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  2. I thought I would post this in case anybody is interested. The USS Little Rock will be in Buffalo Dec 8th through the 17th. Then up the Welland Canal, Lake Ontario and then the St Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic. Being winter time, not certain how many of us are still around the area.
  3. Those are solid numbers. What happened to the original engine? i also don't see a huge difference in speed or RPM with a few extra souls on board. brick
  4. The 350 is not too thirsty below WOT. My fuel burn since new is 6.6gph. That is cruising at 3000 RPM and pulling the kids on a wakeboard at 2800 RPM. At WOT, a 350 burns around 24 gph. As the OP is smack in the middle of the recommended RPM range with 24's, It sounds like his 24's are a good choice. brick
  5. I guess WOT is the only thing that matters ? Having 8 to 10 people & gear with a sudden dark storm line of clouds is unimportant ? Going to WOT & getting on a full plane before the 3' waves arrive at your dock is not important ? That is what I prop for. When your guests look at a endless line of clouds coming at them & then ask are we going to get hit ? The prop with less pitch is HIGHLY desired. Changing to the less pitched props is always correct. The driver of your boat is supposed to be able throttle back to MAXIMUM rpms with a 2 or 4 some in the boat. Good grief. Charlie Brown. Take the wheel. If you do decide to really reduce the pitch to a VERY small number ? To allow getting on plane with 10 to 15 people ? Watch your gasoline drop rapidly FROM A FULL TANK LEVEL. Range is dropped a lot on some hull shapes. My cruising area range & distance to get to my dock is 1/2 hour at WOT with a maximum # of people & goodies on board. I did a practice run LOADED to see my fuel consumption into the wind. Annoyingly very fast. Too far from your dock ? Head for any dock with a space ON THE DOWN WIND SIDE OF IT. TIE UP TO IT. Until safe enough to leave. Really get caught in a no hope of making a down wind side of a sturdy dock ? Pull up to a BIG cruiser tied to a dock. Let him break down the wind & waves for you. It beats TRYING to do a anchoring on unknown bottoms. I have now refused to try a anchoring in any bottom. Run around the dead wind side of a WIND BRAKEING island. Watch your depth gauge & charts if you are forced to move around the island...................If the wind direction FORCES you to move to a exposed area ? Oh well. There is only so much you can do in desolate open island areas. Try to pick a island where the low land side has a sandy beach to run the boat up onto the beach & save your people from bobbing up & down on a rock pile. Laying in a hand holding group for 2 hours. Is far better than a boat being pounded on wave crashing rocks or a vertical rock faced cliff. Yes I have been caught in the above as a passenger & captain................. You need too be good. .............And lucky sometimes. I now do not leave without all my super bad weather docks & islands preplanned on the cruise..................Need less luck.
  6. I'll jump in here late and just say that in my opinion that boat is pretty beat up for its age and number of hours. Are you sure it wasn't a rental?
  7. Hi Guys! Just bought a vintage 1992 Signature 28 last May and had it out on Carp Lake, a couple Hrs north of PG for the month of Aug. loved every minute of it. My wife's first time living aboard a boat, and to my surprise she loved it. Did some touring of the lake with it otherwise used it as a camper on the water and fished out of the inflatable
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  9. My 5.7 says 4400-4800 on the cover. Loaded with 4 people it for up on plane almost as fast as it did with just me. And still topped out at 4600rpm. 44mph via GPS. Not too shabby for the end of Nov!
  10. That's what my manual reads, is that that where you got your original figures?
  11. The speed did not change by more than a mph or two. The higher RPM compensates for the lower pitch props, so pretty equal top speed (but at different RPM's). And the engine simply runs out of power with the higher pitch prop. The key is to be in the correct range with your normal load, and you might be a little low with your 24's. brick
  12. ... and Billy was still present then balancing the act ...
  13. Just my opinion. I am no expert. If I was buying a used boat, and it had a quality replacement interior
  14. Great info! Do you recall by any chance what your top speed was with the 22’s or 26’s? I have a feeling 24’s are gonna e the ticket but just want to validate my own sanity. And save two extra prop changes if I can.
