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  1. I had a problem with my Isotherm fridge and I called their customer service. They were very helpful. After talking with them about what the symptoms were they knew exactly what the problem was. In my case I did not have to buy a new fridge, just needed an electrical board that was a lot cheaper than a new unit. The removal of the fridge to get at the repair was not hard. I do not have the contact info but it should be available on line. You may need a new fridge but I would recommend you call the manufacturer first, might save you a ton of deer!
  2. I have changed all the cabin bulbs and love the LED's. Now it is on to the Nav Lights, cockpit courtesy, and the arch lights! Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks you like them better than the original incandescent bulbs?
  4. Stimpy, Which ones on your list are for the two fixtures in the tower? Thanks for your help. Lew
  5. There is no problem leaving the antifreeze in the holding tank.
  6. I agree with what the others have said. These hulls work best at about 28 - 32 mph which is about 3100 to 3500 rpm. Anything less than that and the boat feels sluggish and starts to fall off plane. I also get my best fuel economy when cruising in that rpm/speed range.
  7. Oh oh, it is time to fess up! My first car was a 58 Rambler Ambassador. Big old boat of a car that only ran on seven of its eight cylinders. It was popular with some buddies though because it had fold down seats.........a needed accessory for high schoolers!
  8. Thanks Sean, that is perfect info! I have always used the wedged 2x4 method instead of putting it in gear, saves climbing in and out of the boat. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Jeff I will try that.
  10. I must be blind as I cannot find the prop nut or reference to the socket needed to fit it on the Volvo site. Thanks for your response anyway!
  11. Can someone confirm that the prop nut size for Volvo Penta SX drives is 1 - 1/16th? My boat is in storage still and I want to be prepared to remove the props and grease the splines before launching this spring. Thanks!
  12. I would agree with a local shop doing it so it fits correctly. I have replaced mine once and will probably need to replace again in the next couple of years. Last round was about 3k using sunbrella. I suspect it will be 3-4k next time for the complete package; bimini, side curtains, windshield, and back drop. I have roll up sections in the backdrop and also the center of the windshield so you can get access to the stern and to the bow. Also helps with airflow on those days that are nice but still a little chilly so you want to keep the canvas up. Lew
  13. You do have to be patient with it. You will not get any indicator light until it is shows "3/4 full". I didn't see that light either for the first 3 years I had the boat because I pumped out on a regular basis as well.
  14. The only thing I can add to this is the solid fiberglass boards appear to be more stable. My wife has the Costco blowup SUP and her friend has a solid board. Everyone that tries both of them seem to have an easier time with the solid board. I do really like the ability to deflate and store my wife's board though so I guess it comes down to what your needs are..............
  15. I owned a 1995 Rinker 232 cuddy. It was not the quality of my Chaparral but I really liked the boat. Mine had the 7.4 liter and Bravo 3 but it was the low horsepower version. Still would do about 56 with just me in the boat and less than 1/2 tank of gas. Fun to drive for sure. I would not be afraid of a well cared for Rinker.