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  1. dahmfh

    Drive Coupler

    Ok i dont wanna sound like im dumb BUT !! This Drive coupler that needs Greased every year i would imagine the Volvo 8.1 has one ? I have talked to a couple of people that have the Mercruiser engines and they have all said to make sure i keep the coupler greased. They must be as mechanically inclined as myself to where i asked them if the Volvo would have the same part as the Merc. And they cant answer me so i figured what place better to ask this question is here
  2. dahmfh

    Thru Hull Exhaust

    Thanks for all the input i have some calls in with local dealers here in Pittsburgh and seems like noone is interested in taking my Deer !!!!! Im definatly gonna get it done it's just finding someone around here that wants to take my MooLa !!!!
  3. I have a 274 Sunesta with the 8.1 Volvo and was thinking about putting Thru Hull Exhaust in it does anyone have any recommendations. I am definatly goin to put the silent switch on the exhaust if i decide to do this. What kind of H.P. do you actually gain ? Any help will be greatly accepted !!!!
  4. dahmfh

    Sunesta 274

    yes its a Dou Prop with the 8.1 Volvo Motor Its a 274 Sunesta with 55 hours on it I think i did ok i picked up from Skipper Buds for 33000.00 headed to Mich. Early Saturday Morning I Still have to get rid of my 310 Sundancer with twin 350 Mags.. Everyone wants to buy but NoOne with the Cash yet I Swore i never would be a 2 Boat owner. I have only been boating for 2 years now.. 310 was first boat and this 274 is the second.. OH Well @#$%@# Happens !!!! Thanks everyone
  5. dahmfh

    Sunesta 274

    Okay i listened bought the motor size i purchased a 2005 with 55 hours on it from Skipper Bud's with the 8.1 Volva Motor !! Will leave Pittsburgh Pa on Saturday Morning for a Road Trip to Pick it up In Michigan. Ive heard Pros and Cons on the Volvo I guess its like anything else though Thankyou ALL !!
  6. dahmfh

    Sunesta 274

    Thanks for all the good infomation. This is my 2nd boat purchase i bought a 310 Sundancer with twin 350 mags as my 1st boat just sold and want a 05-07 274 Sunesta thats why i didnt know about which motor would be best Thankyou for the info everybody
  7. dahmfh

    Sunesta 274

    Im looking at buying a 2006 274 Sunesta with a 350 mag 300 hp motor Or a 2007 274 Sunesta with the 6.2 motor. We like the color of the 06 but im concerned if the 350 mag motor is big enough for the 274. We will probably be pulling kids on tubes or ski's I need suggestions on which on to buy because of the motors !!! Please Help me out. Just looking for a little help here Thanks for all your input you can give
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