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    How to repair non-slip swim platform surface?

    2 ounce patch kit...http://www.spectrumcolor.com/Items.aspx?code=K&key=cat
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    How to repair non-slip swim platform surface?

    I used the Spectrum kit to fill holes leftover from relocating the extension ladder on my integrated rear platform. I filled the holes with epoxy, then the last 1/8" was the gelcoat. To sorta match the surface grain I just dabbed the gelcoat with my finger and let it pull up to create the rough surface. It came out pretty good, most people wouldn't notice it unless I pointed out the 4 areas.
  3. ___

    NASCAR on the Vegas Strip

    Even though I've kinda fallen out of love with NASCAR....that is still very cool! Next NHRA Top Fuel for some REAL noise! I can hear all the Birkenstock wearing treehuggers complaining about wasting gas and polluting the air.
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    What's w/ all the spam lately?

    The rogue spam seems to go in waves. And the waves occur more often as sites become more visited. For me, the constent posting of garbage jokes and stories is just as annoying. It's bad enough that we all seem to have that bored relative or co-worker that feels compelled to forward this same crap to everyone in their address book. But I sign on to my favorite boat forum and have to filter though it all over again.
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    Restoring Teak Swim platform

    I used a teak wood cleaner when I first got the platform, then just wipe it down twice a year with an oil that supposedly has a synthetic additive that helps resist mold. It's stayed looking good for two years now, but admittingly my boat gets babied as it stays in a garage when not being used.
  6. It had to hurt a little to part out the Ducati. It might pay to do some more digging on the cam. There's quite a different with marine applications, both for power band location and valve timing to ensure the engine isn't prone to injest water through the exhaust. That could be a bad thing.
  7. ___

    My Extended Swim Platform Install

    IMO it's a bit disrespectful (or lazy) to ask someone for help....all while not knowing how to spell their name. But hey, that's just me!
  8. ___

    Sheperd Help Again

    Oh! I know who the Shepherd is! I'm one of the flock.
  9. ___

    Sheperd Help Again

    Who the heII is Sheperd?
  10. ___


    On the prop selection, which do you want...quicker holeshot or more top end? Generally you can't have both! By selecting a 21P you'd think you'd get more top end, but 5-blades give you more drag. So the performance was mostly a wash. Personally, I think 47 MPH in a 19' V6 bowrider is plenty. I'd go for a quicker holeshot and more control in the mid-range. For that, try a 19P High-Five (or equiv.).
  11. ___

    Alpha drive lube reservoir

    After a couple of years, the bottom of that reservoir can get all "glicked-up"! The heated drive backs itself up into container and creates the equivelant to a science experiment. Remove the reservoir and wipe it out. Be careful of the float sensor inside and don't spray any type of solvent that might damage the float (it's just styrofoam).
  12. ___

    Boat Repair

    Just be aware, there are boat yards filled with orphan boats that need MAJOR TLC. They just need MAJOR MONEY. But remember...it's not the destination, it's the journey.
  13. ___

    Towing Help Needed!

    All I can say is God bless anyone that finds towing these types of weights anything short of frightening. I used to tow half this amount and HATED IT! (even with the proper tow set-up).
  14. ___


    Freakin' 5 inches of the stuff here in the Knoxville area. I am sick of this crap and it's only early January! My driveway is 1/4 mile long and averages about 20% grade. If I get caught off guard and don't leave the cars at the bottom of the driveway...the ride down is a true white knuckle thrill ride. I spend over two hours getting my wifes AWD Equinox out of the weeds tonight after she lost it on the way down this morning....but that included getting my 4WD F150 unstuck after loosing it while attempting to pull the Eek. Luckily, no body damage on either vehicle, but that's the only good thing. I've had enough winter already.
  15. ___

    Nashville boat show review

    Thanks for the interesting and objective review of the different boat brands in NashVegas. Cobalt's will always be very nice boats, unless they screw up like Sea Ray has. The Stingray's have been kinda static, not much going on there. As someone else mentioned, Tahoe seems to be releasing some interesting entry-level stuff. You picked up on most of Bryant's major pluses....and yes, they build about 400 boats per year. I like a lot of these features and thought their 210 had a lot of storage for the size. The cooler stored in the center bow is nice too. I also personally like the "classic" styling of the Bryant's and think some of todays Chaps will look a little "fad-ish" in 5-10 years. Like, "I remember when bright interior colors, square edged upholtery and funky gauges were in style." But maybe this is because I'm an old fart at 50!