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  1. My boating companion of14yrs. Taken about 2 years ago before we lost her of old age. Latest family addition, taken at 1yr and still working on her sea legs.
  2. But the quality advice is priceless!
  3. Looks very nice! I to like the slide out, very functional.
  4. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing major. I keep extras of all my fluids along with spare fuel and oil filters. I have a small tool bag of basic tools that includes a small multimeter. All this allows me to take care of minor issues that arise while I am out. I would imagine that everyones list of "must haves" varies greatly; it all depends on what you are comfortable troubleshooting and servicing on your own. Good luck with your repairs.
  5. Some things we all have to learn the hard way unfortunately. Some people like to make a launch and retrieve check list to make sure that nothing is forgotten. This could be something to think about implementing and might help reduce some stress and/or anxiety. Another welcome to the SUSA!
  6. I had a problem not to long ago with similar symptoms but it was accompanied with a soft alarm. Ended up being a water pressure sender.
  7. I use the dryer sheets all over also. Just don't leave them on the vinyl, I can still see where I did that and it has been 2 years. Lesson learned!!
  8. Great advise here! XDP's are not something you want to guess if you have it or not.
  9. LOL!  Looks like your Chap has that new outboard option.
  10. I replaced my manual pump with a new electric model also. I don't recall specifics, but everything on mine was accessible from the top side. I think the base of the manual head had removable panels that revealed the bolts. Not sure if this helps much, but good luck with your project. I have been very happy with the upgrade.
  11. Looks great!
  12. Thanks to both of you for the info, it's greatly appreciated!
  13. What size heater do you have? I am currently shopping for one for my 240 Sig.
  14. That's a great score!!
  15. I like your exhaust fan idea, nice!