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  1. twice in the last month the smart craft joystick control started beeping and fails. When I turn the ignitions off it resets. Is a software update needed or do I have bigger problems?

  2. Hello,

    How do I change my user name?




    My boat has two battery chargers in the port side locker, and one of those chargers has a cord to plug in, it also has an electrical outlet on the front of it to plug something in to it   I have the manuals for both of the charges but it does not explain things very well and no one at dealer or my marina really has an explanation.

    The only thing I can think is that one charger is for house battery and one is for starter battery.  But I have no real idea  why one has a plug and what it is for.

    Both chargers are hard wired to boat electrical system.

    The boat is a 2011 285 SSX, fully loaded.


    Any thoughts would be welcome,  Thanks.

  4. Joe at Cecil Marine is still around.
  5. I have a 1995 2130SS boat and I've lost some of the Chaparral letters on both sides of the boat.  They are stick on can you tell me how to find replacement letters.




    1. Chaparral Web Team

      Chaparral Web Team

      It is unlikely that we will have them. You might call Grace in parts and ask. You might have to order all new current letters from your local dealer. 229.686.7481 is the general number.

  6. I have a 2014 310 Signature that I'm winterizing. To get to the A/C unit the steps need to be removed. Do you have a procedure for this?



    1. Chaparral Web Team

      Chaparral Web Team

      I would take it to your dealer and let them do that for you.

  7. We are trying to help this customer with his 2012 boat. The discoloration issue is totally different than what he has. Some manner of product has removed the UV protection and extracted the plasticizer from his interior. It is likely a common cleaning product. It is not a defect in the material. Perhaps not the customer, but someone has cleaned the interior after it left the factory with something other than mild dish soap and water. Common kitchen and bathroom cleaners are effective at cleaning, but can eternally ruin the vinyl. Certain protectants, bleach, baking soda and petroleum distillates are also in the group of cleaners that harm the material.
  8. We used to have snow and ice in North Georgia fairly frequently before Al Gore invented Global Warming.
  9. Hi all,


    Looking for some advice from you guys who may have encountered the same problem.  My fuel tank is leaking, likely from the bottom, it is a 20 year old aluminum tank. The main problem is how to access the fuel tank without removing the engine and ripping everything out...I have a 1997 signature 270 in excellent condition with a 7.4L mercruiser with a 70+ gallon tank I believe. I used the boat on Monday and all systems ran good but I caught the scent of gas for the first time ever. I inspected the visible hoses and top of tank and everything looked normal and clean. Boat is currently in its slip in Sausalito, CA.

    There is small amounts of fuel steadily leaking into bilge out of nowhere and it doesn't seem to be coming from the top of the tank, or the engine itself. I saw wanted to find out how one would access the fuel tank? It looks like you could cut a hole and go through the floor of the aft sleeping quarters? There is no easy way to get at the old tank unless you rip the boat apart. My mechanic said I should NOT use the boat for fear of serious explosion. The boat it meticulously maintained and properly winterized even though we live in a mild climate.

    I am also curious if the manufacturer has a suggested solution. Do you think chaparral would know what to do about this? I would guess it's pretty common because it's such an obvious flaw. I don't want to get rid of my beautiful cruiser because of such a simple problem but I am stuck. I am hopeful it might be something other than a hole. The mechanic said the tank is probably worn or rotten through.

    Any advice would be appreciated as this is a highly time sensitive issue.  I am planning on taking the boat out of the water tomorrow and trying to siphon as much fuel out as possible so I can try to find a solution.

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    Shanendoah Forbes




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    2. Chaparral Web Team

      Chaparral Web Team

      If I could get the same aluminum tank, I would replace it with the same one. We also used plastic with equally good results. We never used bladders. You will find a serial number on the tank somewhere and a manufacturer. When you get it out, google them.

    3. Shanendoah Forbes

      Shanendoah Forbes

      Is there any way to remove tank without pulling the engine out?

      Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. 

    4. Chaparral Web Team

      Chaparral Web Team

      I have not reviewed a 1997 270 Sig and do not have electronic access to the specs, however, generally speaking, you have to remove the engine. It is generally easier the slide it out the back. Take it to an experienced boat yard and have them review it.

  10. Good day;

    I received the attached letter in the mail the other day.  It is asking me to take an on-line survey as a new Chaparral boat owner.  In the letter it does not let me know where the on-line survey is located.  Can you help me with this matter as I would like to take survey.

    Thank you,

    Andy (


    Chaparral letter.pdf

  11. We did not censor the pictures. I don't know what happened to them. I clicked on Tigerdad's photo box to see what you were talking about. I do not know if they never posted right technically or what happened. Maybe Tigerdad can try again if it is important. Webbie
  12. Ok, we have adjusted those settings, please take a look and see if that is better? BTW, those were default settings, not something we setup. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  13. Ok, I think this is what you want: Click your username in the top right of the screen. Then Click Settings. Then on the right side of the page, under 'Other Settings' you should see 'Notification Settings' Username -> Settings -> Notification Settings There you can check/uncheck how you wish to be notified of posts, threads..etc. Let me know if this works for you.
  14. The gallery should be back online so you should be able to upload photos as before. In the top menu of the site: Gallery -> Add Images -> Select Category -> Create Album, or Use Existing Album Then just follow the steps to up the pic. Then to insert a gallery image into a post just use the 'Insert other media' button at the bottom right of the post editor. Does this help?
  15. Hey, can some of you guys check the forum from your mobile phones and ipads now? Believe we got the issue worked out that was keeping the mobile version from triggering. Still working on Galleries.