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  1. paulswagelock

    2 alarm beeps every minute

    Almost every sensor as it fails can cause that beep. do a search for smartcraft beep and you will find the list of all the things that can set off that alarm - there are a lot. Most common is IAC valve but not sure your vinatage has one.
  2. paulswagelock

    Winterizing Help

    There will be two things to winterize your hw tank. The actual potable hot water side and the heat exchanger. The marina should get the heat exchanger when they do your engine but as others said so not assume that, call it out specifically. Doing it now is futile if the engine will be started again. The actual hot water tank just gets drained, then there should be a bypass around it to winterize all the water lines.if no bypass then you need to pull the water lines off and temp connect them together. hard to describe but easy to do....
  3. paulswagelock

    Can the 230 or 250 Suncoast's handle the ocean?

    ^^^^^^^ this That size boat would serve fine in calm seas and good conditions. Your willingness to get tossed around and preparedness for rough seas needs to increase as you move smaller and to an open bow vs a center or dual console with tall hull sides and tons of bow flare. So I think it would be fine on nice days, tough when the weather catches you by surprise.
  4. paulswagelock

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    Remember to consider service when choosing boats with a Merc or VP. Make sure there are local service centers for the one you pick. Nothing worse than towing it 100 miles to get it repaired.
  5. paulswagelock

    287 / 297 SSX reviews

    Any owners of the 2018 287 SSX (now 297 SSX for 2019) care to share their experiences with the boat so far? Build quality, performance, ride and handling, functionality, discount off list, etc? Debating selling my 2018 non-Chap and ordering this one, but can't find much real info or review on it.
  6. paulswagelock

    2006 276 SSI Power Problems

    Merc wants $2400 for 8. Can get the exact same ones from delphi for $400 for 8.
  7. paulswagelock

    2006 276 SSI Power Problems

    Been down this path on the Merc 8.1. Spent months and many parts troubleshooting. Ended up being two injectors that would go faulty, then work, then back to faulty. Found it by killing injectors with the computer while the issue existed. Found that killing two cylinders injectors made no difference. Replaced all eight injectors and has been perfect for 2 years now.
  8. paulswagelock

    Oil Analysis

  9. paulswagelock

    Oil Analysis

    I do. Usually every 3 years.
  10. Water would have been in the cup that surrounds the filter if any existed. i never found water in mine over all the years of changing them.
  11. paulswagelock

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    I bit the bullet and ordered my new boat this year with an outboard. 28' day boat with a 300 HP supercharged Verado. Boat is designed so the swim platform is still very usable. Performance is incredible. Friend ordered same boat with the new Merc 350hp IO with B3 drive. Mine is quicker out of the hole, faster, quieter and uses significantly less fuel for the same day's run. I see why many manufacturers are moving towards outboards. I prefer the look of the IO, but the outboard strengths are numerous.
  12. paulswagelock

    Mercury 4.5L recall letter

    Searched all the recalls- only one on the 4.5 is for the fuel pump.
  13. paulswagelock

    ChapaRobalo 300 OSX New Model Announced

    Saw the new center console OB powered 30 foot Chaparral on their facebook page. Interesting. Looks like a blend of Chap and Robalo models....
  14. paulswagelock

    4/3 blade bravo props

    Pin the throttle to the forward stop and wait a minute or 2.
  15. paulswagelock

    4/3 blade bravo props

    I have experience with the Hill 4x4 as well. They cup their props where Merc does not. So a 3x3 26 pitch will turn the same rpm as a Hill 4x4 24 pitch. If the OP wants to increase RPM, he would likely need to drop to a Hill 4x4 22 pitch. But I agree with you, at that point he needs to call Chad or Ron at Hill and ask them.