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  2. Iggy

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    Sorry guys!! But he is wrong again. "Also that has to be installed perfectly level (I believe to the boat as it sits in the water) or it won't work correctly." WRONG! In the operation manual there is a setting. "Front-of-Boat Offset: The front-of-boat offset compensates for the physical location of the radar scanner on a boat, if the radar scanner does not align with the bow-stern axis." Taken from the owner's manual. This is more on left to right. But.... Also in the install manual on being level "For Vessels with higher bow angles at cruise speed, it may be helpful to lower the angel so the beam points slightly downward to the waterline at rest. Shims maybe used as necessary" What needs to be taken into account is when the boat in on plane or at "cruise speed". General speaking the bow is raised, not level with the water. Every type of boat is different. So my Sig 290 at cruising speed could be higher or lower than the next model. So the radar could be 2 to 6 degrees roughly pointing down. NOT level with the water. AGAIN, SORRY I don't want anyone to be misinformed.
  3. MamaMaki

    Starboard Nozzle Fell Off

    Ok so I’ve just read many more posts about similar problems and I see it’s not exclusive to the 2017 model...oh dear
  4. Thanks @Wingnut The drive oil, engine oil (and all other fluids for that matter) are good. No GPS on this boat. Are you saying the low voltage alarm is part of GPS?
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  6. I did find this video in which the boat also has the alarm when starting just before the 2 minute mark.
  7. Wingnut

    2008 496 mag ho cutting out/dying

    Check the anti-siphon valve at the tank for debris..W
  8. Wingnut

    Alarm while Cranking Engine 496 (8.1) Mercruiser

    Do you have a GPS? Could be the lo voltage alarm is enabled. If not, the it's time to connect a scan tool as it is not normal to hear a smart craft alarm while cranking, beyond the initialization. I would check to level in the out drive lube oil bottle first. Thats about the only thing monitor Smart Craft looks at while cranking other than over-heat. W
  9. Outnumbered

    287 ssx leaning port side when anchored any thoughts

    I have the 2013 version of your boat and I can tell you that it is sensitive to more weight being on one side or the other. I have a habit of storing the vast amount of "Luggage" that everyone has to bring each trip in the head which is on the port side. That (if you do the same), the fridge and the water tank could account for a listing to the port side. Just a thought.
  10. Hatem

    Boat and Dog

    Well one of the websites I asked actually called me back today while I was at work and said they have exactly what I need for my little bugaboogaboogah, so I am really psyched about that and I'll be ordering one later today.
  11. MamaMaki

    Starboard Nozzle Fell Off

    Hey I just thought I’d add to this topic about the loose bolts. My husband and I have a 2017 Vortex. We have been having an issue with bolts and hinges coming loose since we took possession. It was purchased new but with 20 hours on it or so...we started noticing wobbly connections that first summer. Now almost one year later we moved to Florida and tried to get the local dealer to check the bolts because it was an exorbitant number of loose or missing bolts and we almost had the windshield fly off. Well we stopped in and they suggested we just bring it in at it’s regular service scheduled maintenance which was in another 20 hours. They also didn’t have any service appointments available for a month so we figured we could do that. Well it seems that we should not have assumed Chapparral would have covered this problem under the warranty as the one year point came and went sometime before they were able to fit us in. Someone fell asleep on the line that day and we got a bill for what should have been covered under the warranty. I’m feeling a bit unnerved after hearing about Hatem’s experience. Could this be one bad worker in 2017? I love Chapparals but I’m not feeling the love back
  12. Hello Gents Ladies, I have a '98 Sig 29, single screw 7.4 MPI Mercruiser, and am having issues with my RPMs/Top end speed. I replaced fuel separator last week and have changed spark plugs and wires twice. Runs great for 1st outing after replacement, 4400-4600 RPMs/28-30mph, but the next trip out my RPMs won't get over 3200 RPMS/12-13mph. Could this be from bad gas? Use Stabil at each fill-up but continue to have the same issue. The plugs seem to foul quickly. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  13. To anyone who can help. I'm new to this group chat and a have recently bought a new Chaparral 277 ssx here in the UK. We use our bought predominantly for watersports and are having problems with the tow rope hooking on to the rear of the tower canvas, causing the ski rope to jolt and fray. Not great for skiing or wake boarding behind! The previous models, one was able to tilt/adjust the rear of the canvas up while towing people behind, but I have spent hours in vain trying to figure out how to do it with this more recent model and am frustratingly getting absolutely nowhere!! I have tried contacting the UK Sales from whom I bought the boat, but they are none the wiser and appear to be shrugging their shoulders. Didn't think I could sink any lower in my wife's assessment of my handyman skills, sadly realised I've broken a new low in as she keeps commenting about being the only man who owns a Chaparral and not being able to do this. Excellent!! Any advice or help would, be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gian-Franco
  14. summerpenguin

