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  1. Hopefully the photos are working now. Let me know if they are still not showing. I had to move the captains chair forward, however I really never sit down in the chair. Its always got the bolsters up. I had to move the seat 4" forward.
  2. We store at the "Toy Box" up the road where we have a an individual unit with no other boats.
  3. Let me see if I got my photos fixed now. A better shot of my filler cushions and TV lift in the up position. We put a foldable 4" full size mattress on top with another rolled up 3" gel topper that keeps things nice, cool and comfy. Everything folds up and stores deep in the ski locker.
  4. Yes, you know it well I presume. We keep everything at Big Water Storage on the UT side as well.
  5. Howdy Hatem.... We only put up the full canvas when it is raining. I would rather sleep under the stars when possible. We just stay around the Powell area and it's too hot during the summer for eisenglass. We end up enclosing the boat when out late fall (oct, nov) and early spring (April, May). I have a zip apart 4" full size mattress along with a 4" rolled up memory foam topper. They fit nicely in the ski locker. Make a very comfy bed
  6. Yes, I am also one of the few that can pull double legally. Barely 64'/ Legal limit is 65'. Added a quick removal hitch to the back of my boat trailer. Been pulling double for over 15 years.
  7. My wife and I enjoy overnighting quite frequently on our boat. We added a small microwave so we can enjoy warm brownies and ice cream. Obviously had to add a large inverter and increase our house battery bank. We turn our "U" shaped salon into a full size bed. I had some cushions made. We also added a flat screen TV with an electric hoist behind the captains chair. Nice to watch a movie on those cold evenings after the sun has gone down.
  8. Upgraded by Bravo 3 with 4 blade props. I love how it handles now. Out of the hole extremely quick and no decrease in the top end.
  9. lvpowell


    Thanks, Long time lurker, first time poster. Was a member when we first purchased our 276 back in '08, but things got busy. now it;s time to reconnect with the Chappy owners.
  10. lvpowell


    We can be found at Lake Powell several times per week starting in April and usually ending in October. I've grown up on this lake and have spent over 30 years exploring the canyons. Count on us to be there.
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