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  2. Best to verify by pulling the drives and inspect the water inlet hole. could be the beginning of "Bravoitis"
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    Dears Sirs and Mam's I have to replace my 1998 Mercruiser Bravo 2 lower gear case. That parts not the problem as I have the toosl to set up my clearances. My Problem is the new lower case came with a non drilled oil passage like my old case has. It has a oil passage further back from mine by approximately an 1". I'm not sure what the best remedy for this? Drill the lower case non-drilled hole or drill the upper case to meet the new oil passage? Any idea on the subject would be warming appreciated
  5. My biggest concern is the standing up paddle boarders with the sun right be hind them morning & some sun downs. I now do a zig zag like WWII fighter pilots to catch sight of them. The worst are small people & children. I have adapted to position of the sun angle to prevent the constant concern for their safety. We have a lot of boats up to freighters and 10 to about 20 boats in a busy section. Some of them wear clothes that help them blend in with the surroundings.
  6. Everyone -- I finally decided to put my 2006 Chaparral 256SSI up for sale. It is in Sommers Point, NJ (southern NJ Shore). It has the big 8.1L Volvo in it with about 400 hours. Just did the manifolds and risers last year. It spent the first 8 years on the Chesapeake in fresh water and has been inside high & dry storage for the last 6 years at the Shore. I have it listed with my marina, so it is up on BoatTrader and Boats.com. https://www.waterfrontmarine.com/boats-for-sale/2006-chaparral-256-ssi-somers-point-new-jersey-7605053/ It is in great shape and we put a price on it to sell, instead of having to haggle down from an unrealistic price. Just wanted to let everyone here know, in case someone is looking for an end of season in the Northeast boat (or beginning of the season in the South :)). We may get a new Suncoast next year or may just take a couple of years at the local boat club (yes, I know it is nowhere near as nice as the boat we have, but the kids are grown and we just don't use it that much at the Shore anymore).
  7. Pertronix makes a replacement for the Prestolite ignition modules. https://marinepartssource.com/prestolite-electronic-ignition-module-pertronix-1589It You could also get a Delco marine distributor to replace yours, but it would definitely be more expensive. You should not have to worry about an ignition shift cutoff with your setup, but you may need to move the distributor or change the position of your spark plug wires on the cap and re-adjust the timing with the new ignition module.
  8. You would need a raw water through hull pick up for each engine. Two new holes in the hull. Two intake screens outside. Two shut offs inside. Two sea strainers as well. Are you positive the current water intake system is plugged up?
  9. I would recommend checking the breakers for the surf gates first. See if the breaker is tripped and make sure all the connections to the breakers are tight. The reed switch sensor is integrated into the hydraulic actuator and has two very small wires that goes from the actuator sensor through a transom fitting into the boat along with the larger power and ground wires for the actuator motor. If the wires become damaged at the fitting or at the connection plug the surf gates will not work correctly. If loose power connections or a tripped breaker prevent a surf gate from closing completely during the 9 second run cycle due to voltage drop the surf gate will also not work correctly. An internal failure in the actuator or a problem with the relay pack will also prevent the surf gates from working, but loose connections are the most common cause of failure that I have seen.
  10. My question to the forum. Is it very difficult to remove a bravo 3 out drive on a 2003 270 sig with twins? I have a restricted thru transom pipe that I believe is the problem. I dont know if its easier to cut a hole in the hull and install a new raw water pickup with a cutoff valve and run rubber hose to the raw water impeller or pull the outdrive. Please remember I've never done this type of thing before. It's on s trailer in the yard and my budget is getting smaller. Any advise will help. Thanks all!
  11. Well, we had a great week on the lake until Friday afternoon when it was ruined (well, interrupted) by the pest known as Wake Boats.. We were all rafted up on a beach in Kane Creek when a wake boat came buy and rocked us hard enough to damage 2 of the boats. One had it's rub rail pulled loose and the other one had it's bow rail bent when a fender was pulled under the boat next to it due to the wake action. We tried to flag the pest down but they ignored us as they made another pass. So my buddy (ex cop) untied his boat and went after them. When he came back about an hour later he reported that he informed them of the damage they had created and that he planned to file a report with the Rangers and a claim against their insurance. He had their Insurance Card and Boat Registration in possession and had told them they could retrieve it at the marina rangers station when they returned (they planned to be on the lake for a few more days). When we returned to the marina yesterday he hooked up with the Rangers and a citation will be issued when they return. All documentation was put in order and a claim will be filed with the insurance company. If the insurance is refused a law suit will be filed. He's pissed. Luckily he happened to be toying around with a new Go Pro in expectation of filming the sun set so the incident was partially caught on camera.... Also lucky no one was injured trying to fend the boats off from crashing into each other. I have a firm 'no limbs in harms way around the dock or other boats'.. Gel coat can be fixed easier than an arm or leg.. Pest need to be banned but I know that will never happen......
  12. Anyone seen the new Boeing 777X and it's folding winiglets? Pretty darn cool I must say and the incredible part of this is that those dam things are 11.4ft long! Hard to tell from the picture or video since the size of things like that is deceiving. But when I looked it up and they mentioned the length of them, it became understandable why they needed to put hinges on them to fold them and reduce the overall wingspan so that the jet can fit in all current airports and not have any issues with that like the Airbus 380 did. Very impressive and it has built-in deicing heaters on the leading edges of the winglets.
