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  1. The 220 SSi is one of the best Ch. boats ever built. Unless there is a need for space, save you $ and stay with a proven winner.
  2. Miss you and the guys from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Dive deep.
  3. Good people with good taste! Add a little Bourbon and it would be perfect.
  4. remove from site

  5. Plus four hours this past week. Pulled Hugs for maintenance and lube job this week. Hopefully, we will make it past Turkey Day and into December before closing for the year. Last year, we logged 94 hours. This year thus far, only 58 hours. However, we have time left before the cold weather sets in. Thank goodness we don't live in the Chicago area. It would be great to spend Christmas on the water.
  6. Great pics! What were you doing behind the Badlands sign?
  7. RoyW

    She's Home...

    Glad you returned safely from the road trip. Now is then time for a short but dynamic boating season. Our best to the entire Toddler team! TR is always an option.
  8. Good memories of many neat families!
  9. Phil, Thanks to you and your lady for many years of informed discussions on many issues. The newcomers who have joined the forum over the last few years will have little appreciation of your contributions to our country, the boating community, and the Chaparral community. Paradise, by origin, will always be a special member of the community. You and yours will always be considered a distinguished contributor and special member. I give you slack despite the fact you are a UCONN supporter. I give you great respect based on your service to your country and to the forum. Smooth waters my
  10. Billy's friends remind me of some of my childhood friends in the Deer Park area boating out of Kemah. Long on adventure and missing a card or two from their deck.
  11. Isn't retirement great. My preferred way to finish the day at Shell Knob is with .
  12. Same in my house. We voted early in order to get our "discussions" behind us. To avoid any continuation, I am at the lake this week, getting in the last few hours this year, and avoiding further discussions.
  13. A few more. Many super Chaparral owners can be found on Lake Powell.
  14. For my money, Lake Powell is the best and should be on everyone's bucket list if they love boating.
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