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  1. I didn't know that you had to own a Chap to post on this forum. I still own my 276SSX so I guess I am good for now. When I sell it I will stop posting here if that is the rule and or desire of the forum. Didn't mean to offend anyone.
  2. I am buying a 330 Sundancer and was planning on trading in my 276 SSX. The trade in value seemed a bit low (36 large herd) so I decided to sell it privately. Since the boat is kept at a vacation home I was thinking of using a broker. Anyone use one? What commission do they normally take? Do you agree that the trade in seems low? Thanks
  3. I recently purchased a Sea Ray 330 Sundancer and plan to have it coast guard documented. One of the requirements is that the boat has to be named and display a hailing port. I was not planning on naming it but I guess now I will. I am an ophthalmologist so I was thinking "Eye Eye." Another thought was since my last name begins with a C and between my wife and I we have 5 kids I was thinking "The Seven C's". Technically 3 of the kids don't have C as the first letter of their last name so maybe not. Any other thoughts
  4. skunkman

    Radar Arch

    Its on backwards
  5. I am upgrading to a bigger boat - 33 ft cruiser. Any guidelines on diameter and length of mooring ropes I should have. My old ropes are a bit too shabby. Mooring would be for securing to docks at restaurants mostly. TIA
  6. When you say the starter did not engage was it spinning freely. If so it may have been a stuck starter solenoid - common after a while of non use. If it is the case, banging the starter with a hammer will release the solenoid if it sticks again.
  7. Its a 2014 - and yes, I checked - 14k lbs dry. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and pay to have it done right.
  8. My boat lift is rated at 13k lbs. My new boat will be about 13k lbs dry. Can I upgrade the rating by changing the cables? The company that installed the lift says no. Thanks
  9. That is what I am being offered exactly.
  10. I looked at some new boats this weekend and was surprised at how much the boats are discounted when you talk to the sales rep. One boat I looked at retailed for 347 large herd and was being offered at 243. It is a 2014. My guess is nobody pays anything close to the "Build your boat" price from the manufacturers web site. Is there a way of finding out what others are paying?
  11. So the flat section on the center of the bow with the rails is only for when docked or anchored only?
  12. That is what I thought. Probably a deal breaker with my kids - they love being up front (or maybe just away from the adults).
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