    Mobil 1 15w-50

    WOW! Thanks for the pricing info!
  15. Hello everyone, Hoping to get some answers here regarding the alarm beep while "cranking" the engine. Little background. 2009 Chaparral 256 ssi - 496 (8.1) Mercruiser 388 hours When I turn on the key I get the normal "beep" and the fuel pump cycles to charge the system. Then once I turn the key to start cranking the engine I also get a solid alarm while the engine is cranking, until the engine fully starts. I don't remember for sure if this is normal or not? In these first two videos (one from the helm and one at the engine compartment) you can hear the alarm while cranking and hear how difficult the engine starts and notice how the starter seems to "skip". I have since discovered that the main power lead to the starter was very...very loose. After tightening that connection the starter acts much better and the engine starts quicker but I still get the solid alarm while turning over the engine. From the helm (notice the tack) not sure if that is normal or not? Same sequence but from the engine compartment Once the engine is running there are no alarms and the boat runs fine., although the voltage gauge shows around 12 volts at idle and never really gets above 13 even when running at a higher RPM. I just replaced both batteries this week, a starting battery and a deep cycle for the stereo, thinking maybe they were getting weak. This video is after I tightened the starter lead and the engine was warm. Still get the alarm while cranking/starting. As soon as engine starts alarm stops. Any thoughts? Is the alarm while starting normal and I just don't remember hearing it before? Thanks for any help!
  16. CKSNAP

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    Make sure the throttle is opening all the way. Could be that simple.
  17. Stretch79

    2008 496 mag ho cutting out/dying

    Long story short, we bought this bought about 5 weeks ago 2008 284 Sunesta, before they could deliver it had fresh water intake issues (dirt derber nest in line), in order to replace that they had to pull the drive, then broke a bolt off in the back of the motor and had to pull that. Once the boat delivered it ran great, 2 days later it dies while cruising around 4k rpms. Sometimes it dies completely, sometimes it drops to 1k rpms and comes back. They send a tech, computer shows no codes and he records live data but see's nothing of value. Hooks up fuel pressure gauge and right before engine dies the pressure drops from 40psi to ??? (I can't remember), he says ok its the pumps or regulator so they take the boat back to dealership and replace the low and high fuel pumps and the regulator just to be sure. They test it and bring it back, we take it out saturday, runs fine for couple hours and then does the same thing except more frequently now and even at lower rpms (2k). I've personally checked all the ground wires, battery cables, electrical connections, etc etc. The fuel looks clean. I swapped the crank relay with the fuel relay as well. Any ideas before they come pick it up and take it for another week or two? This has been a frustrating experience to say the least.
  18. Hatem

    Boat and Dog

    I had no idea you responded to this thread or my quote for that matter. Please, Clops, use the quote function next time so I get notified. Believe me, my cat (Ollie) is not the typical cat who's afraid of water. He's like the Siamese in those pics. I'll have to check West Marine and see if they have any small dog vests like @OCMD2's and if it needs a little modification, I'm sure we can handle that.
  19. Curt

