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Walk through window

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This is what concerns me. The windshield does not line up. I had to push up on the drivers dash and the passengers dash to get it to line up. I know the sides are rotten, and so is the floor under it, but will that cause the boat to Bow in like that?
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Aaron.... the reason that your windshield panels don't line up is probably that the side panels of your walk thru (the vertical gray vinyl and possibly carpet covered panels on each side) are probably rotted out allowing one or both sides of the dash panels to sag and those are what support the windshield panels. When I got my boat, these panels were missing entirely and the previous owner had braced up the dash with a vertical 2x4 on each side. Once those side panels are in place the windshield panels should line up properly. I *think* I have pictures of these panels in my restoration thread (link below) which might show what needs done. Our interiors are very similar.

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My 89 has a sgging walk through too. It is solid throughout though, no rotting or structural issues. I used to worry about fixing it but it closes well, just not aligned along the bottom. I just live with it for now.

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