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  1. Great looking and well taken care of boat.
  2. Looks nice, looks sharp ... love the simplicity and functionality of the dash. Cool boat!
  3. I see the issue right here and in the followup post ... all in Boat Talk and contrary to the customs of this forum. The admin has not reacted to the first one as it was in disguise, the second popped in, and then the third right in your face. Some people just do not get it or do not want to follow the rules and customs and need to be managed, and that is the problem with the classified ads on the forum.
  4. As an user you might not see much of the impact, maybe occasional misplaced add or unsolicited PM, if the forum is actively and closly managed. The real impact is behind the scene on those who manage and clean up the mess created by sellers, scammers and spammers. If the forums are not managed tightly the mess spills outside of dedicated section and degrades experience of everyone. I've been on both sides of the issue ... it's hard work to keep the forums clean even without an addon of classified mess.
  5. Great it worked out with minimum hassle. Just making sure ... the replacement alternator is of marine variety (ignition protected) not an automotive equivalent?
  6. How many OEM boat/car/etc sites you saw that allowe used equipment to be sold there? The answer is ... none, unless they are the broker and make profit on the transaction. This is beside the classified ads being a magnet for scam and spam, and are a site management nightmare. Some enthusiast owned sites do it but then they welcome these additional clicks for the placed ads that offset the cost of operating and managing the site. If one wants to visit a flea market, there are plenty of options on the net ... no need to degrade this forum.
  7. I would not make another hole in the arch. I would probably return this one and get a different antenna. If you want to keep this unit, make a hole in the mount, thread the cable thru and stuff a good grommet to seal the cable. Then loop the cable down and up to the antenna (to minimize a flow of rain water down int the mount), measure the length, add some for the connector, and crimp a new connector on the cable. Threading the cable thru the hole in mount can get tough but it can be done.
  8. You missed the arrow ... pointing out ...
  9. ... is a bit more refined ...
  10. He is just proactive, and stays ahead of any real trouble. Some don't care as much or don't know any better only to discover a soaked hull when it is too late. With Chap and the likes you need to touch every screw and bolt, thruhull and clamp, undo every hinge, and even then you don't know if there is another problem hiding where you cannot see it. Yes, one needs to spend days on Chap boat to be relatively confident it is in good shape, and that is after the marine surveyor's inspection. Well ... some Chaps perhaps were built better than others. TDLukas' boat seems to be in "better built" category. Me thinks, the older pre 2006 boats were built better by more skilled people.
  11. Hey, you are well on your way to get the boat ready first season. I have not tackled the deep bilge issues until before and during my second season. Here is a cheat sheet for my boat ... all hand labeled items were identified and validated to be what they were supposed to be: You mentioned 3 thruhulls starboard midship ... I have 4, including A/C circuit drain. Number 19 is the midship (FWD) bilge thruhull, and number 18 is the elusive sump pump thruhull. In my case, the #18 serves the head sink as well ... these two are somehow tee'ed togather and the backwash from sink to sump box happens from time to time.
  12. From the album Cut and Paste

    2007 SIG 270 THRUHULLS
  13. Yes, correct ... this boat is supposed to have two independent bilge pumps with own switches. One in lowest portion of the bilge which is in engine compartment, and one in midship. The shower sump box should have its own pump, outlet hose, and thruhull so it does not flood the boat's bilge. Technically, it should not be connected to boat's bilge pump system at all as to prevent any backwash, circular pumping, and accidental flooding. I said above you might interconnect the two systems if you are missing a thruhull but a preferred way and rules say install the dedicated thruhull instead. If installing a new thruhull and hose is impossible (without destroing half of the cabin) an interconnection is the other option although not according to rules. In such case, you would need to design it really well, not just tee them togather ... check valves, grades, and loops would have to be used to prevent potential of one pump flooding the other circuit, and outside water getting into either circuit. BTW, take inventory and check other thruhulls ... chances are there is one for sump pump (#18 in Chap's Parts Guide, Hull/Deck Exterior picture page). Might not be connected to anything just hanging there and flooding the bilge from time to time ... you would want to know that as well.
  14. Yes, the mid bilge pump needs its own switch ... so, at the bottom of the mid bilge, more less under the trash can you should see a similar switch that activates a pump installed nearby. This is your mid bilg switch and pump. Since we are taking inventory of the pumps and switches on your boat ... there should be a similar setup, a switch and pump installed in center line just aft of the engine at the bottom of engine compartment. This is the main bilge pump, stronger that the one in mid bilge. There should be one more switch installed slightly higher in the engine compartment ... this is the high water alarm. When you trip it the helm buzzer should sound. Back to your sump box and its thruhull ... what is the thruhull hose connected to? If it is connected to the sump box, or you have easy access to its end, then replacing the sump box with a functional one will not be a problem at all.
  15. That switch by itself does not make any sense there. Looks like Chap team messed up this one badly. My boat is under the wrap still but my sump box is an older version of the bigger box (4143) in the picture below. More product details here: You don't want all that gray water going down to the bilge. You might want to replace the box and replumb your setup. If Chap has not put a thruhull for sump box outlet hose on your boat (double check that), you might want to connect it instead to your mid bilge pump outgoing hose with appropriate check valve and/or some smart grading of the bilge pump hose path. Your install might need different configuration with inlets and outlet on different sides ... there is plenty of other brands and various models to choose what you might need.