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  1. When beaching the boat bow first ... the shallow water and the access is from the bow. I actually don't see us ever beaching the boat, so your question remains ...
  2. From the album left over junk

  3. From the album left over junk

  4. Does the fridge has a thermostat dial inside? If yes, try various settings starting in the middle of the range and udjusting as needed.
  5. I use Surhold brushes and other implements ... they require Shurhold stick. The brush we use the most that is always on/near the boat is the Hammerhead. Other brushes we use are 10" size of various softness, they feel heavy especially on extended stick ... a 6" medium softness is probably what you need for non-skid deck and below waterline hull, the soft bristles for frequent washdowns of the hull and deck above waterline. In seven years the Hammerhead proved to be the most versatile brush capable of cleaning the hull, deck, and dry sweeping the cockpit. Still good after seven years but showing signs of wear. All Shurhold brushes have soft bumpers all around to guard against hard bumps and scuffs. FWIW, here is the link to their line of boat brushes ....
  6. The 2006 and later Sig270 has one 30A 120Vac connection point. Not sure if it can power all standard and optional equipment installed on that boat but it is all it has ... one 30A 120Vac. The dock should be able to accommodate the current boat plus then some, and possibly some future boat or lift, etc. My dock has one pedestal powered with 50A 120/240Vac and I would not have anything less. Do not forget about the GFCI breakers installed in the shore panel protecting the circuits that power the dock.
  7. The hashed area indicate max and min oil level range. If you have not seen any oil mark on the dipstick, there is not enough oil in your engine. In fact, the engine could be way down on oil if the dipstick is dry. Keep in mind that synthetic oil keeps translucent color and viscosity much longer than the conventional oil and therefore is harder to notice on the dipstick.
  8. How about the hashed area of the tip ...
  9. From the album Cut and Paste

  10. Have you scanned the ECM for error codes before or after the break down?
  11. If the dealer found the above waterline rubrail leaking, it is not the only leak, and not likely the leak responsible for flooded bilge. I would insist on returning the boat to Chap for in tank tests to find/verify all leaks and to do a factory repair. Removing of the rubrail, inspecting sandwich joint, enforcing and resealling it, and one neat reinstall of rubrail is not a trivial job. Finding all the leaks might be even harder. Meantime, start documenting the problems, visits to the dealership, delays, duration of the repairs, etc. Even if your state does not have a boat lemon law, the serious documentation will help to make things right for you.
  12. That works the best for me as well. The melted end cap is smooth and strong.
  13. I don't know what drive you have ... seems that yours might be a two generations back DP-SM. The anodes I have linked are good for the last two generations of VP drives ... DPS-A and DPS-B, as well as their SX equivalent. Buy the exact replacement for the anodes you have. BTW, the VP drive model names confuse the heck out of me ... DeeP S%@#X ...
  14. If all else fails in windy conditions, just come close enough so a mate can safely step from swim platform onto the dock, circle around and attempt again with mate protecting and assisting in guiding the boat into your slip. We do it like that whenever the prevailing winds stronger than 8 knots do not provide enough time to secure the lines before the bow is blown away from our dock.
  15. Depends ... in what language you want that paper?