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  1. paulswagelock

    Ski & Fish onboard battery charger

    The 3 bank charger should be hard wired to each battery + and -. If the battery charger wires were too short they might have used some sort of junction to make it the rest of the way.
  2. paulswagelock

    496 mag ho power issues

    I did it myself, on 2 different 496's. Not hard at all. Maybe a 2 hour job or so.
  3. paulswagelock

    496 mag ho power issues

    Went through this a few years ago on that same engine. Ended up being bad injectors (2). Delphi replacements were around $70 each.
  4. paulswagelock

    Any known problems 276 SSI

    ^^^^^^^ yep, should be 8.1.
  5. paulswagelock

    Towing with ecoboost

    Friend recently towed his 31 foot formula open bow 300 miles with a 2018 3.5. He claims it is rated to tow over 13,000 lbs from the factory. He did say it towed the boat readily.
  6. paulswagelock

    496 closed Cooling flush planned for tomorrow.

    Drains are hex head plugs just above the bottom of the block about half way back. Port side is easy to get to, starboard has a lot of hoses blocking it. Pour the Dexcool mix back into the coolant resevoir and make sure the front of the engine is higher than the rear to allow air out. Took me about an hour to do mine.
  7. paulswagelock

    Replace prop?

    That is a prop slip of 9 which is great so that is not the issue at all. That style prop seems to work well for your boat, but you are underpropped a little and might consider going to a 21pitch. That would likely get you a few mph speed increase and drop your WOT rpm down to 4700 or so. But getting to your original problem, not sure what is going on there.
  8. paulswagelock

    Replace prop?

    Gear ratio of the outdrive is needed as well.
  9. paulswagelock

    prop selection help

    Something is not right. You have 27% prop slip, which is twice what is typical. Maybe your gear ratio is not correct. If that is correct, your current prop is horrible.
  10. paulswagelock

    prop selection help

    What gear ratio is your drive - important in the slip calculation and max recommended RPM for your engine? Moving to a smaller diameter can raise rpm at the same pitch, but might induce more slip and not accomplish anything. I suggest looking at other brands as well. Rev4 might work in your application as an example..
  11. paulswagelock

    Replace prop?

    What is the max rpm you can achieve and what gps speed when at the max rpm? Your symptoms sound like you have a lot of prop slip. Could be a damaged prop, wrong prop, etc as you ruled out the hub already.
  12. paulswagelock

    Jet skis....friends riding and liability.

    I keep $1m liability insurance connected to my jet skis for that very reason. Pa requires a jet ski license but that might not stop my kids from letting their friend drive.
  13. paulswagelock

    Corsa water leak at actuator

    P: 440.891.0999 • F: 440.891.1868 • Toll Free: 800.486.0999 I called the number from there website. They did not give any hesitation when I called.
  14. paulswagelock

    WOT on 8.2L Merc?

    Likely the 2.0. Prop slip is considered good if it is around 10. Much lower and either the tach is off or the prop pitch is slightly off as the laws of physics get in the way. Normally you want to just touch the rev limiter with a light load, but I have found on these big blocks, propped to top out around 4700-4800 works well. You are a bit over propped, but give it some break in time before you swap props. Being overpropped is not good long term.
  15. paulswagelock

    So I'm guessing I bought too much prop

    You are a bit low on rpm, so moving to the 19 would be better if you like the rest of the performance attributes. Btw - I have a never been used 19P Enertia if you need one....