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  1. This used to be a site I was proud to send others to. Apparently your desire for click thru revenue is clouding your judgement and you are abusing your loyal customers. Please hire someone who is not greedy and ego driven and get the spam off the site. Long term affect will be a huge loss of future revenue.....what the #$^% are you guys thinking????

  2. How about giving me access and I will delete spam post each morning. Seems none of the admins care to take the time.

  3. Al-Rehab Company  This should be taken down

  4. We have a poster Yangjiang.  Posting informative commercials for products a company manufactures.

  5. spammer is back in all sections


  6. spammers are back in the contest section

  7. You are under attack. help

  8. scammer needs to be removed

  9. Please, What is this Microsoft stuff doing on the web site? Can it be removed? 

  10. site is under attack and needs help with spammers

    1. Hatem


      There were 7 scum-sucking posts this morning when I logged on.  It's getting worst by the day and I'm afraid Webbie is not around anymore.  Someone else should take the reigns of moderating this board so this crap gets cleaned up.

  11. is it possible to do something about the hundreds of spam messages that have been posted in all forums in past few days?

  12. Hello, wondering if anyone can help me. I need to replace the cable on my seat forward/back lever as it has broken. Any help appreciated.


    Thanks for any time.

  13. Hello Futzin',

    I deleted the "original" post of "Subwoofer types, pros and cons" because there were no replies to it.

    I am leaving the "duplicate" post of "Subwoofer types, pros and cons" active, with a few minor edits to remove the indication of multiple postings.

    Thank you,


    1. Futzin'


      Thank you, sir or madam!

  14. Hi


    I just bought a 2007  310 signature and it has no gps/fishfinder in it 

    What would be the largest  size garmin  I could flush mount in it.

    What size and model did chap use on that year  310 ?


    Thank you in advance

  15. twice in the last month the smart craft joystick control started beeping and fails. When I turn the ignitions off it resets. Is a software update needed or do I have bigger problems?

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