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  2. Own a 330 Signature that's stored behind my home on a lift and looking for a good spot free water softner to rinse the boat and fill my water tank. Any suggestions?
  3. Richard- Is the gelcoat transition straight? I figure one of the purposes of the boot stripe is to cover any variances in the line between the gelcoat colors. I take it you like it better without the stripe?
  4. I just ordered the 223 with twin 250's because, well because I can. It's due in mid April. I can't wait! John
  5. Like brick said, a 220 or even an older 216 could be a viable alternative. Also a 2003 and newer 210 has the same hull as the old 2130.
  6. 1) i/o in salt water - i am with my first I/O in salt water, same window as your use . two years so far no problems. with that being said have friends that had I/O's in salt water for many yeras 2) i have a 337 SSX and it handles very well in chop and ocean 3-5 ft waves in the ocean. i would think the 28 would be very similar. 3) my dealer recommended painting the lower unit and hull, which i did. so far it has been pretty clean when we pull it in the fall. unless you have a lift to keep it out of the water, i would paint both 4) I am about 10 minutes from our local inlet, so i am going out pretty often. i always recommend following the weather on any boating trip, know your time to get back in and your own comfort level. Obviously in the ocean and inlet you will encounter larger waves conditions then in a back bay, you need to keep your bow up with a bow rider . Boating with rollers and following sea conditions take some getting use to, timing with your throttle and experience will keep you dry. 5)other than a bunch of bad sensors in my first full year. i love my 337SSX and wouldn't change a thing. you should have at least a good hand held radio and there are some good apps you can download for weather . best of luck
  7. If I had to do it again, I would probably get the tower. Bimini top is nice though and offers more shade than the tower, but it gets in the way just as much if not more than any tower would. We have our Bimini up all the time. Only plus is, I can fold it completely down and that makes for easier storage.
  8. yes! started boating in the Avalon area in 2016
  9. Size the passenger load to the boat size works out just as well.. Or rent a 40' cruiser 1 or 2 times a year if you MUST take a crowd. I rent a boat & crew 1 time each year now. More of our friends are becoming unable to do the rides. There are reasons to not buy a oversized boat. Friends move. Drift apart. Can not make the date. You move. Lose some of the big group interest level...... I am doing more 23 guests at a nice restaurant with A C or at the yacht club . D I Y party. I cooked it all. Past years. The staff now far surpasses anything outdoors I can or want to do. Nice to be a guest at all our parties. Buy for your family cruises & 2 to a maximum of 4 others. Done.
  10. Just echoing everyone else. Buy as much boat as you can, for multiple reasons already discussed.
  11. OK, thanks. Hopefully that is my issue and not a exhaust gasket leaking.
  12. youll never regret going bigger. But budget is budget. Ive also stopped buying things for that just in case need once or twice a year.
  13. Yes, it stops rattling when you hold it. I can't see a way to tighten it unfortunately.
  14. Rarely does anyone say "I should have bought a smaller boat". Having gone from a similar starting point (16.5' Sugar Sand jet boat) to our 225 SSI, I strongly suggest going as big as you can tow/store/afford.
  15. Consider the more recent 220SSi series. You will like the ESP ( extended swim platform ) and side walk-thru. These can also be hard to find, but you only need one... brick
  16. The 223 is 6" wider, 2 feet longer and 1000 pounds heavier. Also has an extra degree of deadrise. i would pick the 223.
  17. Agree. Go bigger if you can. You never regret that.
  18. Always go bigger if you can. Note: I have zero experience with jet boats.
  19. Trying to decide between vortex 203 twin 150's vs vortex 223 twin 200's. Really like the space for ten, but will only need it few times per summer...mostly with kids...Almost wonder if 223 is too much boat. Replacing old seadoo 185 Challenger. Almost $10,000 difference....noticed the 203 was a bit lighter...will that appreciably affect the ride in slight chop? Appreciate any thoughts...! PackerFan
  20. Too right! But subwoofers seem to be an easy thing to get wrong. But still . . . Uh oh. Not clear on how removing that panel helps . . . call me 'toopid This is most likely . . . without the trim, it's 8 1/8" at widest. May have to take my Fein to it. Rules out the 10" of course . . . Two free air 8"s in the bow, would that be wrong? Can ANYONE tell me the ideal application/placement for one of these?! Or some odd custom box that lets me put a traditional sub low on this panel . . . yeah right.
  21. Patience, or expand your options . . .
  22. If you are looking for sheets try a brand called SHEEX. Just bought a set and they are great sheets for odd shaped beds for boats. Bought them on amazon
  23. Or get some new push on trim, and widen that opening a bit. It looks like the console door covers that entire recessed area, is that correct?
  24. That's a pretty good smoking gun right there. Why the fuel pump too then?
  25. So I have a 2001 216 SSI dont know if these bimini picts will help.. sorry the boat is still FROZEN away in storage... <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="IMG_3058"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_3058"></a><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  26. I boat in salt water. Salt is not as bad as other people on this forum make it out to be. If the boat has a closed system, salt or not that would not stop me from buying it. If the boat was in salt water and raw water cooled. I would have the boat surveyed and take it from there.
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