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  1. BoatGuy9

    New to Me Chaparral Sunesta

    Hey M/C Glenn, Great looking boat! Thanks for the both of you coming to our event Saturday, don't be strangers! Always here to help you guys in the future! Ted aka Boatguy
  2. BoatGuy9

    My New Boat and my 2010 215

    Congrats Rollie on the Sea Ray, I'll get your Chap. 215 sold as soon as I can! Ted
  3. BoatGuy9

    Boat Show 2012

    Yes the free tickets are for Friday only, all I need is your address and I'll send them to you!
  4. BoatGuy9

    Boat Show 2012

    If you want free tickets for two on Friday give me your address and I'll send them to you.
  5. BoatGuy9

    Boat Show 2012

    We will have a new H20, a 224 Sunesta, a 246SSi, a 270 Sign, all 2012's. and some MB's. What were wanting to look at? Ted
  6. BoatGuy9

    Boat Show 2012

    Anyone planning to go to the Seattle Boat Show in January/February?!
  7. BoatGuy9

    Christmas light cruise

    Yes indeed Kris you did it right with lots of heat!! Stop by our store someday and say Hi! Ted
  8. BoatGuy9

    PNCRU 2012

    Thanks, ya I wish we had one to bring!
  9. BoatGuy9

    Christmas light cruise

    Have fun, I have done that many times, make sure you have your heater going!
  10. BoatGuy9

    PNCRU 2012

    However Seattle Water Sports is now aware of this event and the Owners site, so if anyone has any questions or concerns email them to me at ted@seattlewatersports.com always glad to chat or help the cause!! Ted Newton
  11. BoatGuy9

    Chap Raft-up in Roche Harbour 2012

    Yes Roche is a great place to go for this, been there many times with other vendors that I have worked for. They really bend over backwards to make it a success! Ted