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  1. My opinion, take it for what it's worth, on that 2012 224, is to pass on it. 52K is not a good price in my opinion. Especially looking at the limited options on it. The Arch looks killer and I wish I could get one on my 2011 226ssi, but its missing other options. Doesn't have the premium seats, swim mat from what I can see. Also, it doesn't have the optional Vapor paint scheme and most importantly only has the 5.0 motor with the Alpha drive. If it were me, I'd shoot for a 224 with the 5.7 with at least the Singe prop, premium seats and you can add some other options like bow filler, carpet, etc after the fact. I would also try to deal on price if possible if you are set on that boat. I'm happy with my 226ssi and hoping it lasts a good # of years, but I drool over the 264 xtreme on a daily basis. If you are set on the 244, go with that. That Arch can always be added later on.
  2. 2011Raptor

    Ski Compartment Won't Drain - SSi 216

    My ski locker on my 2011 226 ssi has a similar problem. Water pools up in the bottom of the locker and the drain hole doesn't seem to do much, always a constant pool. One of the small nagging issues with the boat. IMHO I'm not a fan of the drainage system on my 226.
  3. 2011Raptor

    Xtreme Stereo upgrade

    Jealous Jefros!!! This is basically the exact upgrade setup I'd like to do for my 226 ssi over the winter along with an Arch. The workmanship is awesome, can I hire you? lol. Looks great though, I bet it rocks! How do you like that Wetsounds EQ? I want to add that as well. I also see you and I have the same taste in tow vehicles. I have a 2011 Silver Raptor Crew as in your pic. I didn't get the graphics though. No sunroof or orange seats but everything else loaded. Love the truck. Winter plans are Full Stainless works Exhaust, 5 star tune and Silver Air Raid kit. Any mods for your Raptor? I ordered mine the day Ford opened the banks last September and I've been enjoying the truck since early December. Boat looks awesome!
  4. 2011Raptor

    2012 Sunesta 224 & 244

    Thanks Shepherd! I really hope it could fit the 226 ssi, as the more I see it, the more I want it. I think the White Arch would look sharp with my Vapor Black 226. The dealer I bought my 226 from already has a new 2012 224 Extreme with Arch in stock. Looks very sharp! Hopefully we find out more soon, as I'd love to add this arch to the boat over the winter. Thanks!
  5. 2011Raptor

    2012 Sunesta 224 & 244

    Can the new arch be retrofitted to a 226 ssi since the 224 and 226 are pretty similiar? Would love to add this new arch to my 2011 226. Love the new graphics too. Just wish 244 had the option of the 496.
  6. 2011Raptor

    How often do you wash your boat?

    I try to at least wipe mine down every time I go out. I keep mine in dry storage, and I have racks to wash the boat before it gets loaded into the water by the fork lift. I use a spray bottle with a solution of water and mequiars gelcoat wash and do the inside/outside. I also use 3M clean shine and wax spray on the outside of the boat while we are at the sandbar to give it some shine in between each use. Goes on quickly and easy to wipe and cleans too. I'm pretty OCD about my vehicles, but have been realizing that it's a boat and if people come on it, it gets dirty. The stickers on my vapor black 226 are on top of the gelcoat. Some of mine are peeling a little due to it hitting the trailer guide posts, not happy about it. I wish Chap would have made the decals painted or under the gelcoat.
  7. 2011Raptor


    Congrats on the new 206!! I was just at Smith Mtn Lake a few weeks ago for a Poker run, very nice lake! We boat at Lake Anna, a little closer to home. We have had our new 226 for about 3 months now, love it! For your anchor, you will need some nice, 1/2" diameter anchor line, with at least 60-100ft depending on the water depth. You will need an anchor chain that attaches to the anchor and then the anchor line/rope attaches to the chain. I use a white, coated chain to protect from scratching the boat. You will need 2 shackles, at least 3/8" size or larger. One shackle will attach the anchor to the anchor chain. The other shackle will attach the other end of the anchor chain to the anchor line/rope. Hopefully that makes sense. You will need the anchor secured in the ground to hold the boat. What I do is keep the anchor line/rope in the locker in the front and use one of the cleats to tie off the rope. Good luck with the new boat, enjoy it! What color did you get? Mine is Black Vapor.
  8. 2011Raptor

    Deal or no Deal?

