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  1. cjm13905

    Hurricane Florence - 9/12/18

    I know a lot of you are on Lake Norman. Best of luck. I am on Lake Gaston right on the VA/NC border. I am 8 hrs from the house and cannot get down there. Had my neighbor raise my boat as high as it could go. Lake is at 199 ft right now. I think the boat is safe till 204 ft, then disaster.
  2. cjm13905

    1997 Sunesta 232 Carpet and Enclosure....FREE

    Okay, will talk to wife about it. Next trip down will be the early Oct holiday, unless Florence causes a problem, then I might not need it. Will let you know.
  3. cjm13905

    1997 Sunesta 232 Carpet and Enclosure....FREE

    I have a 2000, 232. I might be interested in it if BT Doctur says no and it fits my boat. I'll check and try to follow this post. We drive through Fredricksburg (17 to 95 S) on our way to L. Gaston. How far are you from 95 there?
  4. cjm13905


    Looks like HomeDepot has them online: https://www.homedepot.com/p/IGLOO-25-Qt-Marine-Ultra-Cooler-0048-0203/206677200?cm_mmc=SEM|G|Base|D24|Multi|NA|Generic|Non_Brand|All_DSA_Paint|71700000032318148|58700003837547334|39700030688261086&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr57TnPuU3AIVDD0MCh2ubgAZEAAYAiAAEgIK8fD_BwE&dclid=CPOBjq37lNwCFWG_swodVX4JZg
  5. cjm13905

    Boat and Dog

    The life jacket will help, but you still need the strength to lift the dog up and out of the water, unless you have dog steps for your boat. If you don't have the strength to lift the dog out, don't take the dog out.
  6. cjm13905

    What is the best boat lift on the market today?

    We have a Doozie boat lift. Most people on Lake Gaston have them. I think its where they are head quartered. We have a 4000 lb lift, and it lifts our 4500 boat just fine. Why do we have a 4000 lb lift with a 4500 boat ? We we had the boat house built, we didn't have a boat. We thought we would be getting a 20 ft'r. We ended up with a Chap 232. I think it weights around 3800, but when you add all the stuff, gas, toys, etc i think it is closer to 4500.
  7. cjm13905

    Ski Boat Kayaking

    Isn't there the possibility of CO2 poisoning for the kayaker ? I thought I read or heard that it was an issue with surfing .
  8. cjm13905

    Multiple Towables

    Wow, 5 on a single ski. I'll assume they all started that way, and from in the water. Your boat must have a great hole shot, or they can hang on. I can barely get up on one behind my 2000 250 hp 232 sunesta because it takes so long to get out of the water.
  9. cjm13905

    Question on Heat Pump and Electricity Usage

    Sorry, just got back here. Both are around 2000 sq. Pretty sure it was just super cold, and the heat pump isn't efficient in the cold.
  10. cjm13905

    Am I getting scammed by my repair guy?

    i have a 2000 Alpha one, 5.0 merc, and had all the lower unit gears replaced last spring for $2500. I think I paid $80 per hr form labor, which I think is generally low.
  11. cjm13905

    Question on Heat Pump and Electricity Usage

    Thank you very much. The average temp for this time frame was over 8 degrees lower than last year, so the "really cold" issue is probably the answer, but it's probably time for a check up.
  12. I own two homes. One in New York, that has gas forced hot air for heating. No A/C. My second home is on Lake Gaston, in South most VA. It is a new home, built in 2007. 2000 sq ft, with two heat pumps, which I am not too familiar with how they work. One unit for upstairs, one for downstairs. I will need to do research on heat pumps. When we are not in VA, we set the AC to 85 and the heat to 55, and the only electric running is the fridge, a few led clocks (oven, microwave) and a dehumidifier in the basement. The kWh usage for VA home for Jan - Feb was 1071, while our full time residence here in NY was 578 kWh. Our NY home we are using TV, computers galore, and lights. I am trying to understand why the VA kWh is so high, and almost twice as high as our NY home. I know in VA, if we set the thermostat more than 2 degrees above the current temp, then an electric auxiliary system kicks in, and that is expensive to run, but when we aren't there that should not be running. In cold weather does a heat pump use a lot of electricity ? I thought the only electricity it would use would be for the blower. Thanks
  13. Came across this in our local Craigslist. I always check out the Boats section. Thought I'd post in case anyone was interested. https://binghamton.craigslist.org/bod/d/2013-chaparral-signature-310/6464948917.html
  14. cjm13905

    1988 Villain III cuts out at high speeds

    Something in the tank blocking the fuel line ? Don't know how, but sometime people suggest disconnecting the fuel line and connecting it to another tank and give it a run.
  15. cjm13905

    Lake Powell 2018

    How much do you actually drive the boat. Say in a week trip, how far away do you get from where you launch. I know results vary, but average ?