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  2. When I was on the mooring, I used small flags on a shock cord to keep the seagulls off. They worked, easy to set up, take down and store.
  3. Bottom paint here in the N.E. is more the norm and I am sure in some areas it is the same. If anything, it does not hurt the value or make it tufter to sell here. Just do your home work to see how it will affect you.
  4. I used the plastic spikes to keep ducks and geese off my plate form. They pooped on my platform so bad it would eat through the teak oil to the teak wood. Every year I'd have to retreat the platform. The spikes took care of that and even changed their behavior. Works for me! I never used bottom paint on my boat. But I did put some kind of treatment on it. It didn't really prevent bottom scum but it did make it easier to remove it. Many places I anchored, I would get my sponge and do a quick cleaning underneath.
  5. $30K is too much, but that is the going rate. brick
  6. I did have a picture. But due to some wonderful IT engineer, changed the way the IPhone works and therefore my picture didn't get saved. In the "old days" if you took a picture while in messages the photo would be saved into Photo's. But now, if you take a picture in messages, you have to manually save it to Photo's. If you don't manually save it and you delete the msg, out goes the photo. [Sigh]. The weather is crappy so I'm not going to climb back on the boat until tomorrow. I'll get a picture tomorrow. But using your picture above. About 4 inches from the tank flange, the tube is deliberately covered in glass. The hose sits about 1 inch above the tank. After going through the first support, its just like yours. Covered in foam. Currently, 95% of the foam is still in place. When I drop the new hose in where it will go underneath the floor, I will partially carve out the existing foam and use that for support. I'll get better pictures tomorrow.
  7. Agreed, 30k is to much.
  8. Lake Michigan/Lake Huron Boat - Need a broker in upper MI.
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  10. Thanks for all of your helpful comments. I decided to avoid and Boat Trader. I went with Craigslist. Now we'll see how it goes. So far no nibbles in two days. I know she's priced high, but I will negotiate. I also posted it on the Chaparral Facebook page. I like the suggestion to delete and repost on Craigslist to keep it at the top. If she doesn't sell by June 1, I will go with one of the yacht brokers at the local marina (all of whom have a $3,500 minimum commission). FYI here is the ad:
  11. I'll remember the camper enclosure this year!
  12. seems a little high to me. its all about condition and how well the previous owner took care of it . is the owner motivated to sell? if so, an offer of 26-27 would seem fair to me.
  13. keeping your boat wet slipped is awesome. trailering is work. make sure your automatic bilge is always in working condition. I wouldnt bottom paint, unless absolutely necessary. bottom paint lowers the value of your boat and makes it tougher to sell.
  14. I have a traeger for smoking and a Weber for grilling. Like others have said the traeger has a light smoke flavor. I played with the pellets I used and found a heavier flavored one. The traeger pellets are not 100% solid wood and have oak filler. I use the cooking pellets brand and it is better and cheaper than the traeger pellets. Now, I like a good hickory smoke flavor with the pulled pork and ribs, so I may try adding some wood knots to the cooking bowl to get that heavier smoke flavor.
  15. Generally speaking power comes from the starters battery post to the main harness either by direct connection or thru a 90A fusable link. From there thru the engines main CB usually a 50 Amp, then to the main engine harness plug. From there to the dash. If the gauges are dead, check for 12v on the Red wire at the ign switch, then on the purple wire with the key "on" If no power found there start backtracking.If the gauges come alive, then suspect a ign switch, neutral safety switch in control box, slave relay or slave solenoid. If everything works on a cold condition then suspect corrosion.
  16. good points, but as user I don't see anybody noticing much of a difference. My guess is chap runs this page and either doesn't want to invest into more monitoring, which I would argue a classified section would really not be that burdensome, but I also think they might not want advertise against themselves in that used boats on their site for sale might go against the bottom line. With that said ive been a part of dozens of forums over the years all had class sections, and didn't see the issue.
  17. As an user you might not see much of the impact, maybe occasional misplaced add or unsolicited PM, if the forum is actively and closly managed. The real impact is behind the scene on those who manage and clean up the mess created by sellers, scammers and spammers. If the forums are not managed tightly the mess spills outside of dedicated section and degrades experience of everyone. I've been on both sides of the issue ... it's hard work to keep the forums clean even without an addon of classified mess.
  18. Look at the larger wiring too. Another clue and you might know this already. Is there any wiring turning green?? It times a spray fogging oil on some of my small connections. This helps to seal the wires from corrosion. Than clean up and over spray. GOOD LUCK!
  19. At the 0.36 second mark in here[lacement#id=18&vid=78766a8a5f6db0a7aa91292ed68a107c&action=view
  20. I had very good results dealing with Power tech Props. I have a S S prop that CAN NOT blow out at any angle of trim. Or turning the wheel sharply. 0 bow lift when floored from a stop. Pure level acceleration. BUUTT I did go from 51 to 45 mph. Love the pin me in the seat G force.
  21. I'm looking forward to when we'll be able to get a canvas enclosure made. I'm still working on the interior and I have other fish to fry first.
  22. Engine runs fine. But no starter spinning. No need to reset any breakers. Time to measure voltages on starter relay & starter main terminals while in a no start condition.
  23. Lol, we are all out of the same mold that's for sure! Even the wife said, bring the canvas so we can stay out if it rains. We need to get to our happy place! Last year, no lie, we literally put the cockpit & bow covers on and sat/laid underneath during a pop up rain storm while we were on the hook. We weren't about to head in and I forgot the camper enclosure!! LOL Futzin, I have the same enclosure as you and will have it ready this wknd!
  24. I'm not sure if the boats the same as a Chevy regarding starter wiring. But the smaller gauge wires that go to the solenoid will shut the whole show down, on a car at least, if they are loose or in bad shape.
  25. just look inside the engine compartment, where do you see the lower shift cable
  26. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to look into adjusting my sounds pretty easy to do. I put on a High 5 19 pitch to see how it'll do. My dealer had a used (1 time) and cut me a sweet deal on it. I'll let you know how my test drive goes. I'm not as worried about top end...we'll be doing watersports and cruising more than going top end. If that prop doesn't work out, i'll look at the 4 blade props. It looks like Mercury prop selector is guiding me towards a Vensura 4 or a Revolution 4. Anybody have any comments on any of these props?
  27. Only the thickness of 1 layer of grease molecules is needed to prevent sticking props . That is all my boats have. POUNDED ON PROPS ?? You got it. We did that on a racing boat. Had to CAREFULLY heat the S S prop hub. Then it popped off with the hydraulic gear puller. EDIT Since they pounded the prop on. We know they PROBABLY Ruined a bearing or gear teeth set in the process
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