yep like that, and it just occurred to me when I was looking at your stickers.... PA has to have big obnoxious registration numbers on the boat PLUS a 4" square sticker (which I believe also has the reg # on it)..... it looks so much nicer without those numbers all over the side.
  6. Thank you for the help and great advise. I will buy a regulator and replace the pump as soon as this tough winter is over which can't happen soon enough. Sounds like it will take care of the problem. Again thank you.
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  8. Like this?
  9. The week of June 4th is out for us. We could do the week of the 11th though. Pretty open after that but I doubt we want to be there in July. Edit: I was told wrong. The week of the 11th may be out for us. May be able to go week of 4th. Larry, when do the girls get out of school?
  10. Yes. The pump re-starts on a decrease in discharge pressure. Your tank is on the suction side and is designed to be vented to atmosphere at all times. The revised design Surflo Pump (4008#) I find superior to the older 3600 series units. The 3600 had a habit of developing cracks in the valve body. Check your dock side pressure from the city water system, buy a regulator, and replace the pump. Your pump runs every 10 minutes because discharge side water is sneaking backwards through your defective pump, and back into the suction side, which eventually over-flows your storage tank. Per links below. W
  11. Oops, and there you go:
  12. As far as I know, the Cobalt Swim Step is patented, but I have noticed similar designs being used by other manufacturers. Maybe they are using it on license and Chap didn't want to pay.
  13. Jeff/Jeff, dates,dates,dates!!!!!!!!!!!plans.........
  14. They do have pressure regulators out there, I put one on my trailer to protect it from surging in the park.
  15. The dockside tie was factory installed. The pump does recycle about ever 10 minutes or so away from the dock which is very annoying I assumed that that was caused by the leaky fill cap. You think the pump will need replacing? Thanks for the help.
  16. The cap is vented so air can enter as water is displaced. Do not attempt to seal it up as the tank would collapse. Your pump has both a suction and discharge check valve, so if the dock side tie in was installed in the pump discharge piping, then the pump valves are both leaking back. Hard to believe, as if that was happening, the pump would cycle on and off constantly when you were not on dock side city water. You may have super high city water pressure which is overwhelming the capability of the very simple poppet check valves used in these pumps. Make up water should not exceed 30# and a simple in line pressure reducer/regulator is available at any good marine store. Lastly, if the tie in was dealer installed, they may have tied in the city water tee into the suction side of the pump, and not the discharge. That would leave you with a glorified refill line only. W
  17. it has a boxy look to it - very similar to the Cobalt, it is a sharp look, my only head scratcher is why not incorporate the swim platform ladder like cobalt did? the full beam ladder that drops down as a full step is very nice vs the standard 4 rung ladder.
  18. Anyone heading to the NY Show at the Javits Center this year?
  19. I second nothing above the rubrails, sun, people and constantly moving back and forth across will eventually lead to scratching.
  20. Thanks!! Nice looking
  21. In Scotland despite being an oil producer we pay pay heavily for gas. The money is lavished on the welfare state hence the reason everyone from 3rd world countries wants to come here. I digress, we pay £1.30 a litre and the consumption seems about right. I haven’t made any detailed analysis yet as I only bought it end of last year. It’s the 5 litres engine what would expect to be getting? The fuel pump had to be replaced and that cost £1300 to supply and fit!
  22. Always look at it in person or have somebody you trust take a look if you are out of state. As far as price have you checked the market to see how it compares, you can look at blue book and look at boat trader to see what the value is and what others are asking. With that said its the middle of the winter, time now to get good deals.
  23. Thanks, I will definitely take a look at the pump and replace it if need be. It has only started doing this over the past couple of years. Always turn the water off and disconnect the hose. With my luck what could go wrong will. Thanks again.
  24. Black gets my vote. Though this color is a bit PITA to clean and maintain.
  25. That looks great, congrats!
  26. How's the engine performance doin' for you?
  28. You do mean the fill cap to the water tank, yes? if so, it sounds like the pump has a problem. Meaning water is getting by the pump and overfilling your tank. The pump could be going bad or the street pressure is too high forcing its way though the pump. You could add a check valve. A word to the wise. When leaving your boat, turn the water off at the dock. If one of the pipes were to let go, you would have a endless supply of water filling your boat.
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