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  1. Man, you guys are always having so much fun and post such beautiful pics. Seems like you are having a good time even without a boat. But... just think how much fun you did have with the boat! I saw you mention that you were looking at the Meridian 341 & 391. You may have seen that we sold our Sig 330 last year and purchased a 2008 Meridian 341 with diesels (way more money for those). But gotta say, the bridge boats are what I really wanted, even though I did love the layout and function of the 330. I just like to be able to walk in to the "living room" through the sliding door and not be down in the cave. And the bridge seating on the Meridians is phenomenal, one of the main selling points as far as we were concerned. Almost as much seating up there as the 330 cockpit had. OK, enough talk about other brands on this forum, but at least I did participate in the Chesapeake Chaparral Rendezvous this year! Good luck on boat shopping... And keep up with the pics jon
  2. It was a good time and great to meet the people from the forum. Surprisingly it seems that a lot of boat owners do not go on their boat brand forums. Same thing with Meridian. See a few around but don't see them on the forums. There is a chappy on my pier but I have not had a chance to talk with him to see if he follows the forum. The weekend after we bought our Meridian there was a rendezvous right in Inner Harbor Baltimore, which is exactly where we actually picked up the boat. There were 11 boats that showed up, with 3 that came from Wrightsville Beach, NC. They made a 2 week trip out of it. When departing Henderson's Marina we did a Meridian Parade through the Inner Harbor. Would be nice to seem more boats show up but it was a little rough yesterday. We ended up anchoring last night in Fairlee Creek and had a real smooth ride home this morning back to Middle River.
  3. What time are you thinking of getting there? I still may come up even though I am now a Brand Traitor...
  4. LOL MonkeySeaII. We spent several weekends up there at Lake Wallenpaupak back in the 90's when we had our 19' SeaRay bow rider. Rented a friends cabin. As far as the enclosures of the Meridian it is nice to have the full flybridge enclosure and it even has the enclosure for the cockpit area so we are well protected from the elements. All the windows roll up for a good breeze and less wind resistance under way. There are even 2 A/C-heat vents on the bridge but they don't really do anything to cool/heat, but you can get a slight breeze of cool/warm air if you sit near them. The draft is 3 1/2' with straight shafts/props and rudders. I will keep watching this post, and if I don't make it over but you guys decide to head over to Middle River we can maybe meet up with you there. This will be my 5th year on the bay and I have not seen jellyfish at Hart-Miller or above to Fairlee Creek, our usual haunts. The Only place I saw them was down by the Bay Bridge one year. Guess we have been lucky so far. Jon
  5. I traded my Signature 330 in last year for a Meridian 341 Sedan Bridge but still visit this site every once in a while. I will keep on eye out for this raft up if I would be allowed to bring the Meridian over, as a former Chap owner! Still pond is just a short hop away, of course the Meridian is a bit slower than the Chap. Jon
  6. It would be helpful to rob a bank for the Meridians. First 341 I looked at in North Carolina was a 2006 but it turns out the couple, who are getting a divorce, can't afford to pay off the balance of the boat. The broker has actually dropped them from his listings because of it. Then I just went and looked at the next closest one that is in Hilton Head, SC, which is a 2007. Looks like they had bar fights on this one as every piece of vinyl had some tear, slice or hole in it, except for the L shaped couch on the starboard side. Then on sea trial it would only tac out at 3,900 RPMs and 20 knots so something is not right. SOOO, we just looked at the 3rd one yesterday that is in Inner Harbor Baltimore Maryland, which is right down from where we keep our Chaparral, or should I say "kept" since we don't have it anymore. (waiting for the buyers loan to come through). I do need to rob a bank for this one as it is a 2008 with the diesel engines. But is exceptionally clean with only a few minor issues, some small cracks in 2 isinglass panels and small slice in the under side of one of the bridge seats. This one is so clean you could use the engines for a dinner plate. Even the bilge is completely dry and has no high water marks or anything. Not a spec of rust or corrosion any where on it. Cleaner than I kept my boat. We made an offer for the 2008 diesel one, just waiting on his reply. Strick, I know we PM'd before and if this one doesn't work out I may have to make a trip to Florida to see yours. 391 Meridian is way nice too, but need to rob 2 banks for that one.
