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  1. Thanks for all the input! Delaney - i will look for proper connection. I had generator repair done that week and that’s When it occurred. It was running fine prior to that. It doesn't mean that the pump is ok, it could still be going bad. That’s just an easy check. I have owned the boat sine new (06) and i use nothing but Oem parts. I was finally happy that i was able to get the Koehler running, of course it required replacing the catalytic converter.
  2. Thanks, I found the video! Pretty interesting that he’s able to repair those. I plan on spending sometime this weekend on the boat. I am sure it will repeat itself and i would rather fix the problem sooner than later. It seams that VP has plenty of issues with this. Apparently, Carter is who makes the pumps and all they are doing is pointing fingers. I thinks changed the part number 1/2 dozen times. Each time the price goes up. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Has anybody experienced this: I have a 8,1 gi. The other day I go to start the boat and a whining noice (sounded like the fuel pump) I know the sound because I had to replace this about 5 years ago. But was at idle and once throttle was up it just shut down. Started it up and same whining noice and at gave it some throttle and you can tell it was starving for fuel. service department looked at it today and he couldn’t find a thing wrong. fuel pressure is normal and no whining noice. Drove boat for 30 minutes and no issues. Is it possible, this pump is going bad and then correct itself? Mechanic is just guessing (maybe something got into the fuel causing the pump to over work causing the noise). He said he hears no whining). I figured what’s the whining starts its bad period. I hate to buy a plump at 2K and that not be it. Thanks Black Pearl
  4. Just need some of your input. I am ordering new flooring for the cabin on a 28’ Cabin cruiser. The old carpet is a snap in carpet in the cabin. My two options are the standard Berber or The vInyl type carpet made by compass HB. both types will have snaps. It appears to be outside and inside carpet. I think most of this type is installed on pontoon boats. Is anyone familiar with this type? I think for cleaning purpose and Lasting longer, It may be the way To go. I just think the Berber is softer on the feet. The upper deck will have the SeaDek installed. thanks mb
  5. Black Pearl


    Finally have the SeaDek on order and will be installed in 2 weeks! Hope to send pics soon..
  6. Has anyone replaced the cockpit cooler with a refrigerator. I have a 2006 276 signature and would like to install a frig. I know the galley has a Isotherm CR 42 and was wondering if the same size would fit. Thanks! MB
  7. That is correct! The slid switch is setup, so that you can only have one or the other and not both at the same time!
  8. Just came across this post after searching and plan to use durabak this weekend. I scraped with wire brush the best I could to get the loose stuff. I figured at worst if it fails, it's new carpet time. I am going to try and send some pics once I get started and then when done! If anyone has any pointers that would be great! I do wonder if it will blead through!
  9. I flush every time. I have the nutra salt system I used for the first 6 years. From what I can tell I was able to get an extra year out it! I personally think it's over rated, so I stopped using it! I only buy VP parts, Cost a bit more but I figured it can't hurt.
  10. I run in salt water and find myself replacing 5 -6 years in! I just had mine looked at with 4 years use and tech said he could scrap em clean and get another year, but decided to have peace of mind and replaced! Boat is ten years old this year and it's my 2nd set!
  11. Interesting enough last week While running the boat I smelt fuel and mech looked at it and told me I had a bad thermostat stuck open and therefore engine never warmed and remained in safe made causing it to run rich! MB
  12. Chap243 Thanks again for the letters! They went to a good home! They are on and look great! Black Pearl
  13. Chap243.... I received the letters today! They are just what I needed! I can't thank you enough. Hope to return the favor! Thanks again for your kindness..... Black Pearl
  14. Yes I am intrested! Thank you for checking!
  15. Thanks! I like the comment about new boat lol. I did find the R. If I can't find an other R and A, I may just remove them. If that's all I have to worry about, it's going to be a good boating season. Black Pear!
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