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  1. Has anyone tried the See Doo trixx ? I am thinking about a PWC for my teen boys to play with while anchored in the cove and would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.
  2. RPM matches the GPS and the cluster. I do not feel it is hitting the limiter as much as just running out of $^&. It climbs slow from 4200 to 4400. It may go slightly higher but I do not want to hold it wide open for more than a minute. I have had trim all over the place and it goes fastest when it is slightly porpoising. Still fun and a great boat. I just wish tow/ski eye was not so low but understand that was the only option with the center walk thru.
  3. bravo one 5 blade Mercury Maximus, 24" pitch
  4. yeah, the 64 mph for me was one time with two adults and half of tank of fuel. Usually tops out at 59-61 with two adults. I actually think it is way over propped. 3000 rpm 40 mph 3500-3600 50 mph 4300-4400 58-60 depending on wind and trim. wont rev past 4400.
  5. I own the boat now and have for a few years. I spoke to JC after buying it and the 70mph was one time in perfect conditions with a tail wind. I have had it best of 64 but normally with a four adults and full gear she runs 58-60. It has a five blade prop and is a little sluggish out of the hole but will cruise at 40 mph at 3000 rpm
  6. Does a 2004 256ssi worth a 8.1 have this also. I am having a problem of intermittent no crank just click from engine compartment and seams to be getting worse
  7. Yes. Need the stainless and the part it screws to
  8. I hit the dock today and peeled back and bent the chrome rub rail. Can I still buy factory replacment? If so where?
  9. Ok. Thanks. I towed it to the boat ramp and loaded it on the trailer and will take it to a marine mechanic to fix as I don't have the time or ambition to do it myself. I spent about five minutes looking at it and realized it was not a job I wanted to do on the lift. Thanks for the advise.
  10. Also will a automotive starter work or does it have to be a marine one.
  11. 8.1 merc
  12. Can you change the starter on a 256ssi without removing the engine
  13. That may have something to do with it. I have always switched mine when underway. Did switch them on at over 4000 rpm this weekend when racing another boat. Maybe I have damaged the solenoids ?