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  1. Richard33

    HO HO HO Mr. Snow blower.

  2. Richard33

    Opinions on PWC's -buying not complaining about!!

    Having owned a Sea Doo GTX for 8 years, I beat the crap out of it. Only changes spark plugs and one shaft due to my fault in not stopping engine fast enough in shallow water a sucking up a towel at bottom. I drove a yamaha last year and although it was move powerful, the Doo seemed to be a better ride... A buddy has a Doo and a Yam, 'll ask him
  3. How often should the impellor be changed on a Merc 6.2L
  4. Richard33

    Quality of gas- Canada vs US

    Glad to hear. Be well.
  5. Richard33

    Quality of gas- Canada vs US

    I am Canadian. Have worked and traveled extensively in the US and Caribes. We get "raped" paying for gas yup but I have never paid a cent for medical. I've had 5 major bone repair surgeries due to accidents, thats just one benefit...nough said.
  6. Richard33

    I am getting rammy & frustrated !!

    Our 1st boat was 1990 1800 SL same colour.
  7. Richard33

    Turn key and get only a "click"

    Same happened to my buddy, ground wasnt tight enough for him. Tighten all up and voila power
  8. Richard33

    And the saga continues...

    Gimbal and or engine alignment. No one at the dealership believed me when I reported similar has you. I had my 20 year tech check it put and fix it. Cost me some deers that the idiot dealer should have looked into but now piece of mind. She is smooth
  9. Richard33

    What is this spider ?

    On the south side of the island on our dock, they are not huge like that one.
  10. Richard33

    New boat lift

    It was for the photo op. I have 3 lines to the dock
  11. Richard33

    New lift

    Set up at our cottage on St-Lawrence
  12. Richard33

    Low frequency vibration at low cruising speed

    I would check gimbal and alignment. Thats what was wrong with our from the beginning
  13. Richard33

    Moisture in guages

    Moisture in our 2010 gauges all the time. Benn replaced 3 times already cause they have also been defective. Currently have one bad again. They are the Teleflex I think, they are crap. I wish I could replace all of them with new stuff
  14. Richard33

    How to grille on a 246

    Here is a pic of our set upbon our 256. http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x349/33Richard/Mobile%20Uploads/92D63700-5186-4BD6-A746-FC838147DB54.jpg
  15. Richard33

    Bravo 3 Lube Consumption

    All been checked and rechecked and rechecked. Initially it was a missed diagnose of the gimbal bearing and engine alignment that the dealers didnt find. I had my own mechanic find it and repair at my cost. Since then, this season so far just 2 top ups and its been holding steady