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  2. Looking for those plastic blocks that keep the rear seats in place. They fasten to the under side with two screws.
  3. On our 99 Sunesta 232, we had someone close the head/storage hold area doors in the wrong order and broke a corner off of the lower door. Looking for a replacement and Chapparel’s site only goes back to 2002. Any ideas on where I could get one? I’ve been searching the web, not sure exactly what terms to use, even checked the manual and there’s no mention of it.
  4. You have to be careful of vinyl enclosures, some cleaners will attack it. Denny.
  5. Most speaker wires are 14-16 ga., but subs might need more. m
  6. Whichever cleaner you chose, add some white distilled vinegar to it and you will have no water spots. Denny.
  7. If it was me, I'd go with a Fusion system. m
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  9. As you can see, I am partial to red. Denny.
  10. What model year? 5,800 sounds awfully high for a small block. I’d say 4,800 is more in line for a 350.
  11. True. It has good reviews. Although a 15 year old JBL head unit is at the end of its life.
  12. Will the barkeepers friend hurt any of the surrounding fiberglass id it gets on it?
  13. Has anyone swapped out their original pottie with something new, what did you get? Ours does not have a pump out. Also, where do you put your toilet paper. Sounds dumb but I’ve been looking for some type of suction cup option so it would stay out instead of throwing it in the cabinet.
  14. Try Great Lakes Skipper, they might have what your looking for. https://www.greatlakesskipper.com/boat-gauges-and-electronics/individual-gauges/multi-function?product_list_limit=96
  15. Fusion makes and Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the aux port on the back of the radio. It worked great for me. m
  16. Nice to know that my engine is in line with yours. The other reason I like to know my fuel burn is that it is an immediate indication if the engine starts to operate beyond the usual numbers. Early warning.
  17. Another update for those following (laughing at my stupidity). With the better Rinda adapter I found the “crank” sensor error to actually be a “cam/crank” sensor error. Upon further investigation I realized that I had mistakenly unplugged the Cam/Hall Effect sensor under the distributor when changing out the cap/rotor. Easy fix (little embarrassing) but now I’ve narrowed my issues down to an intermittently faulting injector #1 and a fairly regular Guardian alarm for high Port Side ECMT sensor temperature. Injector issue seems straight fwd. Need to pull and have those flow checked to eliminate the bad fuel struggles of the past (any service manual help on that would be much appreciated). As for the Guardian - after any decent run at 50%+ throttle - my exhaust manifold temp on the port side builds to 212 and the Guardian cuts power to 5%. Starboard manifold temp (164) and main ECT (159) are fine - just the high temp on the Port side. Any ideas on the possible cause. Sensor seems responsive- feels like a legit reading. Had a bad sea water pump impeller and it was replaced a few months back. Maybe a chunk got downstream and is partially blocking something?
  18. Go to this link, yes muffs work https://www.volvopenta.com/marineleisure/en-en/for-owners/your-engine/manuals---handbooks.html
  19. Good chance this will not improve with just a head unit swap. If there is an external amp, you need to investigate its wattage and tuning. If there is no external amp, I would suggest installing one. Clarion is another good option to look at.
  20. Go for a ride in it with a great mechanic. From any marina EXCEPT the one that works at that boat site. Have him check EVERYTHING. including the codes in the computer. Damm it looks so good ! Get lucky Everything should work perfectly. If it does not ?.........That is why you have the GREAT mechanic with you. He will know what is wrong & how much to price the boat at . Or the repair. I get rammy looking at the picture.
  21. Good morning, I am considering purchasing a used 2018 Suncoast 210 with only 109 hours on the engine. Will be using the boat for some fishing and cruising. Any feedback on this model, good and bad, would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  22. Check all the spark plugs. A lead may not be fully seated on the spark plug.
  23. Yes i have not seen her only in pictures.
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