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  1. I've been looking to purchase a LATE 90'a to early 2000's deck boat such as the Sunesta 233. Overall I have been very impressed with what I have seen and read about Sunestas. I did have a chance to get in and take a short drive in a 2000. Right now my preferences are 233 slight edge over 232. Trying to keep total boat/motor/trailer weight from exceeding 5000k pounds by much. I would appreciate any comments / suggestions regarding the 233/232 Sunestas, especally the opionions on power and outdrives. For those that have purchased something similar to a 233/232, what other brands did you condider. I noticed there seemed to be a +/- 20% price increase from a 1999/2000 model to a 2000 year model. Did anything significant change in those years. And lastly how accurate have the NADA guides been for purchase prices of these boats. Thanks in advance. ps. i went to look at 2 last Saturday. One sold just as we were walking in the door, the other sold withing a few minutes of us deciding it was one to get.
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