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  2. More than you think. In the left side I have four fenders and a bathroom waste basket with my docklines inside. In the right side I have a dry storage tub, my BBQ grill, a first aid kit, and my emergency prop. You won't get skis or anything like that in there, though. All of that space can be accessed from under the bowseat cushions but you can't use the vertical space in there very well from under those. It's one of the best mods I made. My Youtube vid on it....
  3. My current ski locker now isn't much smaller, 17x32 opening, about 25" wide below the lip. But only 9" deep at the center, so it's not deep enough to angle the slaloms or wakeboard into it without the boots getting caught at the front. Both slalom and wakeboard boots are 10" tall. I will miss my underseat storage though, 71x9.5" opening, 74x15 inside. Sounds like the ski locker should work though. This a.m. while doing some research I came across your thread where you put the access doors in the consoles. One of the pics came up on google, but they're deleted from this site. How much room is actually in those consoles? They don't look that deep. thx.
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    Good call. Keep looking.
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  7. Yes, I sure did. Ordered from Ameritex an exact fit. Love them!!!
  8. Just got back from my boat, took some measurements. I haven't had any skis for awhile so I wasn't sure of the length and the bench seat has a slight curve to it, but it turns out, not as much as I thought. Here's what I have..... Boat length on trailer.....26 ft. 2 inches. Height at windshield with jack cranked all the way down.....76 inches. Bench seat.....Opening is 62"x8.5" in the middle to 7.5" at the outside edges. Inside it is 72"x12" in the middle and 11" at the outside edges. It is 13" deep throughout. Ski locker.....The opening is 20.5" wide by 32.5 inches long. Inside under the lip of the opening it is 29 inches wide and 12 inches deep in the middle and 10 inches deep along the edges. I extended my tape measure forward past all of my stuff stored inside and it was greater than 8 ft. long. There is a wood support somewhere along the top under the bow walkthrough area that takes away from the depth at that point. Skis will slide under it with no problem, though.
  9. I`ve done it before. I just wadded up several plastic shopping bags into one "glob" and stuff it into the transom hole. You could put a couple pieces of tape over that if you wished to make sure it stayed in place.
  10. chaparral 2335

    Went to looka at the engine over the weekend did a compression test 6 cilinders had good compression of 150 the other two were 100 and 115 so that was a deal breaker
  11. Maybe make a cardboard template then fashion a cover from plywood? sold a nice plastic cover but they are NLA.. I've seen them pop up on eBay sometimes. It's def a valid concern, I've seen birds nest in junk boats at my marina.
  12. Update: Chaparral is sending instructions how to calibrate the fuel sending unit. I've never heard of this. Can't imagine boat owners needing to "calibrate" the sending unit or maybe it's the gauge. Either way Grrrrr
  13. Ohh, good idea. I didn't even think of that.
  14. "You can slide skis way forward and keep the wakeboards in the back." This solves my dilemma, the fact that a wakeboard and skis could be stored in there. '07 and newer is like your picture, that white "door" or step flips up. The only pic i've been able to find of '05 still has the seat, or pad, in place, but it appears it's carpeted underneath so not sure if it flips up to provide full width access. If not I could modify, but based upon what you said, won't need to. "TBH, storing skis under my bench would be a challenge". That surprises me. I store 3 tournament slaloms with full double boots and my spare prop under the seat in my 1830. Boots are too tall to even fit in my ski locker so good thing. My short top, the one that connects to the windshield, is in there too (only used once in 14 years since have a bimini). If I took that out could get a 4th slalom in there. Down side is everyone has to get up every time we switch skis. But anyhow, problem solved. thx.
  15. I will measure the ski locker opening on my 220 tonight. It does extend up to the bow, but it is not very wide. We store two sets of tandem skis, paddle, ski ropes and other stuff. But too narrow for a 144 size wakeboard. Rear "L" seat is too short for skis. I have inner tube, jump start box and compressed air tank under port side rear seat. Tower racks solved our storage issue. brick
  16. Use the gasket as a template
  17. how about some simple plastic and tape.
  18. Not sure about the bench but with the center cushion that is removable, it stands to reason there is a a step there. I didn't realize that the 220 has a narrower ski locker. I think mine is about 22 inches wide. Storage goes all the way up under the bow, I have lost things up there. You can slide skis way forward and keep the wakeboards in the back. TBH, storing skis under my bench would be a challenge. The opening is slightly curved but I think one pair and one slalom would fit OK. I has no snaps visible, so yeah no covers. I keep a full on mine anyway but it is stored outside. It does have pull up cleats which they don't all have. Just found this. At 36 seconds on this video it shows whats under the bench seat removable center cushion. Looks like it's also removable......
  19. We boat on Lake Michigan and have no problem with the waves/chop. Of course we aren't out with small craft warnings either! I haven't casted off the bow, but have trolled off the back. Might be a little tall pulling a fish out of the water from the bow.
  20. Since your boat is not painted, do you mean bottom painting it ? Surely you can't mean painting over the gel coat .
  21. How much $$ would it cost to get a boat like ours repainted. ( I know it is gel coat but didn't think Gel coated was a word)
  22. I sit on the back and fish all the time on the Tenn. River. Pull right in with the bass boats!
  23. No good way to get there, but 3 1/2 hours is better than the 7 hours to AR (It was actually in Fort Smith AR, right on the OK border.) My initial reservations on this one were no tarps and I don't believe the bench seat is open all the way across on an '05 like it is on the earlier or later model years to allow for storing ski's there. But I can get tarps/covers and can modify the seat easy enough if I need to. Color isn't too bad either.
  24. I may pull my drives for painting this winter. Once my boat is in storage it will be inaccessible. So my plan is to pull the drives before they stick it up on the rack. But I don't like the idea of the back of the gimble housing open all winter. At the least, airborne dust and dirt, worse, birds make a nest, are some of my concerns. Does anyone have a source for covers I can bolt on? Or a template I can make some covers? Or am I worried about nothing?
  25. Just looked at the contact info. It's by Kentucky lake just east of Paris Tn. Just no decent direct way to get there from your location.
  26. Crap, I had to go back and read all the posts. The scratched one was in Little Rock, right? I was thinking it was the Memphis on the whole time. I think that one looks pretty good. I'm guessing it's a 3 to 3 1/2 drive from you depending on what part of town it's in.
  27. Old , dead thread. Order your pieces from a local supplier. Factory canvas for a 2007 boat may not even fit, since they do shrink over the years. Skip it. Order what you need from a local canvas shop, that way they can make it to fit exactly. And, it will be much less expensive.
  28. Yep, whomever owned it had a nice boat and camper top.
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