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  1. RANDE

    Vapor Lock - A tale of two cruises

    Fought this with the same engine. The check valve is pretty easy to spot, down by the fuel pump. Before going that route: Dump your fuel/water filters. Take a sample of what's in your tank and let it sit. Water? Here's your problem - bad gas. No water? Find someone that sells ethanol-free fuel, and you don't need to drape the engine, just put a hand towel in the bottom of the cooler. When you're stopping long enough for heat soak (1 hour minimum) drape that ice water towel over the fuel pump.
  2. RANDE

    Boat Insurance

    He's no longer the Chairman of the BOD for Progressive.
  3. RANDE

    Warning Points?

    Common feature in forum software - allows mods to warn or ban people that engage in flame wars or personal attacks (pretty much unheard of on this board). Only you and a mod can see that. i.e. All I can see below your avatar is Members 63 Posts Location: Covington, LA
  4. RANDE


    You bought a boat from a salesperson who didn't have to back it up. That's not a "great dealer"
  5. RANDE

    more speed please 2130 ss 7.4 l

    4800 is about right. I generally don't like sitting at WOT for more than 5 minutes.
  6. RANDE

    more speed please 2130 ss 7.4 l

    You need to take it out and run to WOT for about 2 minutes, play with the trim, and find your max RPM. Then, take this and try a number of different prop setups.
  7. RANDE

    Tunes out on the water?

    LOL. I doubt most of the folks on this forum know who Sublime is, let alone Slightly Stoopid! I actually have a playlist (coverage is too spotty on the lake for Pandora) with a bunch of surfpunk-reggae like that. As an aside, I used to work at a bar across the alley from where all the Slightly Stoopid guys lived. I'm pretty sure we were one of their first paying gigs. Great music for the water for sure.
  8. RANDE

    more speed please 2130 ss 7.4 l

    Top end should have more RPM than that. What's the service history/prop specs?
  9. RANDE

    5.0 MPI IAC question

    Did you replace the gasket as well? I know it seems silly, but that could be off kilter, which will jack up your fuel/air mix.
  10. RANDE

    Chaparral Signature 240 planing speed

    What kind of prop are you running? If you have a smaller/lower pitch prop than the examples you've read, this could be the cause.
  11. RANDE

    Aluminum to SS Prop

    Pretty much a waste of money, IMO. You're not going to see any kind of significant performance difference.
  12. RANDE

    Xtreme and Sunesta 264 Leaky Canvas

    Cuddy and a bow rider are totally different. Every bow rider, from every company, leaks at the place you've identified, as that can as is not designed to keep the interior of the boat dry.
  13. RANDE

    Xtreme and Sunesta 264 Leaky Canvas

    Those snap on covers are not intended to keep the boat dry. Their main function is to limit sun damage to vinyl and keep leaves and critters out. If you store out in the open, and need to keep it dry, you'll need a mooring cover. Of all my past boats and friend's boats, each and every one will leak with the snap on covers.
  14. RANDE

    Sunesta 243 Stopped Running

    Your battery is shot.