  15. I originally thought my 2005 Merc 350MAG/MPI had a 4800 to 5200 WOT rating, but according to Merc and my serial number, it is 4600 to 5000. brick
  16. With the original 26's, my boat ran well, but topped out at 4400RPM, which is below the 4600 to 5000 WOT RPM range for my boat. I liked the 22's for water sports, but topped out at 5200. At cruising speed it felt a little high. So the 24's are a compromise that seems to work the best all-around. I would probably like 23's, or 24's - but with a 2.2 drive ratio in place of my current 2.0 ratio. brick
  17. It's a real #$%#$ to get to the drain plugs so I figured to do it when I changed oil next
  18. Don't worry about CO2, be afraid of CO in your boat. Having said that, I found a little to worry about CO coming into the boat from a properly installed generator. The side exhaust truhull mounted just above the waterline, and gases properly muffed and mixed with cooling water stay low and disperse with slightest wind without entering the boat's interior. The bigger problem is an engine left running at idle and the exhaust gases creeping over a swim platform, and the biggest is the station wagon effect at speed when the exhaust gases are sucked into the boat's interior. We use our (properly installed) generator often on hook and in the marinas, and never had a slightest issue. We had a number of CO alarms when cruising at speed with the camper on. Now, we use an additional battery operated CO detector in the cockpit when the camper is on. And yes, I would look for a boat with a generator properly installed by the factory already.
  19. Then I stand corrected. Goes to show you I don't @#$%@# about boats
  20. With proper maintenance it should
  21. Thanks for the feedback! I did speak w the engine manufacturer and they said that 5k rpm would be fine and that they would still honor the warranty on the motor if I ran it there. Something about the fuel injection tables not going much higher than that on the EFI motor but that the internals of the motor were plenty capable. since you went through the same challenge as me, what didn’t you like about the 22s? Was it fuel consumption? Loss of top end? Just felt like it was ‘over-spinning’? I still have my 26’s and a friend is going to loan me 22’s to try. I already feel like the 24’s may be the ticket... they run strong and hard right now. I’ll have 4 mid-sized adults out today so I can give it a good run with the 24s to see how they do. I’m guessing quite well. no idea how 26’s did with this motor. Was top speed higher with 26’s or just better fuel efficiency? I haven’t run this motor with the 26’s so I’m very curious as well. Joseph
  22. I prefer to prop for the high end of the recommended range. Going to 22's should put you up close to 5000 RPM. Great for pulling tubbers, but may not be great for cruising. Check to see what the correct WOT range is for your reman 5.7. It may only be 4800RPM max, in which case I would stick with the 24's. I am running 24's. Boat came with 26's, also tried 22's. The 24's were preferred for my set-up. brick
  23. After a long and painful process, the new (remanufactured) 5.7 mercruiser is not only in, but the boat it running really well! currenty have 24p props on the bravo 3 outdrive. I am hitting 4600rpm at 44mph with just me (no kids, no gear) and trimmed up properly on glassy water. So the question is: Will I lose or gain top speed if I switch to 22s? The launch is pretty strong as-is with the 24’s. 22’s will bring me close to the top of the RPM band. Towing kids 22’s may be just right. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone moved from 24’s to 22’s like this before? Joseph
  24. I live in salt bath #$^% during the winter. After my brother passed away years ago, I had my car and then acquired his Bronco. I kept my car and also kept the Bronco in order to tow the boat. The truck, on the outside, looked factory fresh. But underneath, corrosion #$^%. I treated the Bronco as a secondary vehicle and never used it during rain storms to keep moisture from effecting the underneath. As for the winter, I never drove it unless the roads were dry and clean. All this was to prevent further corrosion. The underneath was slowly pealing away in layers. It was getting bad! I nursed it for 7 years until the computer crapped out and a new one couldn't guarantee it would work. Traded it in for the 150. As for the 150, it still remains as my secondary vehicle. Its primary use is to tow the boat. Because the trees in my backyard only grow leaves, not money, I don't have the cash flow to replace this truck. It has to last me a long long time. So I treat it as I did the Bronco. Keep it clean and dry. It has not seen a snow flake, salt or rain drop since Dec 2015. If this were my only vehicle, I'd be out driving it around as an all weather vehicle. I often wonder if this truck will make it to 200k miles.
  25. Is your boat equipped with the all in one smart gauge? If so make sure that it is programmed to read/ display the depth. That one gauge can display a number of readings but will only show you what it is programmed to. There is a gauge programming chart on this site somewhere. The Garmin will not read unless it is wired to a transducer and I think it must be a separate one.
  26. For sometime now my 2008 244 Sunsetta stop registering the depth on the in dash gages. I'm hoping to fix this over the down season now that the boat is out of the water. Before i start replacing everything out I was wondering if there any troubling shooting steps i can carry out to isolate the issue, or can i test depth while the boat is on bocks. Here is way i see, 1. The in dash depth gage is not showing up when i flip through, in the past when is was there it registered 0" 2.) Garmin 540 is not registering any water depth Thanks for you help !
  27. I do it all the time............
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