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  1. Gas mileage.

    True ... and then the boat becomes a flying vessel.
  2. Gas mileage.

    Here is your answer ... It has very little to do with the engine as long as it is of sufficient power for the boat, or with its torque curve. It has a lot to do with water and hull and interaction of these two. There are two speeds on the water ... displacement speed and planing speed. The displacement speed is function of hull length and is represented in the 3-7 MPH range in the chart above. It is the most economical speed, all long range vessels use it ... cruisingor working trawlers, cargoand passenger ships, etc. The planning speed is the function of hull design (stepped hull for example), hull surface (smooth vs painted for example), and trim tabs setting and drive trim. The optimum planing speed is represented in the mid 20s to low 30s MPH in the chart above. Anything in between these two speeds is called semi-displacement and results in pushing the water up instead of floating in it, or riding on top of it. Just like plowing the snow uphill. Some hulls of bigger cruising boats are optimized for that semi-displacement speed but they never achieve fuel efficiency of displacement or planning hulls ... it's just physics.
  3. Installing windlass on 2001 300

    What he said ... I have not traced or payed attention to the windlass power cables but I have traced some other wires on my boat ... all wires and cables from bow to helm run on the starboard side below rubrail and behind head, and behind seating backrests (could be storage space on your boat). You might want to look up from cabin seating or storage area and check the space up there between the hull and cabin inner shell. Just stick the mirror in any opening between the two you can find, point it up looking for electrical harnesses hiding in that space.
  4. YOU ARE DOING FINE ... going thru the boat with fine comb and learning the systems, and the way YOUR boat was put together. It took me two seasons and $12K to learn what the heck is going on my boat. After that I felt confident that the kinks and shortfalls were eliminated or put on a preventive maintenance schedule. Just keep being curious and attentive ... your boat will be fine.
  5. Installing windlass on 2001 300

    That would be my first concern ... thewindlass power cables andcircuit breaker to the batteries,not thecontrol wires to the helm. We are looking at a heavy duty 50A or 70A circuit here (depending on windlass type). The windlass power circuit breaker is usually installed on battery switches main panel somewhere close to thebatteries, oftenaboveengine compartment. Check if there is one preinstalled ... this is where the windlass power cables need to go. There were some good windlass install posts with pictures around 2013, and some discussionsmore recently ... ifyou can stand searchingtheseforums and sorting thru the results.
  6. @DarkMantle ... some more thoughts ... You might want to disconnect the LENCO controller wire from ignition key switch while you fiddle with it to prevent any or further damage to the controller. That wire can be connected to any switched source of 12Vdc, just for testing or for permanent install. I have chosen one of the unused ACC dash switches. That way I can control and operate the tabs regardless of the status of engine ignition. Really useful when you want to quickly reset the tabs underway and/or while engine is running.
  7. Don't worry about asking questions ... that's what this forum is for. Sounds like a problem with ignition key assembly or its connections. The ignition key provides power to ECM, so the ECM is not controlling the switch as it might be the case in some modern installs. The LENCO controller has a circuit withwirethat usually is connected toignition key switched 12Vdc power. Could the LENCO controller bedamaged by some momentary shorts in the ignition switch? Possibly. Fix the ignition switch first, and retest the trim tabs.
  8. versus

    Ditto ... I've been with Amazon since their humble book reseller beginnings some twenty years ago. Observed them grow and change, and constantly improve. There were short lived hiccups and frustrations, but the customer service never failed me to resolve any of the issues right there on the phone or in a quick reply to my email. The website was always kind of simple and low key, nothing flashy, but constantly evolving and getting better as their back office systems and logistics became second to none. The key to taking a full advantage of what Amazon offersis being a Prime member. Then one gets the one-or two-day free delivery, the regular free delivery is available to everybody now,I believe. They even haveSunday delivery now thru the arrangement with USPS ... Sunday and USPS, imagine that. One thingworth keeping in mind is that not all items forsale on Amazon are sold and shipped by Amazon. Most items are being offered by multiple vendors that are rated right there on Amazon site.Although Amazon keeps watchful eye on the transaction and tracks those shipment, it is the individual vendor that is responsible for any problems. I have seen a number of incorrect, used, or otherwise not good items, withsome shipped via different shipper than reported to Amazon. Just recently some Joe Blow from PowerSports in Texas provided to Amazon USPS tracking number for a hitch delivery, but what arrived was an invoice with hand written note on itin broken English saying that the hitch is being sent via UPS and no tracking number.Joe Blow is gaming the systemand falsifying records for reasons only known to him ... not Amazon. Only thing I can do is to report this to Amazon and rate and review the vendor on Amazon site for others to be aware. For this reason I always try to select Primeofferings from the list of available vendors even if the cost is slightly higher,or select items sold and shipped by Amazon, or at least items offered by a vendor butshipped by Amazon from Amazon warehouse ... this info is available during item/vendor selection process. ThenAmazon takes the full responsibility for correcting any problems instead of just monitoring customer/vendor dispute, and stepping in when all else fails. While the order is being prepared, being shipped,and then fulfilled, the detailed updated info about shipments and transactions is available on the website.The same detailedshipmentsand transactions infoisavailable as printable invoices (it actually prints well formed page unlike many others)that list all shipments for the order with all related charges. The Amazone transparency and paper trail, if one needs it,is another reason for worry free shopping online with them. Anyhowe, I will continue using and testingWalmart, and other vendors. There are many good speciality vendors with well working systems ... Harbor Freight, Hodges Marina, Boat Zincs, ASAP (parts for techs), Jamestown Distributors, just to name a few.Marine Parts Express in not one of them ...
  9. Anodes on Trim Tabs

