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  2. Not normal but the situation is not plain yes or no either ... more like maybe I will buy it, maybe I will not, but hold it for me. Do you want the dealer to hold a boat for you by means of giving you the first right of refusal? If yes, then the fully refundable deposit sounds reasonable to me, and indicates that you are an interested buyer not just a tire kicker. Just get the refundable deposit assurance in writing. If that arrangement does not feel right, move on ... there are many other dealers and plenty of boats for sale.
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  4. We have been looking for a used Chap 310 for a number of months now. We have seen a couple close by, however most of what I am looking for is pretty far away. Florida, Chicago, Virginia. We live in Ohio. I emailed a dealer about a Chap I was interested in, he got back to me and we discussed the boat at length. I have not seen the boat first hand, yet. However he emailed a document and explained that if I wanted to hold the boat, I would have to pay a completely refundable deposit (1 grand). I would have the first right of refusal. Im asking if this is normal when dealing with a dealer? We have looked at a number of boats and this is the first time a dealer has asked me to do this. Just want to know what you think.
  5. Talked to the shop today when the alternator does not show charge output the fuel pump is shut down for safety. So whenever however the alternator got unplugged that was my problem that my motor stopped running and I was tow in wish I would have looked at it while I was on the water simply plug the alternator in and it was fixed
  6. excellent, thank you for the comments and the pictures.
  7. Thanks, sburke91 but I don't need a wiring diagram for the trolling motor but instead need one for the two 12V batteries in the rear battery hatch of the boat, one of which powers the trolling motor. I don't know which one (the closest to the bow or closest to the stern) powers the trolling motor but, whichever one it is, it's not charging off the alternator. The other battery that powers the starter and everything else on the boat seems to be charging just fine when engine is running. I need a battery wiring diagram so I can see if I missed connecting a necessary wire to bring juice to the trolling battery.
  8. The smaller charter companies would have had owner layouts, but they are typically just managing them for... owners. So they don't get cycled out. But I did write "would have had" because you're right: all the charter fleets are gone in both VIs. Terrible loss there. BVI could keep you entertained for months before sailing down island...
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  10. I also had a leak where the oil line went into a trim cylinder. Had to replace cylinder.
  11. Can we see more pics?
  12. Welcome to the group! Very nice and clean looking boat. Nice that it has the duo-prop. Looks to have been stored properly when not in use and cared for. -Dennis
  13. Thanks for the input. We checked out a 370 this weekend in NY. Ill share my thoughts when I have more time to do a write up.
  14. Just redid whole sound system on my 330. I can save you the hassle of guessing and trying things out to see what works. Just shoot me a pm. You dont need to break the bank to get good sound. Depends on what you are looking for.........a loud clear sounding system with good bass response ...........or a pumping system that will vibrate you windshield loose and kill your batteries in 2 hours lol. I went the clear and loud system route. Placement of the speakers is key to get a full sound.
  15. That's awesome! The charter boats are definitely reasonable, but after Irma will be harder to come by (Virgin islands charter fleet is gone). They also generally don't have the owners layout we would want to be cozy. Can I PM you for more info about your 8 year journey?
  16. Lots of wisdom in those words right there!
  17. Photos are too big here's a link
  18. I installed my Fusion 700 a few years back. The best thing a ever did for sound. Solid, easy to use and to wire.
  19. Thought I'd introduce myself. Have been lurking for a short time since I learned I'd be acquiring the 2100 SX my grandfather bought new, looking for threads on classic models. Brought her home yesterday, couldn't be happier, as this boat was a big part of my late teens early 20's. As I've seen in other posts "pics or it isn't real", as soon as I can figure out how to compress them, I'll get them posted.
  20. Dalai Lama......and when asked what surprises him the most in a recent interview, he offered this insightful response: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”
  21. Do it! I spent 8 years sailing the islands and never regretted doing it. I had a 42' Choy Lee and it was a great stable boat with plenty of room for 2 people. Beneteau and Jeanneau make fine boats as well. Something to consider to help keep the cost down. A lot of Charter companies use Beneteaus and they cycle them out of the fleet after about 5 years. You can find some good deals. The life of a Charter boat can be rough but i've seen a few that simply needed some cosmetic work.
