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  2. Good Afternoon everyone, Looking to purchase Seadek for my 2007 Chaparral 210SSI with the extended swim platform. Need assistance with a template. Also my boat is tan and from the sample pack I have from Seadek I believe the Terra with black underneath will look sharp. Need assistance please share !!
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  4. I really wish it was that easy when trying to pull a wakeboarder on my boat. I am able to keep it pretty close when towing someone but put in someone that doesn't drive 95% of the time and good luck. When just out cruising, no problem for anyone to keep it steady. Just get it up to speed, make a few minor adjustment and it's good to go. Keep in mind, I'm in a different category of boat than most here. I'm dealing with controls from 1986. They are way more stiff than anything that came after. For minor RPM adjustments it takes some real finesse. It's sort of a tap, tap, tap with the
  5. I recently bought some new gadgets for gaming like GPU gaming keyboard and mouse as well just below the price of 100$ from Under 100 Things website go check them out they super awesome.
  6. On Marriage Saver- My Dad and step mom have a 53 foot carver they keep in long beach. they have matching shirts. His says- "Sorry for what I said to you while docking the boat" Hers says- "Sorry for what I said about you while docking the boat"
  7. 10mph swing in speed ? I don't understand that . Set it and don't touch it for a second and then adjust as needed with small changes..
  8. After renting a boat that DIDNT have cruise control, and experiencing my wife looking at the tach instead of the speedo, Perfect Pass or something like that became a non negotiable on any boat we were considering! I would HATE to be without it. Actually, last summer needed to install a new "winder cable" on our system. No fun to do water sports without it. I was quite impressed that it only took two days to get one to me from Perfect pass. I am not sure how the system above works, but perfect pass is a really well thought out system..
  9. Just pure classic stuff from you here. I have never seen such a brilliantly written article in a long time. I am thankful to you that you produced this! Wifi Password
  10. Right, I thought I was sort of out of luck with an older carbureted boat. "The Marriage Saver" thing is apparently controversial to some, I don't care and think it's pretty funny. Anything that can help eliminate any spousal disputes is always welcome and keeps boating more enjoyable for all aboard. Sometimes people look to hard for things to be bothered by.....
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  14. for me, I go out on the boat to escape noise, except for the V8's that i like. but anchoring i prefer to just hear kids playing and waves. best gadgets are my Canon binoculars w/ the stabilization & the solstice 10x8 inflatable mat. it stows so easily and inflates in a few minutes. attach to swim platform and instant 80' add'l square footage
  15. How is a tear out possible ? If the PILOT HOLE DRILL BIT is of the correct size ? Unless the hull is too thin ? Ever notice that many bilge pumps DO NOT have screw down holes in the bottoms ? The under 1,000 GPM sizes ? I clean the hull & base of the pump with Denatured Alcohol or Acetone. The RTV is then put down. It CAN BE that simple if the pump sits FLAT on the bottom . Before gluing it down.
  16. Might want to take a look today .... You've been hacked by the Russians.
  17. Once upon a time there was a moderator. We couldn't talk about money without using the words deer, herd, etc... It has really gotten bad in the past year.
  18. hi guys.....I'm getting a 2007 Chap 275 SSI with an arch. I need to know the total height on a venture trailer. thanks
  19. Put-Plug-In: The same thing happened to me on Sunday: Volvo Penta 5.0GXi overheated. Temp alarm went off and the engine quit. Now it won't turn over, or will start to turn, then stop. I just read this threat and it gave me HOPE that my engine is still OK. I will try doing what you did (today). It's also a 2005 Sunesta 254, but with a 5.0L engine. I see you have the same boat with an 8.1L engine.
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  21. Well thanks to Covid alot of boats are selling but look thru trader online, does he have service records fresh or salt water. Boats need Maintance NO MATTER what Bellows, manifolds, pumps. So keep that in mind remember you can always go up on your offer or another boat will be out there.
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