  7. I have been on the market for a Sedan Bridge for a few years. I have had my eye on a Meridian 391 but the wallet likes the 341 better, but just barely. They took my boat for a sea trial and Survey today so it should be finalized shortly. Hard to beat a Chaparral functionality and darn good looks. I am waiting for my offer to be accepted for the 341. It is in Hilton Head, SC so it should be a real nice trip to take it back to the upper Chesapeake Bay area. Been a huge amount of fun on this website and I will continue to view it on a regular basis as there is a great bunch of knowledgeable people on here that are real friendly. Thanks for the time spent on here for the last 4 years. Jon
  8. I had the poo eruption out of my sig 330 the first year I had it. I found that the cap was attached by a chain that had a wire "V" inserted into the opening. You won't lose the cap this way but the wire would catch pieces of paper and not let the system get sucked out all the way. It happened 2 times that I had the poo flying. Once while at anchor I saw what you did and took the cap off. HOLY CRAP! The next time was at the pump out. Shot 10' or so across the dock and all over the guys feet. Luckily both times we only used the system for liquid waste so wasn't actually poo, but still bad. I took that wire off and have not had an issue with it emptying all the way now. Just have to be careful not to drop the cap in water. Funny, but the water cap is attached by a chain that is screwed to the opening, Not sure why pump out cap is not. As far as the generator I agree with changing the plugs as that is what was wrong with mine. Plus use it every month under load to keep it running clean. Changing the impeller couldn't hurt either. BUT make sure to look closely at the water channels in the housing to make sure there are no broken vains blocking the passageways. That also happened to mine, although I did not really notice a problem from that but it must have reduced the water flow through the system. Good luck and stay clean....
  9. Man, I gotta get me one of them drones. Cool video. Any idea on what make of drone? I have seen some in the local hobby shop, where I bought a small R/C airplane to fly. Carbon Cub that I may get floats on so I can fly from the boat when anchored out. Lake George looks very pretty.
  10. Never thought of trying the parallel switch to power the hatch. It may have worked but I did not have it in the parallel position when I tried it before switching the hookups. Jon
  11. I have a Signature 330 and it also has the jumper posts in the transom storage hatch. The problem was that the engine hatch motor was not on the circuit with those posts so it would not work to use jumper cables on the posts. Last year I changed the battery bank that the posts go to. Now it works with the engine hatch so I can take all 4 batteries out and cycle them on the trickle charger all winter. Then in spring just hook one to the jumper post and open the hatch. I thinks originally the posts were attached to the Port motor, but since I have the emergency jumper switch I can use the one engine's battery bank to start the other so don't really need the jumper posts to go to an engine. Starboard engine is the only item the starboard battery starts besides the genny, so no way to draw it down too low.
  12. I have had my Sig 330 shrinkwrapped the past 2 years. But I read about people using it over again. So I was very careful taking it off this Spring and only had to slit it a little to get one corner over the swim deck. Then rolled it up. I will have to replace the straps that go under the boat boat but that is no issue. I also printed out an overhead shot of the boat from the Chap webpage and used that to draw a map of where all the nylon straps and 2x4 supports were located and tied to. Now all I have to do is buy a roll of that straping and re-create the web support. Then just tape of the minor slit I made. Since it was already shrunk to fit the boat it should just roll back on from the bow to the stern and fit nice and tight. Saves the cost of a new tarp and actually pays for a tank of gas (Free gas?!). Hope it last a couple of seasons. Jon
  13. I don't think I can do that splitter option as my radio is down in front of the galley and the VHF is at the helm. Would require serious digging to get the cable to the VHF anntena. I just have the wire from the AM/FM radio laying on top of the cabinets. I wonder if I use the 22awg wire if that would improve it. How long should it be, or doesn't that matter. I wish the radio had an ipod dock to use, unfortunately it doesn't.
  14. I actually had a motor go bad last year. The piston hit the exhaust valve and smashed a hole right through piston. Total loss on moter. Mechanic suggested I start a claim in case insurance would cover it. Surveyor was hired by insurance company. He determined that the valve stem got rusty due to the water coming in from the risers/manifolds. Since this happened in 2012 and the boat is a 2004 I figured I was out the 8 large herd of deer it cost to replace due to it being a "Regular Maintenance" issue. Turns out they did cover it, WHOOPPEEEE! Had to pay the 500 deer for detuctible. I have since put on new risers/manifolds and think they were the BARR ones. Seems to fit nice. BTW, I have Volvo Penta and they came out with a service bulletin to start using a gasket sealer on the gasket between risers and manifolds. It explains the style to use. Of course I did not know that when I installed them so mine are dry. Thinking of replacing them in a year just to make sure. Only four bolts and 2 hose clamps so no big deal. Start the claim, costs nothing to try...
  15. There is a clutch bearing that seizes up I have heard. This is what the manufacturer said I needed. But all I did was take the windlass apart and grease everything really well. It seems to work this year with no problems. I wish all issues were that easy to fix. Maybe it will work for you. Mine is a 2004 LEWMAR series 900 I think. Bearing is 100 deer if you go for original. saw it online for about 10 deer.
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