    Mobil 1 15w-50

    Thank you for sharing. That’s a nice price. Off to Walmart.
  20. Hatem

    This is for Hatem

    Interesting. Yes, please check and not just for our sake on this thread but it would be good to know what the rules are in your area and maybe this is a national law? We got to the beach yesterday around 4pm or so and I had checked my OLDER Chaparral GPS for low tide hours and guess what, it was exactly at 4! When I get home I'll post the pics of how low the river was and I had never seen it that low in 5 years of traversing it. Made it a bit difficult to anchor and get close enough to see but doesn'took like any fishing line is in there so I think we're good. But then guess what, because it's so low, a sailboat got grounded at the tightest part of the 5 mile channel where there's maybe 40 feet between the red and green marker and of course he was closer to the red when he should've been closer to the green and so we had no choice but to go around him because too many boats trying to squeeze between the sailboat and this was no small blowboater, at least 50 feet and guess what? Looked like an 85 year old man and I can tell on his face was super stressed. Felt bad for the guy. But yep, we scraped bottom with 4 people on board and I raised the drive as far as possible and it took about 20 feet to get back into deep channel water. Coming out of the river and into the Harbor I throttled it real easy and then I stopped, open the hatch to take a look inside the bilge make sure everything was OK there then I shut her off and raised the outdrive but couldn't see much because of the chop and turbulence or whatever and then closed the hatch and proceeded and got back to the Marina buildimg speed slowly until I was doing about 3700 rpm And about 40 miles an hour and get this I actually backed into my slip for the 1st time, SST. Made it on the first shot without even hiring the corner wheel. I'll post pics later. Then I raised the drive and took a really good look at the props in the calm water and since it was all sand that we grounded in, nothing looked out of the ordinary except the props looked super polished from a thay spinning in the sand LOL! I did flush the engine for a little longer than usual just incase there's any and that got in.
  21. Luvmychap

    Help - I think we blew a fuse...

    My son said the breaker panel is right behind the dash (oops...clearly I'm a newbie - I meant to say helm :)) He's going to have another look and see what he can figure out.
  22. cyclops2

    Boat lacking power. Hard to plain off

    Are you positive the NEW distributor is timed & wired correctly to the sparkplugs. Absolutely perfect & checked with a timing light on the correct cylinder ?
  23. cyclops2

    Prop Opinions Enertia vs. Rev4

    What is your WOT rpm ?
  24. Hatem

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    It's your choice and the 3 questions I asked you had nothing to do with dragging you into anything. They were legitimate questions that pertained to all the points that you yourself brought up and to not at least answer them is kinda like a copout, no offense, seriously. We could've learned that the GPS compass is useless since that's what seems to be what you're getting at. Or could've found ways to solve any differences between the two of them if there are any etc. Remember, this topic I opened in the Newbie Section to engage newbies to learn about their GPS features and how to use them etc. That is all. Hopefully others who understand this concept and aren't intimidated by Iggy's personal vendetta tactics against me will have a bit more stamina to jump in with anything they're wondering about their GPS. Even give us the kind you're using. Simply stuff.
  25. emccarel

    Trim and Tilt fluid?

    2002 Chaparrel signature 260 What is a good trim and tilt fluid substitute?
  26. Outnumbered

    Tachometer/Multiguage issue

    One of the things I’ve been looking for. The Needle has always been smooth moving and now it appears to stick
  27. Wingnut

    Mobil 1 15w-50

    Just went to replenish my supply of Mobil-1 15w-50 and got a nice surprise. I usually order it from Walmart as they offer free shipping and my "local" store is 28 miles away. I get the 5 quart containers, and this time when I went to check out it was less than 20 bucks per. 4 bucks a quart works for me so I bought a bunch. Seems like Wally World may be trying to go head to head with Amazon on their "Prime" day. W
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