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  1. DelSol25

    New LED TV and Microwave

    Be careful by connecting your TV directly to your 12vdc circuit. The OEM power supply provide a steady 12VDC, your 12 VDC on your boat will go as up to 14.2 VDC and may go down to ~10 VDC Not sure the TV will really appreciate, they are not design for such variation, this is the job of the power supply. It may work for short time but I will predict a failure.
  2. DelSol25

    Raymarine Splash Screen

    Pretty cool, adding your personal splash screen when your GPS boot up. Only available on specific model. New a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs http://raymarine.ning.com/forum/attachment/download?id=6492755%3AUploadedFile%3A170609
  3. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Smartcraft is proprietary to MerCruiser. It is the private protocol based on Canbus design by MerCruiser for their engine.
  4. DelSol25

    Chaparral 290 Problem with AC UNIT Need Advise Please

    Happen to my freind during the vacation, Evaporator coil was completly block. Over the years, I thick layer of dust have created major air flow restriction (It was about 1/8" thick) making the AC freezing up after running for some time. Make sure your drain system work good by dropping water in your AC drain pan. Good luck !
  5. DelSol25

    Water Infiltration AFT Cabin

    Finally found my leak, The water was penetrating by the VHF antenna cable and soaking the carpet behind the storage compartment. Took me long time to decide taking apart the storage but it was an easy task... Cheers A+++
  6. DelSol25

    Smelly Holding Tank

    Way too easy... Done in 30 min.
  7. DelSol25

    Smelly Holding Tank

    Hello Guys ! I found a very easy way to save money on holding tank filter... http://www.ebay.com/itm/301655778847 Easy to do and save a lot of money... Try it... It's really easy, come with detail instruction with a touch of humor... Enjoy !!!
  8. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Hello tomshortt, My engines are Mercruiser 4.3L MPI. I think the Smartcraft network is proprietary to Mercury. I don't think the Volvo engine use the same protocol. The gateway will be different for the Volvo Engine. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with Volvo. Sorry ! A+++
  9. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Hello nkdenton, Have you look to this product? http://www.maretron.com/products/ipg100.php I think they are offering software to read and display NMEA data. I already have a router / Wifi Network on-board. For me it will be interresting to hook-up this device to my Network. Maybe a second step in my project. A+++
  10. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Hello nkdenton, The best deal I found is on Ebay for 360$ This is an OEM Part. Should be not that difficult to find. Here is the info: NMEA 2000 Gateway Module Part # 84-8M0105243I'm assuming you have square gauges from VeeThree. Have you try locating your Smartcraft harness in your helm? A+++
  11. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Hello flyboycj84 I'm assuming you don't have the Veethree square gauges. This is why you have run a new set of blue cable from both engine to the helm. With the square gauges, the SMARTCRAFT network is already wired but Chaparral and Veethree are not using the "Standard" connection and junction box from SMARTCRAFT. I will have to connect to some wires behind the RPM gauge and going into a standard SMARTCRAFT Plug / 4Way block It is a nice project... A lot of time looking and understanding before spending $$$ A+++
  12. DelSol25

    Let's talk SMARTCRAFT

    Hey Guys.... A spring project here. I need your input on some points. Project: Interfacing my Raymarine C80 Chartplotter to the SMARTCRAFT Network. Goal: Getting engines parameters on the chartplotters First step: Understanding the actual SMARTCRAFT Wiring / Configuration that goes to the VeeThree Gauges (Square) Goal: Interfacing to the actual harness and going into a standard SMARTCRAFT Junction box (4 ways) SMARTCRAFT CAN signal should be already connected between both engine and run to the helm at the RPM gauges. Is anyone have done this before ? Second Step: Installing the Mercury Gateway. Mercury Part # 84-8M0105243 SINGLE & MULTI ENGINE N2K GATEWAY The gateway connect directly to the SMARTCRAFT 4ways Box. Quite strait forward. Third Step: Building the NMEA2000 network Few part is needed from Raymarine 1x A06048 Cable Adapter from C80 to HUB 1x A06064 Hub 5 port 2x A06031 Terminaison 1x A06049 Power Cable 1x A06045 Female adapter to connect Gateway output to Hub. The end result should give me something like this: If anyone have experience with such mod, please do not hesitate to comment and provide additionnal info. Cheers !!!!!
  13. DelSol25

    GPS Inputs

    Hello, I been to this route before... Maybe some people could help... Mercury is using a proprietary communication between gauges and engine computer. If you want to interface with your GPS or any other NMEA Device, you will need a gateway. http://www.brunswick-marine.com/media/16021/smartcraft%20mercmonitor%20featuring%20mercury%20gateway%20sellsheet.pdf Quite expensive... I hope this help...
  14. DelSol25

    BIII prop removal

    http://www.mrpropwre...ii-drives-only/ MR Prop Wrench is the best tool I ever use to remove my prop...
  15. DelSol25

    Water Infiltration AFT Cabin

    Thanks for your comments. I will do more investigation and let you know the result. Richard W: The A/C is located upfront under the other bed. Iggy: Yes this is a Sig 290, 2011. Kr, Delsol25