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  1. oops there is also a house battery
  2. Hello All. My latest issue revolves around boat interior lighting. When on shore power, the light dim and then get brighter then dim again. Most recently, they just will dim. I know it is due to a crurent draw, but I would think shore power (50 AMP) would be sufficent. I tried running the genset with the same results (so not the power cords). Batteries are 3 years old. One for each engine, one for the genset and one for the bow thruster. Any guesses? Batteries? Invertor? There are 2 refrigerators on board. There is no indication of batteries not chargeing while running. Thanks.
  3. Phillbo, Def a transmission failure. The concern that the failure occured after seasonal service.
  4. they have picked them up from us to have an uninterested 3rd party evaluate. We have pics and video of the entire removal process .Our mechanic says the lack of the O ring in the drain plug was the cause. It is not our intent to blame unless it warranted.
  5. There was no alarm. Was a catastrophic event. There are no cracks The main upper gear shattered, as so the coupler to the engine.
  6. Hey People, Have a problem with a Bravo 3 drive. The marina "serviced" the drive during the off season. I noticed that the bilge pump was empting every 30 mins or so when it went back in the water in spring. After cruising from St Joe Michigan to her home port in Chicago in high 30 degree temp water was uneventful. (about 70 miles). Decided to cruise to New Buffalo Mi from Chicago for a day trip, one the return about 10 miles from home port, there was a loud band and the port side lower unit stopped working, and would not come out of gear. Limped back on one engine at 10 MPH. Mechanic ha
  7. Thanks Everyone for your input. I forwarded Wingnuts commentary to my mechanic. I will check the house battery and the float switch. Im pretty sure its not the fume detector, but ill test that too thanks again.
  8. john lennon said love is the answer....i like yers better.
  9. im stumped...chap mechanic is stumped...maybe its just ringing in my ears???????
  10. Yeah, lower unit oil levels are fine as well. The perplexing thing is the alarm continues even when the keys are off, Shuting off the batteries and then turning them back on quiets the alarm un til the next starboard warm up.
  11. I have discuss I have alarm problems before. The obvious manual "fixes" do not work. After starting the engines and running for 3-4 minutes on warm up an steady beeping alarm sounds. all oil levels checked and are good, temp is fine. oil pressure is fine. Seems to be being generating from the starboard engine. Sensors are seemingly ok, No error codes on the merc code scan. Mechanic thinks it a fuel vapor alarm but no leaks detected. when engine is shut off, alarm continues, If I shut all battery power off alarm seems to reset. Any ideas?
  12. Temp, oil pressure, gear oil engine oil all ok..
  13. First, You have great taste in boats. As to your question, I wasn't there when they did the test so don't know for sure. I assume the Chappy guy would know that codes may not be stored.
  14. Anyone else had this problem? After turning over the engines and letting them warm up for 2 mins or so, a Helm alarm goes off and is a constant beeping. The manual says it a low gear oil alarm. I checked and the gear oil is to the full mark, the engine temp is 130, Engine oil is at the full mark. The Chappy dealer put it on the Merc computer and registered no error codes. Chappy mechanic says the sensor is good. After running at 2500 RPM for about 3 minutes the alarm stops.After that it doesnt repeat until the next warm up. I does not occur every time tho. I'm baffled. Any Ideas? Thanks
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