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  2. Not quite the same scale as a boat, but I have a portable generator at home that typically has 9 gallons of gas in it with little usage (we average about one major power outage every 2-3 years, but for that one, it's worth having the generator). About every 2-2.5 years I siphon the tank and replace the gas. What comes out goes into the mower cans. I've never had a problem with it--runs like a top in the mowers.
  3. Years ago, when I had my overheat situation, the boat sat for a year [treated]. I looked into having a hazmat company pump it out. It was expensive. I didn't do it. My mechanic at the time kept telling me over and over "don't waste your time, its fine". When he put it all back together. if fired up just fine and has run great ever since. Actually, better than before. My exhaust will push the boat 1mph while in neutral.
  4. Now it makes sense. I rode my bike along Bird Island Pier today. All the way to the end. I noticed the CG was out changing buoys in the Black Rock Canal. From cans to lighted buoys. Both red and green. I wish Canada would install lighted buoys out in the river at the mouth of Lake Erie. They are hard to find at night even with a spot light and a GPS waypoint. Two years ago somebody hit the green one and cut it in half. I often wonder in the beginning how close I ever came. Still ice flowing down the river. Some big chunks too. I even found 2 sections of the ice boom along the pier. A telephone number is welded onto it. I may call them tomorrow. Date of manufacturing is 1996.
  5. Thanks so much you are a very helpful cat! So if i did have a remote filter stock from volvo where would that then be on the engine? The remote filter i mean?
  6. Awesome! Probably two weeks for us. Dealer could have the boat ready later this week/early next but we don't have docks until 5/11 (unless they get them in sooner) so...... I've been shopping for things we need that we didn't need before to keep myself occupied.
  7. 17 3 blade or 4 blade I was reading the 4 blades are better with hole shot
  8. That’s a big boat for a 5.7 260HP with a 19 inch pitch and a heavy load. Once you get the mechanical issues sorted out, I think you will like a 17. brick
  9. I will take the hatch off and leave it at home
  10. It's the original one, I am sure it's a marine unit, it has no mechanical linkage so I am sure it is vacuum operated, it doesn't have a vacuum hose to it though
  11. There are 2 types of 4 barrel secondaries . Mechanical & vacuum. And a few odd ball oldies. Is your carburetor A true USCG marine unit ? The linkage or hose may be incorrectly hooked up. Simple fixes.
  12. I was thinking about a 4 blade 19p, do you think a 3 blade of a different pitch would be better?
  13. Have to be VERY CAREFULL with a boat when raising the engine hatch cover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can be RIPPED RIGHT OFF OF THE BOAT at some speed !!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DO IT !! I think it is time for a mechanic to check out the vacuum dashpot that is controlled by engine vacuum. Mechanic can test the unit with a vacuum pump. HAND operated.
  14. I would drop to a 14.25 X 17 pitch 3 blade. But that will not likely cure your low RPM issue. brick
  15. FULL TEST RIDE BEFORE ............ Giving them the balance of purchase price. Any of that you have to pay in full first baloney ?? KEEP THE BOAT !! AT that point you now know the place is going to be trouble. Dealer prep fees you paid include a final acceptance ride.
  16. Life looks very good.
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  18. No, I didn't think to look, that is on my to do list. This is my first boat I am learning. If they are not opening what can cause that?
  19. Have you seen the secondaries open up fully at the 3600 rpms.
  20. At wot it's only at 3500 rpms
  21. It's an alpha one
  22. Did you ever get the engine up to WOT ?
  23. ^&%$$#* ^&%$# .
  24. It's a Carter 4 barrel, vacuum secondaries, choke is opening. It runs great just no power
  25. Check every hose clamp, this might sound obvious but we've all herd the story of one being loose, with boat almost sinking. .
  26. Sorry, it's a 96 chaparral 2330 bowrider, 5.7 Merc 260 hp, it has a 14.5" 19p, I am having performance problems and need a new prop, not gonna solve the problem but since I need a new one thinking of upgrading
  27. Do you have a 4 barrel carburetor on it ? Is the choke fully opening ? Is the carburetor secondary throttle fully opening ? Is it mechanical or vacuum operated? Does it run erratically at WOT now ?
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