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  1. What is the public land like around Battle Lake? My buddy is having a 21st birthday party up there, and I dont really wanna go all the way up there just to drink.
  2. We are planning our vacation for the summer and we thought we would travel to Lake Champlain. We will be leaving A-Bay on the St. Lawrence and travel to the old port of Montreal, then on to Sorel. Does any one have any information regarding marinas and places to visit?
  3. WOW.....34 people have read my post...but no one has replied? I guess there isnt anyone that has a remote car starter for their Eos ? Anywhere else I should post this?
  4. yeah thats pretty cool. I know you, Kyle, and Troy, so hopefully we can get some group rides together this year
  5. Broace

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    I have submitted a signature to my profile however it does not appear when I post. Also, I would like to add an avatar to my profile. When I go to User CP, change avatar, the "Do not use an avatar" is checked and I cannot uncheck it to add one. I tried to "reset fields" but nothing happens. Any assistance is appreciated. Feel free to PM me. Thank you friends
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