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  1. Klemen

    If your interested in 2013 Chaparral Signature 310

    How many hours and how was it kept
  2. Klemen

    Volvo Belt Tensioner question

    I have a 2006 Signature 31 and want to replace the belt tensioner due to squeaking. I ordered a replacement and it looks like you just remove the old one and bolt on the new. My mechanic said its not that easy because Volvo ships the part without the bearings being "pressed" in. The old and new look the same. Anyone tried this replacement? Anyone heard of the need to press in the bearings? And if so what tool. I really don't want to hire a mechanic to do whar appears to be removing two bolts. Thanks for any insights!
  3. Klemen

    Anyone ever had this steering problem?

    I'll check the next time out. I notice it most often at low speeds when I'm not trimmed out. When on plane, regardless of the trim, I tend not to be able to hear anything other than engine noise. I can say that he steering is smoother on plane than at low speeds.
  4. I have an annoying whirring sound anytime I turn my drives. It seemed like it was getting worse to is had the pump swapped out but it stayed the same. My mechanic says everything checks out but to confirm any mechanical issues, he'd have to remove the inside manifolds of each engine to get access to the backside. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Belts and fluids are fine. Thanks
  5. On my Signature 310 with twin 5.7's I hear an aggravating "whirring" sound almost anytime I turn the wheel more than a few degrees, especially after the engines warm up. Fluids and belts check out OK. It seemed like it was getting worse, so had the steering pump swapped out and nothing of significance changed. I have no leaks. I don't appear to have any air in the lines. The steering is relatively smooth, but it just doesn't sound right. My mechanic checked everything as well, but can't confirm if there are any mechanical issues without removing the inside manifold of each motor to get access to the steering yolk (not sure if that is the right word). If mechanical, he says the engines and drives would have to be pulled to correct. Obviously I'd like to avoid both of these steps, so I'm praying someone has had a similar experience in the past and might know how to resolve. Thanks.
  6. Klemen

    Sirius Radio Help Needed

    I have a JBL MR-32 Receiver. It has been working fine (excluding remotes) but the last time out I got an error message that indicated Antenna Disconnected. The receiver could switch channels etc. but no sound. I called Sirius and they reset the signal to the radio but no change. They suggest it may be a hardware problem? I have not been able to find anything on the internet. I have checked all connections. Any suggestions on what next would be appreciated.
  7. Klemen

    Replacement Mic for Raymarine 215 VHF

    Called service and arranged to send my cord in for replacement. Great solution for me. Thanks to all for their insights. I wonder if the new cord will be UV rated material?
  8. Klemen

    Replacement Mic for Raymarine 215 VHF

    The hand set works fine. The coating on the cord is just falling apart and looks like crap. Are you saying Joe, that I can buy a new cord and reuse the handset and plug and I'm good to go? Thanks!
  9. Klemen

    Replacement Mic for Raymarine 215 VHF

    I don't mind upgrading but I would like to keep the same size unit in the same hole and preliminary research indicates the new units are a different size. I would be curious if anyone has found a replacement radio that can just be swapped out.
  10. Klemen

    Norcold Frig Problem Need Advice

    I had a similar problem and contacted the manufacturer. Before ordering any parts, they suggested I check the voltage to the Fridg. Evidently it is voltage sensitive. I do not remember the exact number but let's say it was 10.8 volts. If it drops below that level, the fridge will shot off automticallyl so your battery does not drain down completely. I charged my house batteries and all was OK. This on again, off again scenario happened several times. Once I replaced my batteries, the problem went away completely.
  11. My handset cord is disintegrating and was wondering if someone had a source or perhaps an old unit they would like to sell. I'v checked ebay with no luck. I would buy the entire radio if I had to.
  12. Klemen

    salt water engine flushing

    You will want to flush after every use. Even the you will not be able to beat the ravages of salt water.
  13. Klemen

    Radar Arch Damage-bubbles and cracks

    Thanks for sharing CHAPPYPETE! Your arch looks great! Wash the arch hard to remove. I was just hoping I could spot treat the areas that are corrodiing around the screws?
  14. Klemen

    Radar Arch Damage-bubbles and cracks

    I have the sample problem and want to touch up. MrFixIt can you share the codes? Does anyone else have them or another solution?
  15. Klemen

    Radar Arch Damage-bubbles and cracks

    I am having the same problem. Tango can you provide me with the color codes. Anyone else have them or an alternative?