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  1. I did the upgrade as well and also made my own dashboard. After a few weeks using my own dash, I went back to the pre-made one. When the boat was delivered this spring it had v.4 installed in the Simrad. I believe I'm on v.19. I recommend purchasing a micro SD card (not larger than 32GB, because Simrad doesn't recognize anything larger) for the upgrade. Everything went fine with the upgrade but I'm NOT happy with the black background and I cannot figure out how to change it! And it doesn't matter if you make a custom dash you cannot get rid of the black background with black gauges. The black background is so hard to see in the sun.
  2. +1, you should have a tow hook on the transom
  3. What make/model engines do you have?
  4. Senior

    297 SSX Windlass

    I purchased an OEM Windlass kit from my Chaparral dealer. They were able to source it directly from Chaparral. It came with the Lewmar windlass, foot switches, Chaparral OEM breaker at the power panel, wiring harness, bow roller, chain locker roller, windlass mounting plate, Chain, rode, cleat, wrench holder, and safety strap. Anchor sold separately. The harness is labeled "287SSX Windlass Harness 2017" so if anyone else is looking for this part, we know it exists now. Not inexpensive, but just having the OEM rollers and wire harness is worth it's weight in gold to me. The install looks relativity straight forward. It didn't take long to determine how it was engineered. The mounting plate and roller in the chain locker have mounting locations in the fiberglass so installing those will be simple enough. Here's the open questions I have remaining. How far down from where the deck meets the hull do I mount the bow roller plate (from the top edge of the plate)?
  5. Another thought....Try it with both batteries on or on position 1. Maybe it is connected to battery 1. Again just spit-balling
  6. Using the lower switch on the helm see if it needs to travel further down. Maybe it needs to cycle completely before it can go back up again? I'm just spit-balling here.
  7. If you are going to keep your boat in the water for extended periods of time, look into getting the bottom protected with antifouling paint. Antifouling paint prevents marine growth and other things from attaching to your boat hull from sitting in the water all of the time. It comes in many different colors and types based on your boat, use, and if you are in salt or fresh water. It isn't cheap but a good insurance policy as it doesn't usually need to be done every year and is less expensive that fiberglass repair. I have a bow rider but keep my boat in a marina on Lake Michigan for 5 months of the year. My boat is over getting her bottom installed now (It isn't difficult to do, I just choose not to do it myself). Since I have a sport open bow boat and in fresh water, I'm having them put on a VC-17 hard bottom which I'm hoping will actually increase my speed a couple MPH. Interlux VC-17 Product description snipet "This antifouling bottom paint is formulated with metallic copper to offer complete protection against zebra mussels, teredo worms, weeds, algae, and slime fouling. This bottom paint provides optimal protection in freshwater or low fouling saltwater." Sorry I don't know what a marine rail is, underwater train?
  8. Chrome filter? Are you referring to the flame arrester on the engine air intake?
  9. +1 The year 1990 = Paddle The year 2020 = Handheld Radio/Cell Phone
  10. It sounds like a good deal. Obvi it depends on the options you got, but as long as your happy with the price that's all that matters. I paid about 40 large less than the build sheet for my 2019 297 SSX that I just picked up. I don't know if its a good price or not, but I'm happy with it.
  11. Congratulations! Send a pic when you get the chance.
  12. I hear you. My experience is 3-4 waves on Lake Michigan in the Signature 260. 5 hours to go 50 miles. I was so exhausted fighting the waves at the end of the day! I took one good wave over the bow when going down into a wave trough that came up to the windows. I was happy I had the cuddy.
  13. Weather can pop up any time but get the forecast before you leave (either direction). Check the water temperature, if you have to go in the water know what your survival time is before hypothermia gets you. If you are on the other side from where you left and weather does crop up, don't push it. Make the call, get a transient slip and stay in port. IF you do get caught in bad conditions during your transit, put the bow cover on. It won't stop 300 gallons but it will help some. Consider keeping flares on the boat and make sure you have a radio. With all that said, 26 miles is a relatively quick trip in good weather so go when you have an ample weather window but be conscience and make a plan BEFORE you leave if you do get into bad weather. Check weather, check water temp, have flares, have radio, don't push it stay put if necessary. Here is a great tutorial of how to handle heavy seas if you do get caught out there. https://www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/e-newsletters/inbrief/Pages/handling-in-heavy-weather.aspx
  14. It will likely depend on the year of boat you find. I can say in the 2020 SSi line-up the 24 SSi is the only one with a head. Looking through parts manual = 2013 246 SSi has a head but not the 226. Even in the SSX line up to get a head you need to be in a 257 SSX or larger.
  15. I stand corrected. Here is a link to the parts catalog for your boat and it does have a fresh water diagram with the vacuflush system. http://www.chaparralboats.com/publications/uploaded_files/partGuides/Sunesta/2011/244.pdf I would still start at the pump by removing the discharge line to make sure the pump is still working.
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