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  1. It is a terminating resistor. Needed to stop reflections in the bus communications.
  2. Always refill, there is no potential downside or risk.
  3. I recently communicated with the Stabil folks. They use PEA in their formula, the exact same main ingredient that is in the Chevron product that is responsible for keeping the internals clean. Chevron invented the Amine so they were first to market, but now others can use it as well.
  4. ^^^^^^ this, need a vacuum test next.
  5. Parts are easier to source for Merc and typically easier to find a repair shop. Volvo has some better designed water pumps and maybe even some of their motors are superior lately. 50/50 really. Look at the local support and pick the one with the most options.
  6. Not sure who manufactured your fixtures. Mine take MR16 bulbs. Got led replacements from Home Depot - low voltage landscape replacement bulbs.
  7. At 3:10 in the video I believe you showed it. You were moving fast and it is blurry but the plug with purple. I think yours is just missing the resistor ( yellow) which you will need to plug into the vesselview to make it work.
  8. What outdrives, single or dual prop? What pitch props? Need to know max rpm at WOT with a light load. Could drop pitch potentially and fix the issue.
  9. I had the same motor on a previous boat. It is Smartcraft enabled. IIRC the plug is under the motor cover nestled in wires about where that orange sticker is. Now I am going off of 10 year old memories....
  10. The motor cover should have the smartcraft emblem on it, does yours?
  11. What year motor? As long as your engine is smartcraft enabled, you have the plug available. Are your gauges smartcraft, if so then you have a junction under your helm. Need some additional details.
  12. I never trust the single point drains. We drain, then run pink af using a sump pump and a mortar box. We keep track of how much pink went in before it makes it out the exhaust. If we get 4+ gallons then the block did actually drain. We run that until engine gets to full temperature
  13. I have an old shop vac that is 10 gallons. I just suck out the tank like at the marina using the shop vac then use the bottom drain on the shop vac to flow to sewer. Takes 2 minutes.
  14. I have the OEM tools version as well, several years now, works great. For Merc engines I recommend adding the hose fitting to screw onto your dipstick hose connections, works faster.
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