  13. A little bit of proper planning and using the right tools will get you the best results. Besides, whomever opens the ski locker to get fenders or life jackets or whatever from there will see it! So it needs to be done as nicely as possible. Gotta cut the panel with a brand new blade on an oscillating tool (like a Fein) to get the narrowest cut possible except at the corners which will be rounded. Those will need to be cut with a jigsaw, also with a brand new sharp blade and then all the edges sanded down very nicely and possibly gloved with rubber strips to seal out the noise as much as possible and maybe hinge it or just make it clippable so it's removed completely when needed. That's TBD. I already looked underneath from the helm storage area to see how that ski locker is fastened to the floor cap and it's actually glued and bolted/screwed into it, all around the top flange. It would've been a convenient option had we been able to disconnect that entire tub of the ski locker and pulled it out to have wide open work space for the bow thruster and also to comfortably work on the tub access panel in the shop. But it's too much of a process. Chaparral really stuck that tub to the cap really well! And I'm actually glad they did.
  14. If you can’t get her level by moving stuff around, add batteries or switch to heavier ones.
  15. I have the same problem on my 21 surf boat, now is not under warranty any ideas on the best way to repaired it, can it be exchange Chaparral does not respond at all and my I only option is via a dealer but unfortunately not an option for me, since the boat is in Mexico
  16. I would enjoy a ride in the ambulance with you.
  17. Do not worry about the bottom of the ski panel. NO one will look at it. Just put 4 L brackets to hold the plate in place 4 pieces of CLOSED cell foam will stop any rattle noise.
  18. My fiirst post here, so bear with me if I have screw ups somehow. I have a 1996 Signature 25 with a Penta Duprop DP-S 1.95 OUTDRIVE and 7.4gl engine (carburetor). It uses the electronic engine management (EEM) for ignition. This is obsolete so I have been pondering upgrading to something I can get parts for if needed. Does anyone have experience doing this? Also does this version of outdrive use the ignition cutoff for shifting? I suspect I will need to know this to connect a new ignition system. Thanks in advance
  19. The LA Rams arriving in Buffalo yesterday on an AA 787-9. This is the first 787 to arrive in Buffalo.
  20. SST

    Find your love boat

    Turns out I had it all the time.
  21. If I were to ever get a Sig 270 I would definitely have a bow thruster. Usually I'm the only one boating so an extra pair of hands is not available. Even with my 23 footer, the wind loves to shove my bow around as the fulcrum is in-between the engine and the gas tank. I'm in a 30 foot slip. It was all that was left. I took it. The first two years a large pontoon boat was my neighbor. Initially, it was difficult to get in because his boat was also pretty wide. Add the wind and it was likely to plow into the dock and then bounce off off it. Awful when the wind gets a hold of it. Like a pin ball machine. I had toyed with the idea of a bow thruster. Never did it though. This year, a 30 foot sail boat is my neighbor now. At first I was intimidated by it. But I began to realize that even though he has 30 feet of length, it is not nearly as wide at the stern as the pontoon boat. The sail boat gives me an additional 2 feet of clearance at the start of the dock. HUGE difference! Even in windy conditions I can control the boat as long as the Alpha 1 doesn't act up while I try to keep control of the boats drift. Good luck with the installation. We're all gonna want some video of how well you back into your slip once its installed.
  22. Asking for a little history here. How many hours on the knocking engine? Last oil and filter change? Has it been regularly maintained? Who knows, it may even be a U-Joint knocking in the out drive. Does the knocking noise change when you put her in gear while tied off in your slip?
  23. I use Better Boat Deck Brush, it's a great brush for the boat. Despite having soft bristles, it does a great job of breaking up grease, grime, algae, scum, and even bird-droppings. It works effectively even when used with water alone. you can see the review at: https://www.ridetheducks.com/best-boat-cleaning-brushes
  24. Yangjiang's waste oil distillation plant can convert waste oil, waste lubricating oil, pyrolysis oil, and other waste oil into higher-value gasoline, diesel and base oil through catalytic pyrolysis and high-temperature distillation. Based on the boiling liquid, it separates the different components according to the volatilization degree of different mixtures and removes the particulate mechanical impurities and suspended impurities in the polluted oil and waste oil.The oil produced after high-temperature distillation will be further purified to obtain brightly colored diesel or gasoline. A number of indicators of oil products meet the technical standards of national oil products, ensuring the kinematic viscosity of oil products and the flashpoint of oil products. The oil can be repeatedly purified to realize the recycling of polluted oil and waste oil.
  25. Used oil, or 'sump oil' as it is sometimes called, should not be thrown away. Although it gets dirty, used oil can be cleaned of contaminants so it can be recycled again and again. There are many uses for engine oil recycling. These include: Industrial burner oil, where the used oil is dewatered, filtered and demineralised for use in industrial burners; Mould oil to help release products from their moulds (e.g. pressed metal products, concrete); Hydraulic oil; Bitumen based products; An additive in manufactured products; or Re-refined base oil for use as a lubricant, hydraulic or transformer oil.
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