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  2. Hoping somebody has a good direct contact to get a brand new complete bravo 3 lower gear housing. Need to try and source as quickly as possible. Cost not so much an issue as will be paid for by the insurer. Any help would be fantastic!
  3. Remember to use all marine ignition protected electrical components!
  4. Thanks for posting about the problem and sharing the solution. Appreciated as Teleflex is often used in Chap boats. About the pictures, photobucket hit the bucket a few weeks ago. Could you upload at least the one with the two critical screws to your gallery here on this forum. You will be able to post a link to that image from your post. TIA.
  5. First of all, I'm not buying a boat, for me this is hypothetical. I'm guessing a year. I'm an amateur mechanic, without a yard to work in. HOA was patient with my trailer rebuild, but a big boat in the driveway would get me run out on a Rail. Removing two engines from a cruiser and removing transom mounts and installing a new unfamiliar drive system, twice would be a daunting task. Adding the fact that I have major trust issues with mechanics, I'm left with doing it myself.
  6. Thanks...well i see none of my pics worked!
  7. I'm in TX.
  8. Awesome job there. Sounds like you had a bunch of play in it. Thanks for the fix it thread. Hopefully it will help someone else down the road
  9. I posted a question on here a day or so ago and got no replies... so maybe I'm the only one who has had this issue. My teleflex tilt column was flopping all over the place. I was sure something needed replacing. So I decided to show everyone what I did... very simple and now my steering is perfect... no wobble... no play at all. This was in a 2002 186 SSi ... so yours may be a little different. --Pop the center cap off the wheel. --Remove the nut and washer holding on the wheel. --Remove the nut and washer --Remove the steering wheel --Pry the back of the rubber boot from the plastic bezel and remove it --Remove the two screws I am pointing at in the pics below --Now you have to press in two tabs on the inside of the bezel (right beside the screws you just removed). --Pull the bezel to remove it --NOW you will see two large screws (circled below) - tighten them and reassemble. One of my screws was about to fall out and the other was halfway out. Probably a good thing I didn't take my buddy's advice that "it's just normal in a boat".
  10. Hey guys. 2003 VP 5.7 Gi-D in 220 SSi. Was able to get out to the lake today and was running good. Saw a father and son paddling their old tri hull in the middle of Allatoona so gave them a tow back to their dock. Ran around 1500rpm the entire time for about 1:20 or so. Guy was so happy and thankful, I told him tonjust pay it forward. Ran back down the lake to my favorite cove and chilled out, listened to music, had a few beverages. Haven't had time to myself in I don't know how long. Went to check out another part of the lake and dive off a rocky cliff and enjoy the weather. Start to take off and start getting warning beep and reduced power and limited to 2200 rpm. Temp gauge at 150, oil pressure good, fuel and voltage good. Open the hatch and put my hand on each riser. Temp is the same. Definitely warm but can leave my hand on each for a few seconds before too uncomfortable. Oil filter considerably hotter as a reference. Idling fine. I figured the Tstat temp was accurate and so pulled the wire going to each riser sensor. No corrosion. Pop them back on but still getting the beeping. I pull one off at a time and it is the port side temp sensor causing the issue and the boat runs fine with the wire disconnected. I run down the lake for a good 7-8 minutes at 3500 rpm and stop to feel the exhaust. Both risers and even the tubes coming off the risers are the same temp port to starboard. I continue to boat the remainder of the afternoon without issue and plan on replacing the sensor. Anything else to look for? Also, earlier that day, I had a WOT run and over heated after I had slowed down. I had it trimmed up prettt good throwing a rooster tail. I think I ended up sucking some air as when I let it sit, restarted it and ran it just over idle, it cooled back down and ran fine so long as it wasn't WOT with it trimmed so high. Thoughts? Forgot to add that the Raw Water Pump was replaced as a unit at the end of last year. Entire new housing and impeller. Also replaced the belt and tensioner pulley as it was shot too.
  11. I have a 1999 Chaparral model 200. I had a problem than the engine would idle well but it would only run at any speed for a minute or so and then cut right out. After checking a few things I connected the inlet to the fuel filter directly into a 5gal gas can and the boat ran great. I tried blowing back into the tank and it took a lot of pressure to hear bubbling in the tank. I removed the existing hose thinking it had collapsed but this was not the problem. Is there a check valve or some other safety feature in the tank outlet that could be causing the problem.
  12. If your boat sits in the slip, Clean your hull. Any weird vibrations or noises while operating? Excessive cavitation?
  13. Frank and Karen are planning on attending. I've also let a few other Chaparral owners know. Be warned however that Still Pond gets very crowded, driven by its very nice location and great sandy bottom. I'm aiming to be in the way in back right corner ( I mean starboard side when you enter) like last year near the sandy beach Portside is also very crowded as people anchor up on a sandbar . We look forward to seeing whoever can come, including Wingnut!
  14. Shepherd1, excellent video on how to work on the outdrive, I have a Volvo sx-m drive are there vids for that brand. Thanks,,
  15. Is all mounting hardware included? Is that price from you or from the manufacturer? I can have it shipped FedEx freight, because I work for them.
  16. I am quoting a post from a SEI customer who had the drive changed. He reports he is changing the oil every 10 hours. Because of the metal chips he keeps finding. A new drive has chips ??? UNREAL !! Chips are not ?? Going into the bearings ?/ He was given the ENGINE break in routine. Hire a hamburger flipper & put him in the marine equipment industry. Sad very sad. Chips that get squeezed between teeth surfaces WILL WILL create unreal pressures that rip the oil film apart. Mashing / possible sticking of metal humps breaking oil film. Short gear teeth surface life. Seen it in gears of container ship, hoist transmissions.
  17. It's from Volvo.
  18. I'd say use it, just go easy on it and don't throw a lot of throttle to it
  19. Why would it take a year to swap out the drives?
  20. I don't know your welcome to come by and we can see if you are near by
  21. Yesterday
  22. My wife and purchaesed a boat and the replacement of XDP drives from a marina and an VP dealer. The deal can be done, however the deal has some constraints: - purchase the boat from a full service marina that is a VP dealer. - don't have contempt for The VP dealer - make a deal with the marina owner - slip your boat at the marina offering the boat for sale Without these assurances in place, don't do the deal.
  23. Eric, Glad you got her repaired. You will have to wait until Wing or Sheppard to chime in. I would just vary the throttle and cruise all day. Keep an eye on the outdrive fluid level and go have some fun. It should drive great....
  24. Will it also fit a 2135?
  25. Agreed, this the reason for massive discount. As I said, I personally wouldn't do it on a boat that size. Major reason is no where to store it and work on it. Not sure where you are. (Edit: I suppose your handle gives your location away) Here in N. Central Texas, the marinas often don't have shops, and those that do act like they have you by the go-nads, and don't seem to be very good. Most dealers/mechanics are actually land locked, not water front.
  26. Yea, I saw that one. For some reason I thought you were making a second with additional video from the others. I guess I misread the thread. But I know you got more to show
  27. Chances are you won't be able to switch out the drives and get a discounted rate on the fit kit, you need to go through a VP dealer to get the outdrive and fit kit. A condition of the replacement is that the old drives get sent back to VP. It begs the question, what to do with the stock of clean, used boats with XDP drives for sale. Even if you got 30k off the purchase price, it is a long road to dragging it in to a dealer and having the work done, with a discount.
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