    I would ask the Dealer to check the service records for that Motor. Those are the first years for the 6.0 motor which was plagued with a lot of issues, including faied injectors, etc. I would check to see if the injectors were replaced and what other service was done to it. I've be very careful with an early 6.0 diesel from Ford. Try to find a 7.3 PSD if you can, I believe 2002 or 2001 was the last year for the older 7.3 diesel.
  9. For my opinion, I would say you really need to Drive a V drive Wakeboard boat. I agree with the others that they look awesome and have a lot of cool features. However, when you drive one, you might hate it. Backing up sucks and in rough water like others said, it's terrible. I would agree about a wakeboard boat having a cleaner wake than a Chap. The wake my 226 throws is pretty massive, but not very clean and for waterskiing, it's actually a little too big for my tastes. I ski around 32mph and even then the wake is pretty big. I would say if you are a hardcore skier/boarder, the Wake boats provide a much cleaner wake. I can't speak for the wakes behind Chaps Extreme boats though since they have ballast in them. My personal dream boat is a 264 Chap Extreme with Arch, as I will never be a pro boarder. I can see how the Mastercrafts are so popular though, very nice boats. Regarding the power of a Chap and pulling up skiers. I'm very surprised you had issues with the 216 and 5.0 pulling up a boarder/skier. I've had 6 large adults in my 226 and had zero issues pulling up myself (260lbs) or others when skiing. In fact, I couldn't even hit it full throttle as the torque was too much for people to hold onto the rope at times. I do have the 5.7 but with SX drive and the 226 is bigger/heavier. I would think a 206-216 with a 5.0 has plenty of power and a 186/196 works real well with the 4.3 motor. I think we all wish we could have several boats for different occasions. However, if I were to pick an all around boat to watersport, cruise, hang out, etc, I would pick a Bowrider like a Chap. I think you get a better all around boat than a Wake boat that is tailored to boarding/skiing. Just my 2cents, but I think you need to drive a V drive before deciding. Lastly, if you have a Need for Speed, don't buy a Wake boat, they are sloooooow, even with a monster 400hp+ motor.
  10. 2011Raptor

    Looking for Reverse Arch/Tower Options for 226 SSI

    Thanks Jim for the info, good to know. Those Rev 10s look pretty awesome. Yeah, the 485s look "bigger" but I do like the separation of the tweeter. My wife thinks I'm nuts for trying to make the boat sound like my 7.1 Definitive home theater Congrats on the new 244 Extreme by the way!!! I wish we could have swung an Extreme, but as our first boat, the 226 is plenty for now. Our dream boat is a 264 Extreme, but that's a ways off. What In Boat speakers are you going to put in to replace the factory Clarions? I've been looking at the JL M650s or maybe one of the wetsound models, XS650. Also what Sub are you running? Sorry for all the questions, just curious on the setup, sounds like it will rock!! Theo46- Thanks for the link. Do you have any bigger Pictures of your boat with that Reverse Arch as in your Avatar? That looks badass! Our 226 is a Vapor black as well, the Black Arch looks killer. Thanks guys!
  11. 2011Raptor

    Looking for Reverse Arch/Tower Options for 226 SSI

    Thanks again Jefros. I agree on the Reverse towers. I really don't like the look of the standard Tower and my Wife hates them to the point that she won't agree to the purchase lol. When we were boat shopping, the Regal folding Arch was a huge selling point. We almost bought one until this 226 deal fell into our lap that I couldn't pass up. On the Wetsounds Pro60, how come you took them off of your Extreme? Did you upgrade to something bigger? I have been looking at the Pro 485 towers from Wetsounds. I need to redo the whole stock system, new interior speakers, a few amps, sub, etc. I'll look into the Exile speakers. Thanks again man Jeff
  12. 2011Raptor

    Looking for Reverse Arch/Tower Options for 226 SSI

    Thanks Jefros! That looks like a sharp tower. I'll check into them. Hoping to find more options, but this is a good start
  13. Hey everyone- I'm trying to see what my options are for adding a Reverse Arch/Tower to my 2011 226 SSI. I'm not a big fan of the standard Wake Tower look on the Chaps, even the Extremes. I do like the Arches that come on the Extremes, but they don't collapse and I need a Tower that will fold down to fit in my storage. Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas for a "Reverse" Arch/Tower that fits a 226 SSI? I found a reverse Arch from Samson sports, but not sure of their quality etc: Reverse Arch Any help and suggestions would be appreciated!
  14. 2011Raptor

    Sea Dek ESP pad

    I'd be interested too as my Chap logo matt is on back order and would consider the Seadeck one. Subscribing........
  15. 2011Raptor

    Swim Platform Logo Mat

    My new 2011 226 SSI didn't come with the Logo Matt so I had the Dealer order one for me in addition to some other options. The dealer told me I would receive the "new" grey mat and it was ordered back in early April. I believe they are still on Back order from Chap. I might look into just getting a matt directly from Seadeck and possibly cancelling my order with Chap. I have heard from the dealer they have had issues with the matts and trying to replace the black ones, so thats why they are on back order. I like the look of the white platform, but it gets dirty so easily and would like the matt on there to protect it.