  22. Yep - if you had to deal with Chaparral - you'd be in pain - your dealer is the magic here!
  23. Everything is installed correctly. My impellors last about a month than the hub spins.
  24. Are the blades all facing the same way? Are the facing the right way? Are you lubing the housing when installing?
  25. Just received my MS-AV 755 Fusion Headunit, I previously owned a 700i and I have to say... that's a #$^% of a piece of tech, if you are on the market for the high end Headunit available, I think this is the one or at least one on the top
  26. What model (size and shape) are the current remotes? This will help in suggesting a model that will best fit or cover the existing footprint. Although I agree that a head unit down in the salon does not need to be marine, wanting wired remotes, will most likely steer you to a marine head by default. You have 3 basic woofer paths to follow. 1) direct radiating infinite-baffle (free air). no means to place an enclosure behind the woofer, so the boat cavity becomes the enclosure. 2) direct radiating but access to place an enclosure behind the woofer. 3) woofer in enclosure placed in locker/storage but with grill placed to vent woofer output into cabin. The last 2 will likely require a custom build enclosure that fits both the woofer and the boat. All 3 options are going to drive the woofer size and type, as well as the enclosure. No easy or quick answers. Depending on the total number of speakers, you are looking at maybe a single 8 chnl amp or 6 chnl for the full range and amp for woofer. I would suggest a means of zone volume control for the transom and cabin speakers. This allows those in those zones, to control their volume independent of each other. Much more user friendly then having all speakers playing at head unit level.
  27. when placing these things I always walk through the layout a few times before buying anything. I want to ensure I get the easiest route for wires and mounting so I don't have to cut to much or modify. Head unit if its inside the cabin I have never worried about a marine one and been fine. On three boats I have always cut holes into the seats and mounted and been happy with it, just be sure before your cut you look at it structurally and whats behind it.
  28. Highlights - Helm & Cockpit configuration are fantastic. The side entry to down below avoids bisecting the cockpit. Driving position is excellent for visibility. Equipment that Chaparral used has stood the test of time, been reliable, lasted 14 years with minimal repairs needed as long as properly maintained. Salon is comfortable for up to a week on board including sleeping, cooking, head/shower, AC/Heat, etc. Performance with the 8.1s and I/O setup is better than any of my friends boats and the boat is very responsive for an express cruiser. Lowlights - You gain cockpit space by not having a walk around, but I do miss having a walk around. It's a choice and not a bad one to gain space, but there are instances where having the ability to place a fender, walk a line or fend off would have been very useful. Certainly not a deal breaker, but the 2004 positioning of the fuel fills is pretty lame. It's on the side as opposed to the stern, so if you are refueling the side near the dock is ok, but the outward side is awkward. My boat had an ice maker in the cockpit. I removed it and use the space for storage. Only works on shore power or gen & uses stored water. later years have a cockpit fridge option. I'd much prefer that. In 2004, the standard chartplotter was a Raymarine unit that in my opinion sucks. It was common at the time, but today's units are much better. I use mine as a backup and my primary nav is my iPad. Some people have upgraded the units, but space is limited on the dash. No fresh water gauge - I added one. Limited storage for fenders. I added baskets to my bow rail. Does impact visibility at helm, but I've gotten used to it. Not a major deal, but I do shower on board. Chaparral messed up the shower drain position or at least the pitch of the shower. Water sits in the shower. My solution is a rubber squeegie...not a big deal, but annoying. Standard house battery setup is a bit light in my opinion. I upsized mine from Group 27 or Group 31 & added a 2nd battery. Plenty of room to do so. By now, most boats have probably replaced the battery charger. If not, you'll want this. In 2004 they did not use a smart technology charger so the ability to direct needed amps to a specific battery bank did not happen. Smart chargers will and I have done this. Much better performance. 2004 cockpit carpet used a desintegrating black backing that sticks to the non-skid and makes a mess. I've since replaced the carpet. Not terribly expensive and nice newer options anyway.
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