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  1. Open the dash to get to the back of the tach and check/try this first ... 1. At the back of tach gauge there is a mini turn switch that should be set to the number of your engine cylinders, 4-6-8. The switch is sometimes not set correctly at the factory. 2. While checking that switch, give it a few turns back and forth to clear any oxidation on the switch contacts. The poor connection makes the tach behave unpredictably. 3. Check all other tach connections under the dash.
  2. The true 270, pre 2010, LOA 29', has solid fiberglass gelcoat finished soles in the cabin. The 250 of that era, which was renamed 270 in 2010, has a solid fiberglass with carpets glued on top of it. You might try to search the older topics as this was discussed before, and the conversions from carpet to something else were done. There is a bit of elbow grease involved getting rid of all that glue and carpet backing residue.
  3. It's not an advice, it is a principle that applies to most regardless of if they like it or not, practice it or not. Yes, it means that in many cases they cannot afford that bigger house, or a new SUV, or a boat regardless of if they know it or not, want to admit it or not. Unless your kids collage is already planned for, your retirement plan is already in place, and your investment safe, it ain't smart to do otherwise.
  4. Looks like you are on the way to retire comfortably if not early and comfortably ... I like your thinking.
  5. Short of somebody doing the ECM scan, and getting lucky running diagnostic routines after all that parts had been thrown at the engine, you need to replace the entire engine now. Might be cheaper in the long run as well. JK ...
  6. As said already ... think about it. IMO, the 270 short distance no big deal, the 290 or 310 any distance no way. My 2016 F-150 3.5EB with max tow package is rated at 11,500 lbs, and I would not even try to tow 290 or 310. Hope your launch ramp has a very low grade and is well maintained.
  7. Good point ... I usually test in late October just before storage when the temperatures are in low 50s at best. I use the professional Midtronics battery tester that has a temperature sensor and I believe it compensates for the ambient temperature difference.
  8. I have replaced old and installed new batteries before the 2013 season. All the same type, deep cycle AGM made by ODYSSEY, model 31M-PC2150, and sold under Sears DieHard Marine Battery brand. They are rated 1150 CCA, they tested around 1350 when new. Now, after four seasons they still test 1300+ CCA house, and 1150+ CCA engine. I can't complain.
  9. Happy Birthday Cyclops! Hmm ... do Cyclops celebrate birthdays?
  10. Yup, this is what I tried to describe ... here is a picture of Chap version from Cecil Marine site: These things can and will dislodge when a cover flops in wind.
  11. Yes, you might be right about the gender but the real point here is the mount via screw direct to frame vs via clip or plug.
  12. On some boats, like mine and I suppose yours, the male part is screwed in to the windshield frame. On other boats, like I suppose Brick's, the female part is riveted to a clip that clips to the frame. Hope this helps ... BTW, I tow with mooring cover on and never had an issue. This might have to do with how the snaps are mounted (screw vs clip) and how the mooring cover fits and behaves under 70mph wind blowing over it.
  13. Good lead Danny ... I have an idea ... Let's put a tinfoil hat on one of them. Then wait and see who comes to fix it.
  14. I looked around the net, and the buoy in the picture does not look like anything like weather/marine observation buoy. The size, shape, and marking is unlike standard NOAA or Canadian weather/marine buoys. Here are the common US and Canadian buoys types: Interesting ... is there a prize to win for finding out what that is?
  15. ... and Billy was still present then balancing the act ...
  16. Don't worry about CO2, be afraid of CO in your boat. Having said that, I found a little to worry about CO coming into the boat from a properly installed generator. The side exhaust truhull mounted just above the waterline, and gases properly muffed and mixed with cooling water stay low and disperse with slightest wind without entering the boat's interior. The bigger problem is an engine left running at idle and the exhaust gases creeping over a swim platform, and the biggest is the station wagon effect at speed when the exhaust gases are sucked into the boat's interior. We use our (properly installed) generator often on hook and in the marinas, and never had a slightest issue. We had a number of CO alarms when cruising at speed with the camper on. Now, we use an additional battery operated CO detector in the cockpit when the camper is on. And yes, I would look for a boat with a generator properly installed by the factory already.
  17. That was just an example of still working buoy at this time of year. There are other buoys/stations still working, one near Ajax east of Toronto would be another example. There is a pull down list there. The 45012 might show up on the Canadian site sometime early in April or after. This is the time when CCG buoy tenders get busy setting the nav aids back on the waters of Great Lakes.
  18. This could be Canadian Weather buoy, they are often yellow (special purpose buoy) ... Here are all Canadian Great Lakes buoys, keep in mind that some are taken away now before the waters freeze ... Unfortunately, the station 45155 is not listed there. The example above, station 45012, is in the middle of Lake Ontario right on Can-USA border. Hope this helps ...
  19. Looking really cool and elegant.
  20. Yes, the trim tabs do improve tracking when fully deployed but I would not install them for that reason alone.
  21. Chances are he is going to have Rinda Tech's DIACOM software on his laptop, or something similar that not only can view and clear the codes but also view and record all engine parameters while it is operating. Get your boat ready for on the water run, or at least have muffs and water hookup if the boat is on the hard. Run the engine until the temp opens the thermostat and then run it thru the entire rpm range. Good luck!
  22. Yes, actually two ... 1. For your information, ask them to write down the codes before clearing. 2. Ask them to react to the error codes, and fix it accordingly.
  23. As per his other post, the technician cleared the codes ... hopefully he read them before clearing. Anybody bothered to ask?!
  24. The boating season might have taken a break in the North but not in Florida or Australia. Let's have some boating reports with pictures from the winter season. Let me start with Regatta of Lights 2016 in Saint Augustine FL that took place this Saturday night. There were thirty boats participating of all sizes, from a small center console to a large replica of galleon that lead the regatta. Impressive effort that people put into it, and the holiday spirit enjoyed by all ... the participants and the watching public. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! More images from this event here ... REGATTA OF LIGHTS 2016 Sorry, some (most!) pictures are fuzzy ... telephoto, night shots, and camera hand holding do not go together.
  25. Good one ... and often overlooked.