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  1. The port shifter might have its own issues but the port engine should start without hesitation and run at idle without stalling. Not sure what controls/shifters you have but the VP controls usually have a button that disengages the gear shift. That allows to move a throttle without engaging the props ... good for engine testing at dock. The standard engine maintenance items to check and/or replaced: new fuel filter, state of the spark plugs, state of ignition wires, etc. Also, how does the port side fuel pump sound when engine is energized? Are there any alarm sounds or error codes? Any differences between the port and starboard engines when they are being energized ... again, the fuel pump sound, system check beeps, etc. Hopefully more knowledgeable people will have some good ideas in the morning, or just get a marine mechanic to have a look to give you his opinion or diagnosis. Good luck!
  2. Shifter or cable has nothing to do with difficult engine start or it dying at idle. Healthy EFI engine should crank up and start in a few revolutions, increase its RPM to warm up, then go down to idle RPM and stay there running. All on its own without touching a shifter. Sorry, can't tell what's wrong with the engine but I would focus on the engine first.
  3. Drive South and it will go 75 in a slow lane ...
  4. Beating a dead horse ... 15 mph is a semi-displacement speed. Trying to go 15-17 mph in planning hull results in the worse economy one can achieve. The planning hull is designed to mount its own bow wake. The semi displacement hull is designed to push it aside without raising its bow too much. The planing hull has two economical speeds ... displacement speed and planing speed. The chart below, which is in line with all comments above, shows the fastest economic displacement speed @1400 rpm for coasting and most economic planning speed @3400 rpm for cruising. This is for my boat: 2007 Sig 270, single VP8.1L 375 hp engine and DPS-A drive. The hull has a bottom barrier coat and lost around 4 mph of the top speed, used to reach 50 mph before painting.
  5. I had plan to do the same maintenance on my VP DPS-A drive last year. I had collected all needed replacement parts, seals, nuts, bellow kits etc. Then I have noticed that the gimbal bellows kit, the new part number, is quite different. Not only in form and material but also it mounts with only one clamp, the other end does not have a clamp anymore. The new bonding kit ordered at the same time still has a prong for this non existing clamp. Any insight on how the clampless end needs to be mounted, any special tools needed? Any guidance and warnings would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. What he said above ... keep pushing. Even better in writing, stating what you were told including finger pointing, and copy Chap on your emails to your dealer. This way you keep a record of your communication with the dealer and Chap. If the dealer's story is true, you will help your dealer dealing with Chap by being persistently on Chap's case vs the passive waiting game.
  7. Thanks for the detailed followup ... always interesting to learn on somebody else's case. You did your due diligence, evaluated the risks and value proposition, made the decision and took the particular course of actions that works for you. I suppose you know that this is a short term fix. The transom might be spongy and flex more with boat use and deteriorate more due to existing and further water intrusion. The repair is a temporary fix, and it will not pass even the most rudimentary survey if you decide to sell the boat. At that time you will be required to disclose the potential problem and either fix it then, or adjust the price for a buyer to fix it if they decide to take on this unknown risk. You can get lucky and get a buyer whose buyer's agent does not recommend a survey nor a sea trial ... but that is another topic.
  8. Very good point ... if not now, this should be addressed before winter, or store the boat in heated storage as a precaution. Chap does not seal or tunnel the hull penetrations and cutouts. Would be wise to open things up, examin the hull for water intrusion, let the fiberglass dry and repair it if necessary, and put it all back together before winter.
  9. Glad you got a boat ... no sea trial and no marine survey? Hope the experience works out as well as you expect. Too late now to guide you thru the boat buying process, but feel free to ask any questions about your boat. The crowd here is very helpful.
  10. A boating course not clear labels is needed here ... Here you are:
  11. It is not unheard of that Chap will use other similar part if they run out of stock, or instal whatever the worker decides. No two boats are build exactly same way. My boat has two sets of holes for hinges. One set for hinges that were supposed to be installed, and another for the hinges that were installed ... nothing surprises me anymore. As Iggy's suggested, instead of guessing what the heck was or was not installed on your boat, just move one of the mounts to the correct location for the pistons you have now.
  12. Yeah ... the correct piston. Seems that the cylinder is too long and/or travel distance is too short. Tell us what year is the boat and somebody might be able to give you the correct part number or specs.
  13. Garmin has one of the best organized product sites for current and legacy products. Just find out exactly what model you have, use Google and search using the full model name and number. The Garmin page for that model will come up. All info, specs, accessories, manuals, software updated, and such will be accessible from that page.
  14. The picture shows what looks like a single prop aluminum drive (not XDP). Yup, 2002 boat ... I would survey it before buying. Outside looks like in good shape, inside ... survey it.
  15. Just measure a storage space anywhere on your boat that you want to dedicate to storing a grill and buy the one that fits that space. There are many places on a boat you can store stuff and many models of grills that can fit some space on your boat. In my experience, a boxy form factor packs more efficiently than a round one.
  16. Still ... good and useful info. Thanks.
  17. There is a navigation aid buoy available. Located a quarter mile south from St Augustine Inlet. Buyer pays permits, pickup, and transportation costs. Buoy is green, marked with number 5, and in good working condition. There is also a dredger moored in the inlet available to the interested and qualified party. Please direct all inquiries to the United States Coast Guard or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ... ... just kidding, April 7th joke.
  18. Yup, time or money ... or both when it comes to restoring/repairing classic cars, older boats, etc. I feel your pain ... I want it to look good and original but the hassle to get there.
  19. Yes, they are Carling Contura switches but it is likely that your switch like mine was customized for Chap ... backlit, toggle panel, etc. What I did was to buy a compatible generic version of the Chap switch and port the customized parts from Chap switch to the generic one, or vice versa to replace the broken parts in the Chap switch.
  20. Same here ... if there is real estate to mount, two chartplotters are better than one. You can divide the functions and views between two units: bigger for main functions like charts, navigation, radar, smaller for supporting functions like depth finder, engine data, etc. Often when cursing I have both units on charts but at different zoom levels with speed data and depth info relegated to the display corners. Here is a look at my setup ... ... and more pictures and info in this topic:
  21. Why not ... could be like a working vacation for a cause ... oceanic stationary vacation ... dragging the pipes behind could be a problem. Wonder if we could re-brand the dredger as Chaparral Bigfoot 3870? After all it has LOA of 387 and beam is 53 feet. A lot of recreational space on decks.
  22. Good point on the level of support ... I have the same good experience with Garmin support which I believe is based in the USA. Even when I made a mistake while ordering the charts, they upgraded me to the next level up (as per my intention) and enabled the download of the correct charts from my account right then, and did not charge me a dime extra. All was done in one short phone call.
  23. From the album Cut and Paste

  24. From the album Cut and Paste