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  1. To retrieve my 290 it really is a two person job. Trailer is backed in pretty deep then I drive the boat on to it. Person in the truck hooks up the strap to the boat and cranks it to the bow stop. This is pretty easy if the trailer is deep enough. At this point the stern is floating and the bow is sitting on the trailer bunks. At this point the truck driver needs to pull up a couple feet or so until the stern is very close to resting on the bunks. Usually there is enough floatation still to crank the boat to the correct spot on the bow stop.
  2. I envy you jeffk! 50 degrees and raining here........boat is put away until first of May!
  3. Picture me puzzled as well!
  4. Sounds like it was working correctly when you moved it by hand out of the tank? If that is the case the only thing it could be is a bad float or the float is hanging up on the sending rod, wouldn't you agree? Unless I misread what you said it sounds like your gauge and sending unit are working as they should.
  5. I just have the normal arch on my 290. It used to have the TV dome (starship enterprise) on the arch but that was forceably removed one year when the 14' high shop door was not quite all the way up when putting it away for the winter. Long story short, my concern would also be height if you trailer and I see you do Exoset. I think the top of the arch is about 13'3" so not much more room to add radar and still get it under the shop door. Exoset, my question is the new hardtop you installed very close to the same height as the regular arch Chap put on our boats?
  6. I love my Volvos and have had no issues other than normal maintenance. As many have said on this forum before they may be a little more expensive to repair and there may not be any certified Volvo mechanics in your area which might steer you to a Merc. There is one drive system to avoid from Volvo and that is the XDP but if you are looking at a 2014 they had been discontinued long before that so no concern.
  7. Shouldn't need a new O ring unless it looks damaged. More than finger tight but be careful, rip the O ring and you will have water intrusion.
  8. Wow, glad you guys are alright. I have seen people sit at night with no lights on too. They are idiots that endanger all of us. Also, an experienced boater knows that "driving lights" are just docking lights and actually diminish your night vision. IMO they are dangerous to the boat using them and even more so to the boats close to them when used on open water. Again, glad you are OK.
  9. Thanks tanker. I will check on the distributor cap and rotor as that is a possibility. It has been tuned up within the last 100 hours and we boat in a fairly low moisture environment in the Inland Northwest so it may not be that. The connector plug could definitely be the issue though as the mechanic that winterized it last year left the new fuel-water separator loose and while diagnosing that he took the connector to the fuel pump off, maybe he didn't get it back on correctly? Thanks again for your help!
  10. The port engine in my 290 Sig is intermittently running rough at idle up to about 2k RPM. Occasionally it will also be hard to start and require additional throttle to fire. Last weekend it was acting like it was starving for fuel once in awhile, kind of a hissing noise? One time when I went back to idle it actually revved up for a couple seconds without my input. This is a Volvo 5.0 GXI fuel injected. It runs without issue above 2k RPM. Anyone start me looking in the right direction? I have thought IAC and also maybe the fuel pump? Should I have a Volvo mechanic hook up a diagnostic tool to check for codes?
  11. I use a citrus boat wash that is biodegradable and a brush on an aluminum pole that extends. We have water at the dock so easy to rinse. Looks great when done.
  12. That is funny!! I did end up getting a trailer brake package that I installed after trying to stop quickly during a rain storm. It felt like I picked up speed when the early era anti lock brakes on the car were trying to slow everything down. Stopped within inches of another cars bumper, whew!!
  13. Yea, I think the Corsica had a 2,000 lb rating, the hitch was a 3,500 mini receiver, and the boat/trailer probably weighed 4,500? Very lucky I did not have an accident and hurt someone. Like I said, young and invincible!
  14. I suspect most boaters have pushed the limits of their tow vehicle at one time or another. My first boat was a 19ft Sunrunner. Very heavy boat for a smaller bowrider and it did not have trailer brakes. I first towed it with a front wheel drive Chevy Corsica (company car) because that is all I had. Needless to say it was not a safe combination but it got me on the water my first year before I could upgrade to a better tow vehicle. I would not have wanted to buy that car after towing with it for a season, it was used and abused! I was young and dumb yet survived!
  15. I'm with Richard W on this one. The minimum would be the 300hp and a twin prop drive, Bravo 3 if going with Merc. If you are shopping mid 2000's age boat you may find one with a 454 (7.4) or 496 (8.1) big block which would be preferred I think.