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    True happiness is found onboard.
  2. Offthegrid congrats on the new to you boat! I quickly learned that any time docking or undocking I go into neutral then spin the wheel lock to lock, then 1.5 turns back to center (rudders straight). If you then use the throttles.....don't touch the wheel! As far as the built on friday boat.....they all have problems. 15 year old boat that I finally got everything perfect so now I'm starting over replacing 15 year old parts. Have fun, don't stress just, "Break Out Another Thousand"
  3. 2000300SIG


    Congrats on the new boat Ed! We'll keep an I out for you also. Hi Rich, been a while since I've logged on. Still cruising all summer. Replaced our AC/Heat this week, easy to do. Now our starboard trim pump motor quit. Ordered a new motor, quick plug and play repair. Hope your summer is going well. We've been hanging out in Abay alot. Headed to Bay of Quinte in August. Have not used the new call to cruise through Canadian water hotline yet. Enjoy the River, Rich P "School's Out"
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    try cleaning all terminals and ground posts on gauges and under panel.
  5. 2000300SIG

    Dude Ranches in WY

    6 months to late with a reply. Southfork lodge in Buffalo WY great place. search for thier website.
  6. 2000300SIG

    Inspected Riser

    Side note. I use an IR thermometer to check engine and manifold temps several times a season. You can shoot the block, risers, and manifolds. The thermometer is so accurate I can see a four degree diference between blocks. Shoot temps at start up the after a long run while engines are at idle. For anyone attempting this please watch spinning belts and pulleys etc. Have someone watch for big waves or do it while tied up so you dont get rocked or rolled into said belts and pullies. Keep a log of temps so you know when something has changed.
  7. +1 on the freshwater thing. Have had plenty of boats purchased from brackish water and the gremlins will get you eventually. DP actually DPS drives are as bullet proof as they come. Have them pressure tested for correct seal. Ours had a small amount of water in the port drive. If I had run it that summer it could have been catastrophic. Caught it just in time.
  8. 2000300SIG

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    4.5 to 5 hours for us but From Moscow you could do it in 4 easy. 81 North. If you cross the Thousand Island bridge you went to far.
  9. 2000300SIG

    Lake Wallenpaupack PA

    We live in the Lehigh Valley and looked at 4 boats on the Chesapeake, 1 in Vermont and 1 in Rochester NY before we bought the 300 off of the Pack. Go figure! Wide load transport to the St. Lawrence so we probably won't be back but I did spend alot of time on the lake in a 16 Wellcraft All American, a 200 cuddy Searay, a 220 and a 250 Searay Sundance during our trailering days.
  10. 2000300SIG

    Has anyone replaced an ice maker with a fridge?

    Mike, Sorry if I confused you. If you open the ice maker door, I replaced the the unit that hangs in the upper left corner. Mine has a white plastic cover on it that says Uline. If you remove that cover it has a couple of gears behind it and then the ice cube tray with the revolving fingers that push the ice out and the metal wire arm that allows you to stop or start ice production. If your cabinet is getting cold and will freeze liquid you may just need to replace the ice making part. If your cabinet interior is not getting cold or freezing you may have a compressor issue which is much more involved to repair and or replace. Rich
  11. 2000300SIG

    Has anyone replaced an ice maker with a fridge?

    Hi Mikemapva, I did not replace the ice maker with a fridge but I did replace the Ice maker unit itself. The gear and timing mechanism was all coroded and hanging up, so when the ice tray would fill, the timing mechanism would not shut the water off. It was overflowing the tray which would then form a big ice flow in the freezer part. It was a pretty easy swap and ran about 150 deer. Works like new but the Mrs. still won't use the Ice in her drink. My cocktails however, have never been colder.
  12. 2000300SIG

    Close encounters of the worst kind

    Boating at night is literally a different world. I often have to force myself to slow down and study the horizon. I too have come up on fishing boats with no lights. Large frieghters with lights so high in the air you mistake it for a plane from a distance. The craziest is Island home owners who think it is a nice nautical touch to have a red and green light on their deck or dock.
  13. 2000300SIG

    overhead cabin lights 2000 Chaparall 300

    I can understand Chaparral dealer backing away. That is a major undertaking that would end up costing you big dollars. I have replaced headliner in a previous boat. It does not just come down then go back up. The odds of your problem being under the cabinliner is slim. You have a continuity issue from the switch to the light sockets. Check each one with a multimeter (continuity tester) and replace the bad socket. you say the switch is good meaning you have 12 volts in and 12 volts out or continuity. Pull each light socket down carefully and check the crimp conections that are tucked just a bit inside the headliner. often times yellow will be the ground wire and blue will be the power wire for 12 volt lighting.
  14. Hey Rich, Thanks for taking the time and effort to put the whole thing together. If only we could control the weather, our health, and politicians life would be great. We will also be around, probably watch the poker boats from the cottage. My nephews are working at the castle, in fact tomorrow is their last day. They head back to college next week. They were going to dock us on the North Boat house so we would not have gotten to beat up by freighter and poker wakes. Have a great weekend. See you somewhere, sometime. or maybe "Anytime". Rich P
  15. 2000300SIG

    overhead cabin lights 2000 Chaparall 300

    Check for one burned out (black colored) bulb. If by chance they are wired in series like old christmas lights one bulb out would kill all 6. also there is a fuse block under your stearing wheel. I would check that first.