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  1. shrffdpty

    Who else is busy working!?!

    I am so ready for boating season I can’t see strait! I have been working on our boat every day to get her ready for the season and making repairs and upgrades. I have removed and had the radar arch painted putting all new lights, speakers and hardware on the arch, installed a HD “spaceship” TV antenna on top of the arch. (We get 38 channels in the driveway! Way better than the 6 we got with the inside antenna). We just spent $150 on new filters and Amsoil for the power plants and the generator. Weeks ago we removed both out drives and changed all of the seals and re greased and inspected everything! Who else is busy working!?! Trailering our 300 to Panama City Beach April 5th for 8 nights on the boat! We have a lot left to do before then!!
  2. shrffdpty

    Florida to the Bahamas

    My first time I want to be with a group of boats! There are clubs in Florida that go on a regular basis, probably a forum somewhere that you can join and hook up with them when they go! I would defiantly have twins or other boats with you!! I want to go also!!!!
  3. shrffdpty

    Towing 2x Chaps behind a houseboat?

    Use caution when choosing your tow lines! Certain lines could break under pressure hurting/killing someone. Also be very careful that a jet ski (especially kids!) don’t try and ride between your boat and the boats being towed, the longer the tow line the less shock on the cleats during wake but the higher the risk someone may try and go between your HB and boats being towed! You would be held liable for the injury or death (sorry to sound gloomy) especially in low light conditions and a towline longer than 75 feet you want to have someone watching the rigs being towed! I can’t imagine someone losing one and not knowing it! That is stupid! Safety First!
  4. shrffdpty

    2 more weeks and our baby comes out of storage !!!

    You inland folks (like me) need to trailer your way to warmer waters!! We are dewinterizing ours the first weekend in March to take her out and test her a couple times then trailering her to Panama City Beach for a week to stay on her and take her out in the warm Fl waters! What a way to kick off spring!!
  5. shrffdpty

    New to the Lake

    Hay! F dock on a lift right?
  6. shrffdpty

    AC Pump Question

    My pump stopped working at the end of the season last year for just a few moments… turned off the generator and went to the dock plugged everything in to shore power and it worked…. Then when I was winterizing it I think it stopped again… I plan to buy a used one off eBay and rebuild the one I have now and just keep a spare and keep rebuilding I suppose….
  7. shrffdpty

    Towing Question

    Dodge 5.9 Cummins 2500/3500 makes a great tow vehicle and daily driver. 19 mpg in the city and up to 23/24 on the highway. We have a 300 sig and tow every weekend and some long trips (headed to Panama City Beach in April from Hickory NC) I think the boat trailer and gear weigh in at 13000 pounds. Truck had a 15500 tow rating. Keeping your boat on a trailer has huge advantages over leaving it in the water if you don’t mind towing!
  8. shrffdpty

    Chaparral manufacturing issues

    Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah Do the wiggle yeah I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT... Sorry got cross eyed reading to 50 posts.... We love ours... isuses or not! Lifes to short to worrie about the little stuff.... THE END...
  9. shrffdpty

    Kohler Question

    I do it all myself! One side says that the spark plug is “not serviceable” because of the tight squeeze to get the wrench in… but if you have the right tools and can screw in a light bulb you can do it!... Most of the Kohler parts (oil filter ect) are available at hardware stores that sell mowers with Kohler engines.
  10. shrffdpty

    is joy stick sontrol worth the deer

    OH.. Thanks for the info... Learned something today!
  11. shrffdpty

    Pulling the outdrives a must!!!

    I have duoprob Bravo 3’s.. The hardest part that took the longest was not knowing the “little Tricks” and searching the hardware stores on a Saturday to replace the nuts that where corroded. One little trick that would have saved us 1.5 hours that would have been nice to know is that our particular model MUST be in Reverse to make the shifter cable seat into the correct position. And it was super sweet to find a Lift kept no bottom paint 41 hour 2003 SIG 300 in awesome condition. We bought it in January 2011.
  12. shrffdpty

    Chaparral manufacturing issues

    Our 2003 Chaparral had numerous “defects” (had to have been built on a Friday)… it only had 41 hours on it when we (we are second owners) noticed that the forward large hatch was leaking due to the fact that Chaparral cut the hole to big…. Chaparral kindly told me “too bad so sad”… because it was out of warranty. There is a laundry list of other smaller problems we have some across some just plan ignorant.
  13. shrffdpty

    Pulling the outdrives a must!!!

    I just pulled both of my outdrives (bravo 3) to inspect the/replace the seals and inspect the gimble bearings…. It was a huge task that took many hours to do! The first drive anyways. The second drive was a piece of cake! My 2003 that had 41 hours on it when I bought it and now has 71 hours on it had never had the drives pulled… both of the water jacket seals had been pinched and the rest of the seals were very wore out. The gimbles were in great shape however one did have a little play in it. I could tell that the starboard side outdrive was leaking a very small amount thinning out the grease and making the grease settle in the bottom of the boot instead of staying in the bearing. Thank goodness I decided to go ahead and tackle the task! Another year and it may have destroyed the gimble and or started taking on water while I was trying to enjoy a beer while on vacation! While it was challenging I would strongly suggest doing it or having it done yearly! I will do it every year (maybe every other)! It is not expensive to do the work yourself, only a seal kits and some basic tools are required… there is a unbelievably great video on YouTube that shows step by step how to do it! Called Bravo 3 R&R part 1 and 2!
  14. shrffdpty

    is joy stick sontrol worth the deer

    Are you on the coast or on a lake? Will you be towing your boat or leaving it in the water... I make a great (I think) argument for trailering, the cost savings, the great security and the flexibility of being able to take your boat to different bodies of water... the condition your boat will be in sitting on a trailer compared to in the water is amazing…..As for the joystick control I personally would only buy if they make a trailer to accommodate the drives!!
  15. shrffdpty

    Any pics of boat names on a last-gen 300?

    Sounds like a great opportunity for a friendly (Very Friendly) Design competition and vote from our fellow forum brothers and sisters!!! We both us the same name Bon Bini and the same size area (the door) what do you think?? By the way the wife and I love Aruba! Great name! It would be awesome to have our boats in Aruba…