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  1. It is an Alpha. The lower unit just failed. Although the prop was fine the Mechanic said that based on the damage it looked like we hit something. Unfortunately the insurance company did not agree, and did not pay anything.
  2. In July of 2018 I got an entire lower unit gear replacement. This weekend, when I changed the gear lube, the lower nut had some tiny pieces of metal. Wish I took a pic, but didn't have my camera. I would say the pieces were about as long as the exposed eraser on a #2 pencil, and would occupy about 1/16 of the eraser. Is this something that should be expected, keep an eye on, or be concerned about ?
  3. so my boat is on the VA/NC border. I do the muffs, but do not drain first. I run the boat to temp, then run 6 gallons of Antifreeze through. In 9 years I haven't had any issues. I wouldn't mind doing the plug drain method, but there is 1 plug that I cannot get to, nor see. I have Merc 5.0, and ny understanding is there is a plug right under the middle of the engine in the back. With the engine cool, I put my left hand on the serpentine belt, and reach under and around for it and have never found it. I am 6ft tall with long arms so I should be able to reach it. Even if I found it and unscrewed it, I'd be afraid I wouldn't be able to get it back in. With the engine hot, and the oil pan hot, I'd be afraid of burning myself. Is there a trick to finding this mythical blue plug, not burning yourself, and how to put it back in ?
  4. Thanks all. The original repair instructions, while i am sure is the best way to go, seems pretty intense and not sure I want to tackle that. May get an estimate from someone. Will need to review the instructions and videos several times to really know what I would be getting myself into.
  5. It is a 2000 232 Sunesta. Has a Green stripe. Cannot tell if it is white (faded/dirty) or light beige. I am leaning towards light beige. Thanks for any assistance.
  6. I have a few chips on my boat. Some bigger and deeper than others. Nothing bigger than the size of a quarter, and the pic I am providing is the deepest, and worst. I have one below the water line, that is biggest in area, but not deep. The black part in the provided pic is not showing in the chip below the water line. I also have some superficial scratches on the side of the boat from rubbing up on some rocks. I am a fairly handy guy, and would like to attempt to fix these myself. Any help with product, procedure, and helpful hits is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I know a lot of you are on Lake Norman. Best of luck. I am on Lake Gaston right on the VA/NC border. I am 8 hrs from the house and cannot get down there. Had my neighbor raise my boat as high as it could go. Lake is at 199 ft right now. I think the boat is safe till 204 ft, then disaster.
  8. Okay, will talk to wife about it. Next trip down will be the early Oct holiday, unless Florence causes a problem, then I might not need it. Will let you know.
  9. I have a 2000, 232. I might be interested in it if BT Doctur says no and it fits my boat. I'll check and try to follow this post. We drive through Fredricksburg (17 to 95 S) on our way to L. Gaston. How far are you from 95 there?
  10. cjm13905


    Looks like HomeDepot has them online: https://www.homedepot.com/p/IGLOO-25-Qt-Marine-Ultra-Cooler-0048-0203/206677200?cm_mmc=SEM|G|Base|D24|Multi|NA|Generic|Non_Brand|All_DSA_Paint|71700000032318148|58700003837547334|39700030688261086&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr57TnPuU3AIVDD0MCh2ubgAZEAAYAiAAEgIK8fD_BwE&dclid=CPOBjq37lNwCFWG_swodVX4JZg
  11. cjm13905

    Boat and Dog

    The life jacket will help, but you still need the strength to lift the dog up and out of the water, unless you have dog steps for your boat. If you don't have the strength to lift the dog out, don't take the dog out.
  12. We have a Doozie boat lift. Most people on Lake Gaston have them. I think its where they are head quartered. We have a 4000 lb lift, and it lifts our 4500 boat just fine. Why do we have a 4000 lb lift with a 4500 boat ? We we had the boat house built, we didn't have a boat. We thought we would be getting a 20 ft'r. We ended up with a Chap 232. I think it weights around 3800, but when you add all the stuff, gas, toys, etc i think it is closer to 4500.
  13. Isn't there the possibility of CO2 poisoning for the kayaker ? I thought I read or heard that it was an issue with surfing .
  14. Wow, 5 on a single ski. I'll assume they all started that way, and from in the water. Your boat must have a great hole shot, or they can hang on. I can barely get up on one behind my 2000 250 hp 232 sunesta because it takes so long to get out of the water.
  15. Sorry, just got back here. Both are around 2000 sq. Pretty sure it was just super cold, and the heat pump isn't efficient in the cold.
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