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  1. Rick480

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

    I had 2 very good experiences with U-ship. One boat, one motorcycle.
  2. Rick480

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    My trailer is aluminum, double axle. It would be very hard to move by hand. Boat and trailer probably weigh 6500-7000 lbs, well within the Tundra’s towing capacity. It’s still a 5500 lb 20’ truck towing a 7000 lb 30’ plus load.
  3. Rick480

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    I guess everybody is entitled to their opinion, here’s mine. I have a 256 SSI, it came with trim tabs installed. I’m on a lake most people consider to be quite rough (Lake of the Ozarks). I rarely if ever use them. If I do it is just for leveling side to side. If I didn’t have them, I don’t think I would ever spend the money to install them. I may be fooled by the fact that I never had the boat without them, and don’t know how much they help in the retracted position. I never really have a reason to put them down.
  4. Rick480

    Can a TACO pull my 244 Sunesta?

    To be honest, I’m white knuckles towing my 256SSI with my Tundra, even short distances. It looks like the tail wagging the dog. That’s why the boat lives in The dock.
  5. Rick480

    Towing Survey/Question

    I can’t believe the cost of diesel fuel right now versus gas, 50% more around where I am. $1.80 for gas, $2.80 for diesel. For a tow vehicle getting 10-12 MPG that is significant.
  6. Rick480

    Ideas remove fuel from tank

    I’m a old timer I guess, when I want to get fuel out of something I use a rubber hose and my mouth and siphon it out. Got 20 gallons of old gas out of a boat I bought last year that way, 5 gallons at a time. The taste of the swig you get in your mouth if you aren’t quick enough goes away after a couple hours and a couple beers.
  7. Rick480

    Did I get the wrong pink antifreeze?

    You definitely used the right stuff! Ethylene glycol is highly toxic and should definitely not be dumped in the lake. It is the anti-freeze used in closed car cooling systems. Propylene glycol is also often called RV antifreeze and is non toxic. They do make a minus 50 version and a -75 version and I usually try to get the latter since it may mix with water still in the engine and be diluted a little. I have used both with no problems however in a climate where it gets below zero several days during the winter.
  8. Rick480

    Engine Hatch Lift Actuator

    I’m in the same boat, mine sounds more like it’s full of rocks. Is the actuator mentioned still working? Does anyone else have the manufacturer/model of a suitable replacement?
  9. Rick480

    Freezing temps, help

    Relax, it will be fine at those temps and durations. For more comfort put a lightbulb in the engine compartment or under the cover in the boat. Keep it away from anything flammable or that can melt. When the boat is in the dock on a lift lower it in the water. Water temp many places is still in the 50’s-60’s.
  10. Rick480

    Can this vinyl be cleaned or not?

    This product from Home Depot has worked best for me after trying all sorts of home remedies, bleach, magic erasers, etc. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Mold-Armor-32-oz-Instant-Mold-and-Mildew-Stain-Remover-FG502/100628954 Works best if used in hot bright direct sunlight and left on for a few minutes. I’m sure it’s mostly bleach, smells like bleach, but has worked much better for me on seats that look just like yours.
  11. Rick480

    Replacement Drain Plug

    I bought a replacement brass one on Amazon for $7.00. https://www.amazon.com/Invincible-Marine-BR54836-GarboardPlug-Brass/dp/B005XWELRI/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1531349722&sr=8-3&keywords=Boat+drain+plug%2C+brass
  12. Rick480

    Bimini Wobble

    I started crossing my front straps several years ago. Took care of the problem and hasn’t really been a problem to duck under them.
  13. Rick480

    Attaching the ladder to boat

    Mine were just loose, not completely missing. The wife crawled back there and held the nut while I tightened from the top, she said never again!
  14. Rick480

    Engine Bay Actuator Grinding Noise

    Mine has been grinding for 5 years or more, I mean deafening grinding, embarrassing when someone is around. I have tried greasing it, had no affect. I keep thinking about getting a replacement, but they are expensive and hard to find. I measured it up last fall hoping to find a suitable replacement but haven’t found one yet.
  15. Rick480

    2006 256 Ssi

    I have a 2005 256SSI with the 6.2 320 H.P. Engine and I am perfectly happy with it. Top end is just under 50 MPH. It has trim tabs but I rarely use them (only for leveling side to side). No problems getting up on plane.