    Yes ... otherwise one type of anodeswill be protecting other metal anodes rendering them useless.
  10. versus

    FWIW, if you are a frequent AMAZON customer, use instead of regular . This way you will be able to chose your favorite charity and AMAZON will donate a small portion of the profits from your orders to that charity. I have indirectly contributed over $50 to Wounded Warrior Project over the last two years. A small contribution but it adds up when more people do this ... my stats and the overall impact are shown below: Your purchases here at will support Wounded Warrior Project. You've placed 138 orders supporting charity at so far. Generated by you $57.20 as of April 22, 2017 All charities have received $46,126,473.56 as of February 2017
  11. versus

    Had been doing similar trial and error evaluation of Walmart vs Amazon being a long time and frequent customer of Amazon. In addition to the competitive prices,Walmart'spickup at store was convenient option for me on a few occasions. I have done Walmart orders online in US and Canada. Most were messed up. Last year in Canada I ordered twocartons of six bottles of oil. Got a package of two single bottles despitethe fact that they were not even selling single bottles online in Canada, and that oil was not available at their Canadianstores at all (online only, in cartons only). Tried again to get another two cartonsof six bottles,thesame thing happened. I had tosendboth partial ordersback to get tworefundsas they could not reconcile and charge me only for the four single bottles delivered, norsend me the missingbottles. I ended upcrossing the border to the nearest US Walmart storethat had the Mobil oil I was after. Total waste of time. Atleast I've got the two refunds promptlyafter the returned partial ordersgot to their warehouse which was another two weeks of watching that monkey on my back. This year in Florida, I've order two items for pickup at the local store. One item was (supposed to be) in local store stock, another had to be shipped to the store from somewhere. They split the order into two pickups. When the second item arrived and was available for pickup, the first in stock item was still being processed withno updated on the availability date.I cancelled the order without picking up anything from the store.They canceled the order but refunded the second item only. I called the customer service, the rep said sherefunded the missing amount for the first item,still showing as being processed, while we were on the phonebut the refundnever showed as a credit on my credit card.I endedup havingthedispute opened withAMEX,and then AMEX has refundedthe missing amount as they had no reply to their inquiry back from Walmart at all. Bottom line for me ... the better pricedoes not matter if I cannot get the order right or on time, and I end up wasting time and effort trying to get the order corrected or shipping the stuff back, or I need to chase my money after vendor's processesor systemsfail. Walmart has a long way to match Amazon's agility, functionality, speed and transparency of the order processing and shipping.
  12. Anybody spray their outdrive?

    I had trouble to match drive paint color. The one I had used (3851219) is too light, wrong color. Next time I am going to try the blue gray (1141567). FWIW, from my notes: VP STERNDRIVE PAINTS Zinc Chromate etching primer 3851219 metallic silver for SX and DP-S ... done, much too light shade of gray 3851220 gray for DPX and DPS ... to be decided, swatch does not look right 1141567 drive blue gray ... to be tested next, swatch looks promising 1141562 drive blue gray primer 827502 drive clear varnish
  13. Anybody spray their outdrive?

    Since you are going sand it again, you might prep/clean and etch the aluminum before coating it with primer if you have not done it already. There is acomplete sectionon prep, cleaning, etching, andpainting the drive in VP engine operator manual. I bet you will not be able to get all the chemicals prescribed there quickly,or at all, but thatsection provides good overviewand guidelines for prepping, cleaning, etching, and painting aluminum. Aluminum does not take primer or paint well when sprayed directly on a bare metal surface. There are many ways to do it right with plenty of info on the Internet. Often, the zinc chromate is used as an etching agent after good surface cleaning (*) and before the primer. I had good results using it. It will help with running primer as well. All VP drive paints seem to be on the lighter side ... be patient ... the multiplethinner coats will do the trick. (*) I have used SimpleGreen Extreme as aluminumcleaning agent, a vinegar solution is also being used often. You wantto get all the grease off,including your fingerprint oils.
  14. DE-WINTERIZE 2016 H20

    There are many ways, good, bad, and ugly, to winterizea boat. Ask the service/guys who did the winterization about proper procedure. Some services remove the hoses, and plan to connect them back themselves springtime.Some services do not guarantee the winterization if engine is damaged by freezing if you do the spring prep yourself. And some other antics like this. Ask them first, at least this first time,and you will know for sure what to do.
  15. First time out ... check transom drain plug before launching close A/C and generatorseacocks if you have them Once in water ... check outdrive bellows area andengine cooling system for leaks also check for leaks the live well drain hoses and the valve that isbehind your fresh water tank Next , once all is well ... make sure A/C and generator strainer lidsare in place and tight open both seacocks and check hoses and strainers for leaks Use the boat for a while and recheck everything again, including bilges. BTW, I keep the A/C and genset seacocks closed all the time while not in use.