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  4. Super cool. I had no idea they had such a thing. The marriage saver. LOL.
  5. I also found this game interesting, I like it
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  7. As usual I screwed up adding pictures. Hopefully they show up now.
  8. I haven't posted for a while but am excited about my recent purchase. I made an order for a speed control to add to my old boat. The last project I posted was when I redid the teak swim platform upgrade I was going to add to my boat. That was in May of 2020. My boat is a 1986 198 XL and I am slowly making it more of a usable water sport boat for our family. After installing the full swim platform in 2020 I added a wake tower as well. I didn't bother adding that as a project here, you can see those installs all over the place. After getting after wakeboarding for the summer
  9. depends on condition. make sure you get a survey. was it maintained? If so offer low 40's CASH. Cash makes sellers think about saying yes. Not sure what the market is like now, but last summer finding a good used boat for sale was next to impossible.
  10. NADA is the price a ............DEALER PAYS..................for anything. It is always below the retail selling price. Buy with NADA if you are not sure of a good price. Sell at NADA PLUS 20 % added for a starting retail.
  11. If you are in a position to get enough info to decide if you "want" the boat. Offer significantly less the the 47 and take it from there. These "won't take less than" deals are almost NEVER engraved in stone. If this one is... move on. This is a "stream of consciousness" response BTW.
  12. A boat is worth exactly what you are willing to pay for it. Search for other like boats for sell and see what is being asked for them.
  13. need 2005 chaparral 274 vent covers
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  15. Many renters will obtain their CDW through their credit card. However, it's worth noting that the responsibility in making any insurance claim is on the customer and not with the vehicle rental operator. https://www.ctyres.co.uk/shop/Toyo/Proxes-TR-1/225-45-17/4981910515913 Some renters may choose to get additional in-house coverage to prevent having this responsibility.
  16. Car tyres are made from rubber compounds that are proven to age as time goes whether used frequently, barely used or completely unused. toyo 195 50 15 However, it's really not yet determined the length of time the tyres can serve the car by providing the dog owner safe transportation until deterioration occurs to the point where they neglect to serve their purpose.
  17. I keep an extra one clipped to the dock so that if I’m having a hard time docking, someone close by could use it to help guide me in. It’s also available for others to use as a courtesy should they need it in a difficult situation.
  18. A snap tool to help with the canvas...especially helpful during a sudden rain when everything is wet and slippery. https://www.amazon.com/Ironwood-Pacific-Top-Snapper-Canvas-Stainless/dp/B00GHU5PXO/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=Snap+tool&qid=1611586395&sr=8-6 A battery operated camping/tent fan for those “sultry” summer nights where it just won’t cool down in the cabin until about 4 am. Ideally, one for each sleeping area. A whistle attached to the zipper or strap of every life jacket on board. If you're overboard you’ll be able to signal for help with minimal effort
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  20. I know it’s not a chaparral, but I’ve found a 2015 Monterey 238ss with 142 hours on it, and it’s in great shape. The owner is asking 47, and won’t take any less. I’ve booked it on nada and 47 puts is a few hundred less than average retail value. I’ve never bought a used boat before so I’m not sure what the best tool/gauge is for price. I know things are a little higher than normal due to Rona, but I don’t want to get ripped.
  21. IasacNyton


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  28. The means to go in traffic and learn about USA history directions
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