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  1. Sound like the Guts and Glory slogan is right on ... One has to have guts to start driving one, and gets the glory if he still drives the same one past 75,000 miles.
  2. I second this motion ...
  3. For starters try using the search function in top right corner. Select "all content" from the pull down box, and type "truck towing boat" in the text box. You will get a nice list of relevant posts. You can also use Google to search this site but the search results will be somehow different:
  4. The light and location choice aims to outline the swim platform edges and assist in boarding at night, and to prevent walking off the platform while on hook at night. It also illuminates the drive and prop nicely if one wants to do some skinny dipping or needs to inspect the works at night. There is just enough space between top and bottom sandwich of swim platform to push in and sometime jam in my arm and reach everywhere ... but for this install you only need enough space to feed/fetch the wire. The install is done from outside, one 1/2" hole for a wire, and three small holes for mounting screws. Use plenty of 3M 4000 or 3M 4200 to seal all 4 holes and the light's base well. The light located in this place needs to be rated for under/above water install ... many underwater lights depend on water immersion for cooling. This one does not care. It's Lumitec LEDUL4 white acquired from Larson Electronics: . I suspect there are better cheaper light available these days, just make sure it is designed to work under and above the waterline. Hope this helps, and good luck with your project ...
  5. Yes, there are marine rail systems that can accomplish that as dyi. The only problem is ... the rail supports need to be mounted with strong backing plates and nuts inside the swim platform. What you see in the picture is the railing installed on add-on swim platform that provides much better access to the bottom of its deck if is not enclosed, or can be dismounted and taken apart. If your Sig270 has an integrated enclosed swim platform like mine does, it will be a darn difficult job ... I know, I had to reinstall the swim ladder, both sides of the air vent tube, and I added the underwater light under the platform. You will need somebody skinny with long arms, and with excellent dexterity. Scrapes, fiberglass burns, and bleeding knuckles is an understatement. I had wanted to do the same thing to provide support for a tender and gave up after the necessary fixes were done, but it can be done for sure.
  6. A boat is not a car ... no fine dust on water, only occasional debris fly under the boat's hood. The flame arrestor acts as a more than adequate air filter for this environment. It needs to be cleaned occasionally to remove what it had filtered from the incoming air. FWIW ... from VP operator's manual: Flame Arrestor Clean the flame arrestor every 50 operating hours. Clean in solvent, air dry, and inspect for damage. Replace if damaged. Reinstall flame arrestor; make sure unit is securely fastened. To prevent fire and explosion in the engine compartment, the flame arrestor must always be in place, properly secured, and undamaged.
  7. Prop MD ...
  8. Some like the game of chance. The chances are that the overnight freeze might happen anytime up to middle of May. This year's weather pattern increases that chance. Probably not cold enough and long enough to crack the block but you never know.
  9. How much do they pay for spamming these days?
  10. I second that ...
  11. HUGE ...
  12. Household 15A extension ... you can make it work. The onboard charger, if it is same/similar to one on my boat, can draw up to 20A. You can make it right and use 30A shore power cord connected to 30A outlet. In the 99.9% cases the end results will be the same. FWIW, the bigger charger on Sig 330 is probably rated at 30A.
  13. Loopers ... Trawler Fest (Show) in Stuart FL on March 8-19, 2018 ... anybody planning to visit? General info: Admission, courses:
  14. Look at that this way, xxxx is better than yyyy, and much better than zzzz. In reality, one wants to be somewhere between ffff and nnnn, and being somewhere between aaaa and cccc would be a real bargain ...
  15. Joy, fun, memories ... that's what boating is all about. Thanks for sharing.