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  2. I have a 263 Sunesta that has a factory speaker box already installed there. Is that a sub or just a 5th speaker for the pilot. Seems like regular music comes out of it. I am replacing the head unit so would like to know what this speaker is.
  3. My 91 2750SX has hour meters on both 5.7's
  4. A while ago I posted asking about treatment for the holding tank tho I had no plans to use the head really. Other people questioned why I wouldn't use it and I sort of came around to the idea. Glad I did! Monday 2 of my friends and I were out and the water is only 65F so there was no way we were going in there so the head got broken in. But holy heck, all of us being between 5'6" and 5'9", not one of us could pull up pants and shorts without cracking the door and sticking our head out. There is seriously limited room in there once you try to stand up!!
  5. A fuse plugged right into the back of the head unit chassis. Working not working would not be a fuse. Loose connection or internal issue
  6. I will be checking the inline fuses as well as the reset button tomorrow, but where would I find a chassis mounted fuse? 2013 206SSI I know it may be dumb question but can't find a fuse block like on my 1996 1830SS. All new to me. BTW worked fine on Sunday, tonight did not work. Did not do anything different or fiddle with anything.
  7. No no no!! I've never lost keys, sunglasses, prop or any of the other standard things in all my boating years and I'd like to keep it that way!!
  8. FYI overcame the fuel issues. Hi pressure fuel pump was shot. Replaced entire fuel pump, seems to be running fine (know on wood, only out twice) Now I need to track down an issue with the stereo. Worked fine. Out tonight and no power. Clarion CMD7 with the stock speakers and two aftermarket in the wakeboard tower. Just read up and will try the reset button first. However looking for fuses, dumb question but can't find a main fuse panel. I think there is an inline fuse, plan on looking into tomorrow. Let me know if I am missing something ie a fuse block somewhere. I only see the three rubber buttons? by the battery switch.
  9. Hey, ya gotta offer up something to the lake gods!
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  11. Everyone's a comedian
  12. Just throw it overboard next time you are on the boat and get it over with....
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  14. I never use the plug for my wet bar. Come to think of it I think mine is just a screen not a plug. If I need to rinse something off I just turn on the water or rinse it off in the lake.
  15. Okay, that means you have 110v AT THE PANEL. You now need to throw the 100v breaker for the fridge.
  16. my 1989 2100SX has 750 hours
  17. Sounds right Just can't say for sure
  18. Boat not new panel shows 110
  19. I was going to ask the same thing, pictures would help too!
  20. Maybe the chain is simply on there to assist removing the plug and not as attachment point?
  21. Wow! Lucky you get the extended season. Here if we see 50 we're doing really well. Plus I don't like just circling. We'll do a loop, see some things, go watch the eagles nest on the island and then float.
  22. Is this boat new to you? If so are you sure that your 110 AC panel is on? Is there a needle gauge on the panel that shows 110 volts? My panel has a master on/off switch for 110 and if that is off there is no shore power and that gauge is at 0. Don't mean to ask these dumb questions but if the boat is new to you this could be the issue?
  23. Yes! PM me your mailing address and I'll try to get them in the mail tomorrow or Friday.
  24. Outstanding. We did 130 hours our first season; been decreasing each season since . . .
  25. Thank you, good sir. May good karma come your way . . . and I'll see if I can give someone a tow this weekend or pick up trash off the lake, as I often do. Or rather my wife does as I pilot the boat alongside . . .
  26. Got 10 hours on it already this year! Considering some years we weren't in until July 4th and were lucky to get 10 all season, we're WAY ahead of the curve!
  27. I need a P and A, are those still available?
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