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  1. Kat's Kradle

    Winterize in TX or??

    willbaker13 We've been on Lk Travis/Sandy Creek Yacht Club for >12years. Went from a Chap 210 to a 290 to a 330 and last year "jumped ship" to a SR Sundancer 400. If you are going to leave your boat up on your lift "all winter" then by all means, winterize. We have seen other boat owners just lower their boats back in the water and use a bilge heater since our weather is so "iffy" we try and take advantage of those nice weather days. And since we are "full" in terms of lake level, we went out last Saturday......Just sayin' https://www.searay.com/page.aspx/pageid/160944/pmid/366066/Sundancer-400.aspx
  2. Kat's Kradle

    Ft lauderdale boat show

    Chap Family: Been thinking how to inform y'all of the decision The Admiral & I made at the end of September. Earlier this year, we made an offer on this new vessel, the dealer countered but since our 330 Sig is paid for, we decided to pass. October 1st is SR's new fiscal year so we made another offer on Sept 28th, even lower than our 1st attempt assuming it too, would be too low. This time, the dealer's counter was extremely close so we split the difference and we are now the proud new owners of Kat's Kradle II. Here's the link for their Virtual Tour, turn up the volume (music icon is in the lower left) hit >> to advance to the next set of images and if you prefer, click & hold your cursor to move the image 360°. We hope you allow us to remain a part of this "Family" as it consists of very knowledgeable, polite, professional & energetic folks sprinkled with comedic relief.......Dilly, Dilly!! http://www.searay.com/page.aspx/pageid/165824/page.aspx
  3. Kat's Kradle

    Eisenglass Cleaning/Polish

    Actually, we've been using Pledge....works like a charm.
  4. Kat's Kradle

    Best place to winterize

    Duane 2135, Have you been to Nik's on Lk Travis yet? There was a Poker Run last weekend. ~40 Go Fast boats stopped there for lunch. Have to say, it was AMAZING watching them all start, drift until most were under load and then they all took off.......what a sight & sound......as the gallons of fuel vanished. Our Chap 330 is moored at SCYC, right next door.....Now that I re-read your post, I took Mansfield, TX as Mansfield Dam.....Nevermind!
  5. Kat's Kradle

    911 Boat Lift video

    Thanks for posting. Grew up on Long Island sound, watched the Towers being built, never thought I'd see them come down. NEVER FORGET!!
  6. Kat's Kradle

    Anyone have sat tv on their boat?

    2 thoughts: Since we're on Lk Travis, we have DishTV in the slip. With no tide fluctuation, satellite signal remains pretty constant. Quick release setup of the co-ax makes for easy outbound/inbound execution..... If your marina has wireless internet, might consider Roku. M²
  7. Kat's Kradle

    Happy and Safe 4th of July to all

    +1 Y'all
  8. Kat's Kradle

    Dog ramps?

    Built this for our 2 Golden Retrievers - it's attached to our slip to allow them to swim at their leisure. Measured twice, cut once...
  9. Kat's Kradle

    Seadek color and install

    Here is my prior post - 2007 Chap 330 - B & W - Installed SeaDek and am totally satisfied:
  10. Kat's Kradle

    Short in my trim and stereo control

    No new ones available in that particular style - went "end of life" a few years back.
  11. Kat's Kradle

    Handle replacement - Isotherm refrigerator

    "Shut the Front Door!!"" Well, Isotherm Parts was very helpful however the outcome is NOT very favorable. Based on having a 2007 Chap Sig 330, replacing a latch on an "older model" Isotherm is not an option. Not the birthday present I wanted to buy myself. Break Out Another Thousand!!
  12. Kat's Kradle

    Handle replacement - Isotherm refrigerator

    Thanks IdahoPearl - I would think (& hope) if they sell an entire replacement handle configuration, you should be able to replace it. I was able to loosen the broken latch enough to wiggle it part way out, but not able to pull it all the way out. I have used a local marine "HVAC" SME mechanic before. LVM for him Saturday morning, he returned my call w/in 30mins - he is scheduled to make a "boat call" tomorrow (Tuesday). Was hoping he could walk me through the steps however he hadn't replaced "just" the latch. Will update this saga as soon as it's done.
  13. Kat's Kradle

    Handle replacement - Isotherm refrigerator

    swhite7007, gr8lakes; Yep, my pin on the handle broke last weekend, ordered a replacement and for the life of me, can't slide the old one out. How did you guys do it? Looking at the new replacement, doesn't appear to have any "hidden" screws/bolts, etc. Have been very careful not to damage the existing door but I have to be honest, it was testing my patience, even after my 2nd Bloody this past Saturday morning. Please advise if y'all were successful or threw the #%^$&%$ thing overboard!?!?!? Thanks in advance, M²
  14. Kat's Kradle

    Kohler 5.0 (5E) Generator Issue

    Assume you know about the 1/4 of your fuel tank rule: Once your tank gets to ~1/4 left, it's designed to "fail" your genset so you don't run out and get stranded out there. Just sayin'.....
  15. Kat's Kradle

    Older and Newer Boats Meet

    Saw this one fly by our slip last weekend on Lk Travis: https://austin.craigslist.org/boa/5247873457.html