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  1. Sounds like an intermittent problem ... loose or shorted connection somewhere? Switches, ignition key, buss bar, etc ... chasing electrical gremlins is not fun.
  2. The attendees were trawler owners and trawler owner wannabees. Some planning the Great Loop, some who completed the Loop, and some with blue ocean circumnavigating experience. A good selection of seminars with some really good and experienced presenters. The social aspect, the side chats, and exchange of experience between attendees was a valuable (to us) addition to the seminars. This was not a big in water boat show as it was focused on trawlers. There was a good selection of new and used Nordhavns, Kadey-Krogens, and Beneteau Swift Trawlers, some Nordic Tugs, Ranger Tugs, and then some more, as well as European Minorca and Bavaria modern slow boats. Altogether, the boats presented were in the range from 30 to 65 LOA, and available for viewing and purchase at the show. We will go again to the Florida TrawlerFest next year. The PassageMaker organizes 3 of them every year, one in FL, one in NE, and one in NW. If you are thinking of going far albeit slow, this event if for you. BTW, the LOOP can be done in a comfortable express cruiser as long as that boat can cover a distance of 250 miles between fuel stops. Going across Atlantic is another matter ... only the slow and steady boat will get you there.
  3. Indeed, they were not watching nor understanding the basics of navigation in the USS Fitzgerald case, and not trained nor experienced enough to pilot and control the ship in the USS McCain case. No conspiracy, just a lack of basic training in seamanship and navigation. Good analysis of both accidents and a summary of the cause ... the lack of training. The entire Lessons Learned from Navy Tragedies article "reprint" available on PassageMaker here:
  4. From the album 2018 TrawlerFest Stuart FL

    2018 TrawlerFest Stuart FL ... Seminar Life Raft Deployment Video
  5. I know that this is not everybody's cup of coffee but for those who find it interesting, a short illustrated update. From the seminars ... go to the linked page, slide to the 1:30 timeline in the video to see the life raft exploding/deploying. Go to the page linked here to see the video: From the boat show ... as small sample of trawlers.