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  1. paulswagelock

    Which Battery Charger

    Is this charger dedicated to the thruster battery(s)? If so - move away from a dry mount power supply capable model since you do not need that capability. Is it one bank of batteries? I single bank wet mount capable would work perfect in that application - Prosport, Powermania, Guest, Dual Pro, etc. All less than or around $100.
  2. paulswagelock

    Orange tint on seats

    If it is orange/tan not pink, Avobenzone in spray sun tan lotion is a big cause. It effectively cause rust when moisture contacts it.
  3. paulswagelock

    Winter Storage Options

    Bald Mikes . com has custom fit covers pre-made by Taylor and another manufacturer. If they list one for your boat it will fit perfect.
  4. paulswagelock


    Isn't this from 2008?
  5. paulswagelock

    Very happy with Brunswick Product protection

    Great to hear when manufacturers honor warranty claims.
  6. paulswagelock

    Winterizing a 496

    Good point, the document does not say. At 40 minutes per gallon at idle, that is still a pint every 5 minutes. Spin up to high idle and that would still clear a cool fuel module which appears to be less than a pint every 5 minutes.
  7. paulswagelock

    Freezing temps, help

    The season extender drain will help your situation. As mentioned, dipping into the low 30's overnight won't damage anything. Look at the hourly forecast, how many hours are actually below 32, and by how much? If it is dipping to 31 from 4-5 AM for example that is a non issue. The other way is to run it on muffs until it comes up to full temperature to get the engine hot late evening before the temps dip, then drain.
  8. paulswagelock

    Winterizing a 496

    Work backwards. 496 burns approximately 3.6GPH at 1300 rpm so 460 ounces per hour. That is 38 ounces in 5 minutes, or more than a quart every 5 minutes. As long as your fuel line from the temporary tank is not too long, you absolutely empty a cool fuel canister and are burning the cocktail in 5 minutes.
  9. paulswagelock

    New trailer advice please

    The 6300 capacity sounds more than adequate as long as you are certain on the boat ‘s weight. The heavier duty trailer might be good to have if you ever thought about moving up a size in boats though. I have oversized all my trailers until the new boat this year, I sized the trailer without excess capacity.
  10. paulswagelock

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    When I bought my new boat I got to see it under construction at the factory. The workers kept using the analogy that boat building is more like house building, not car building. Lot's of manual labor, not automated, and relies on the skills and pride of the individual. Labor cost were named as the biggest cost of building a boat. As I have crawled over every inch of my boat from construction through using it for a season, there are several areas where the construction and fit/finish could be better. It is sad that we just accept that a six figure purchase is going to come with flaws from the factory, but the industry has us trained that way. Imagine a new Mercedes rolling off the line with flaws similar to those pictures....
  11. paulswagelock

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    Had the exact problem on a 2008 Merc 8.1. Cool fuel module was faulty, high pressure side would be intermittent. Put a fuel gauge on the schrader valve and when it starts happening watch for the fuel pressure to drop to zero, engine stalls, key off then on, back to 40 psi. Replaced the entire module instead of R&R the parts and was fine for 3 years until I sold the boat.
  12. paulswagelock

    Should I Winterize

    I have not had rust issues, but we are fresh water boaters. To be fair, none of my boats ever reached more than 8-9 years old before I sell/trade for a new one.
  13. paulswagelock

    Winterizing a 496

    Did my 496 and a friends for a decade now. Pump up drain to purge water. Release pressure so drains close. Run on antifreeze until it comes out the exhaust. Done. i use a submersible pump in a five gallon bucket and connect the pump outlet to the muffs with a 5’ hose. Perfect system. 496 will take almost 5 gallons pink to fill the raw water side. As far as the engine coolant, get a tester and verify it is good to whatever temperature you expect the coldest day to be. You can draw it out of the resevoir.
  14. paulswagelock

    3 or 4 blade prop?

    What is your max rpm with the 4 blade?
  15. paulswagelock

    Should I Winterize

    Ok, here is a different opinion from someone who has winterized my own boats for 30 years. Add fuel stabilizer, run on muffs for 10-15 minutes to circulate in engine. change lower unit oil and engine oil. Preventing potential water in lower unit from cracking the case, getting the acidic engine oil out of the engine for layup. no fogging- you have catalytic converters. You can run on the Merc approved cocktail if you want but not necessary for a short layup. use your drain system and drain the engine. Release the drain system. Then, either pull the hoses and fill everything with pink antifreeze, or use a pressurize sump pump in a 5 gallon bucket connected to your muffs and run the engine that way on 5 gallons antifreeze. I then use the engine drain and drain it again (air doesn’t freeze). This is preventative Incase some residual water mixed with antifreeze and diluted it.