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  3. I was told this hog wash too... dealer told me $1200 for new 2019 boat and 1st service. Searched online, chap manual, Volvo penta manual..... not finding anything. Talked to a non dealer factory trained mechanic..... not a service.
  4. gweedo

    windless rope

    anyone have an idea what size anchor rope is best to use for my windless on my 07 290 signature thnx
  5. Mityvac MV7400 works excellent. And for more than just the boat.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Yep it works great. Usually 8 or so pumps is enough to remove most of the oil.
  8. Super simple fab for a local weld shop. Have them made from aluminum, then add your own bunk material from Eastern. W
  9. Shurflo are diaphragm, and Jabsco are Nitrite Buna-N flexible vane similar to our raw water pumps. Neither like hot oil. Dan's Moeller example is a simple hand actuated vacuum pump that never sees the oil. If you don't mind pumping. they work well. W
  10. Not a 230 Suncoast, but I'm 5'10" and my 226 SSi has plenty of room in the bow for me
  11. Take a look at these by Samson Sports: https://samsonsports.com/portfolio-posts/chaparral-wakeboard-towers/ Click on Chaparral boats. Otherwise look at Great Lakes Skipper.
  12. I know this isn't what you have in mind but I have been using this one for 6 years and it works great. https://www.wholesalemarine.com/moeller-fluid-extractor-marine-oil-change-pumps/
  13. Thank you Rick - Went to their website but could not find the trailer specs anywhere, just the picture. Actually my Boat is in Southport, NC
  14. Are you talking about a wake board tower ?
  15. You know, I keep forgetting to try and reach under the motor to see if there is one down there. I dont see it in the drain plug hole. Its almost impossible to get your head down there to look, so I would have to get a coat hanger and see if I can fish one out. I sure hope there is one, my motor diagram says there should be one.
  16. I was skeptical but this fall i tried the Quicksilver hand pump that screws onto the dipstick tube. I was sort of skeptical on it having just gotten pissed at the previous (tractor supply) extractor and throwing it in the trash. Granted, its only been one oil change bit it was with hot oil, no leaks and emptied just about all 5 quarts in maybe 10 or 15 pumps, well under 3 min. I was shocked https://www.amazon.com/Mercury-Precision-Crankcase-Pump-802889A/dp/B001QFEVNA/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3MSAWY6OTO6NO&dchild=1&keywords=mercury+marine+oil+pump&qid=1582142788&sprefix=mercury+ma%2Caps%2C138&sr=8-6
  17. Thank you! Will give it a try.
  18. Are there any recommendations for a Ski tower or Tow Pole to install on a 1998 252 Sunesta. I'm looking for something that won't interfere with the Bimini top.
  19. Any chance you still have letters? I am missing a couple on each side of my 1998 1830 SS.
  20. I'm in So Cal. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. =) Thanks for the tips. I'll check Eastern and my local trailer shop. Maybe they sell them, or custom make them. I'm guessing they will be a helluva lot more expensive than the aftermarket stuff.
  21. If that is all you are looking for, have some 2" box tubing welded out then have it powder coated. Eastern can supply the guide blocks, or simply buy UHMW Poly slab material on Amazon. If you are close to Maryland, I'll build them and there is a shop near-by to powder coat them.. W
  22. The issue I have with those is their rubber impeller. They tend to give up when trying to handle warm oil, and the best way to ensure a good draining is with warm oil. Catch 22. Also, if you just pick up a generic drill pimp intended for water, it will have an EPDM impeller, which is great for even hot water, but will self-destruct in the presence of oil. Does your Merc have the tethered drain oil hose attached to the bottom of the oil pan? It should have. That's the best way to ensure a complete drain as it works best with hot oil. Drains fairly slowly so I let mine run overnight. W
  23. Look at the Shurflo and Jabsco electric pumps. They are typically a diaphragm-based pump that will be low maintenance.
  24. Straight edge is a start, but likely a failing idler pulley bearing. Remove the belt first and start tuning pulleys by hand. Volvo has a know problem with deflection of one of the idler pulley mounting brackets. Straight edge them with the belt tension still applied. If you find nothing, remove the belt and install it the opposite way which reverses direction of travel. Sometimes that's all it takes, and it costs nothing to find out. W
  25. I am looking for a good quality oil pump extractor for my 6.2 Merc. I would like electric or one that uses a hand drill. I have had a few hand pump types but they never last and leak. I want something that attaches to the dipstick fitting on my Merc motor. Makes it super easy to just thread it on and go. Any recommendations ?
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