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  1. The only thing I can add to this is the solid fiberglass boards appear to be more stable. My wife has the Costco blowup SUP and her friend has a solid board. Everyone that tries both of them seem to have an easier time with the solid board. I do really like the ability to deflate and store my wife's board though so I guess it comes down to what your needs are..............
  2. I owned a 1995 Rinker 232 cuddy. It was not the quality of my Chaparral but I really liked the boat. Mine had the 7.4 liter and Bravo 3 but it was the low horsepower version. Still would do about 56 with just me in the boat and less than 1/2 tank of gas. Fun to drive for sure. I would not be afraid of a well cared for Rinker.
  3. When running down the canal you were at no wake speeds right? If so you had the common bow wander of virtually all monohulls. Duo prop/Bravo 3 drives will eliminate some of the wander but every boat I have ever had wandered at idle speed. 59 at WOT is smoking in most Chaps. Yours with the 496 and bottom painted hull, that is probably all you can expect. It does sound like you resolved your loose steering issue which is awesome.
  4. I second that. If you are wet slipping your boat it is easy to have separate lines for your slip that you just hook to the boat cleats when you return. I have traveling lines for when I am away from my slip.
  5. By the way these are load range E with a 10 ply rating.
  6. I have the Firestone Destinations on my 2002 3/4 ton Avalanche. They are great tires (M/S) and quieter than the previous Firestones that were on it. Only have about 10k miles on them so they still look like new.
  7. I have a mile long 5mph no wake zone to go through to get to the slip. I have seen people pulled over before but they were always causing more than a little wake or obviously going too fast in a dinghy. In my Sig I just make sure the throttles are no more than just above idle (about 1,000 rpm) and have never had an issue. With all that said it still comes down to the marine cop and if he wants to be reasonable or not....................
  8. The size of your boat depends on the year. The newer 310's from about 2012 (guessing) are the same size as my older 290, 31 ft in total length and 10 ft wide. The older 310 is 33 ft in length and 101/2 ft wide. I have a custom Metal Craft trailer made for my boat that is 10 wide. Works very well but I really would not want to move this boat all the time. Requires special permits and weighs in around 13,000 lb's on the trailer with fluids, etc. It is 13'6" tall so it fits in a 14' high door as long as the width is fine.
  9. To retrieve my 290 it really is a two person job. Trailer is backed in pretty deep then I drive the boat on to it. Person in the truck hooks up the strap to the boat and cranks it to the bow stop. This is pretty easy if the trailer is deep enough. At this point the stern is floating and the bow is sitting on the trailer bunks. At this point the truck driver needs to pull up a couple feet or so until the stern is very close to resting on the bunks. Usually there is enough floatation still to crank the boat to the correct spot on the bow stop.
  10. I envy you jeffk! 50 degrees and raining here........boat is put away until first of May!
  11. Picture me puzzled as well!
  12. Sounds like it was working correctly when you moved it by hand out of the tank? If that is the case the only thing it could be is a bad float or the float is hanging up on the sending rod, wouldn't you agree? Unless I misread what you said it sounds like your gauge and sending unit are working as they should.
  13. I just have the normal arch on my 290. It used to have the TV dome (starship enterprise) on the arch but that was forceably removed one year when the 14' high shop door was not quite all the way up when putting it away for the winter. Long story short, my concern would also be height if you trailer and I see you do Exoset. I think the top of the arch is about 13'3" so not much more room to add radar and still get it under the shop door. Exoset, my question is the new hardtop you installed very close to the same height as the regular arch Chap put on our boats?
  14. I love my Volvos and have had no issues other than normal maintenance. As many have said on this forum before they may be a little more expensive to repair and there may not be any certified Volvo mechanics in your area which might steer you to a Merc. There is one drive system to avoid from Volvo and that is the XDP but if you are looking at a 2014 they had been discontinued long before that so no concern.
  15. Shouldn't need a new O ring unless it looks damaged. More than finger tight but be careful, rip the O ring and you will have water intrusion.