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  1. Senior

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    That was it! I don't know how a fuse for the starter would effect the engine while its running, I leave that to you Shepherd.
  2. Senior

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    I just wanted to provide a resolution to the problem I was experiencing with my 2002 8.1L Mercruiser shutting down unexpectedly after running it for 45 minutes. To resolve the problem we needed to call the support engineers at Mercruiser. The issue still existed after we replaced the Cool Fuel Pump. It turned out to be the fuse for the starter. It is apparently a known issue with this circa year Mercruiser 8.1L engine. I got the boat back the day before I had to have it out of the marina for winter. I was able to drive it on Lake Michigan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Racine, Wisconsin (20 miles) at 4000 RPM (speed was limited by the waves) without issue.
  3. Senior

    Bravo III No Bueno!

    Glad you have it back! I understand how you feel.
  4. Senior

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    Thanks for the response Paul. I went to the marina and asked them to replace the cool fuel pump. I also believe that the fuel sensor is on than module. I thought the fuel pressure gauge was faulty because its pegged at 95 PSI. It might be because the system truly has a fault. The pump module is only 4 deer without labor so fingers crossed that is the issue.
  5. Senior

    Snap-In carpet question

    Try RNR Marine. They have canvas and carpet patterns for most Chaparral. I replaced my canvas with them, thought about the carpet but didn't do it. You will have to buy the tool and install the snaps yourself. http://rnr-marine.com/
  6. Senior

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    I'm revisiting this issue again hope someone can assist or at least tell me if this is in the realm of possibility. I have had this same problem all summer with my engine shutting down after running it for about 30 minutes. After it shuts down I can restart it right away but cannot go over 2300 RPM or it will shut down again. I can rest the engine and let it cool down and it will be fine again. I've tried numerous small things like filters and fluids. I finally got it over to the repair shop to scan the engine and they couldn't find any codes so they started troubleshooting the old fashion way and found a dead plug. They are currently as I'm writing this replacing all of my plugs. So the question is does the symptom match the diagnosis? Thanks for any help!!! 2002 Mercruiser 8.1L 496
  7. Senior

    Help with Engine Shutdown, Fuel Filter?

    I do have a cool fuel module letter 'C' below https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlN2qJ0_2_qu1Aowd0x-I1wZ9y35 Based on the exploded view below, are the removable screens you referenced listed? If not could you point out where they are located. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlN2qJ0_2_qu1AtnZ6o8XA7c-xYV Hopefully you can access the pictures from the links
  8. Senior

    Boat Maintenance Kit

    If you tow, always have an extra transom plug, and I always have bulbs for my navigation lights.
  9. Check the circuit breaker on the engine. Or if you have a Battery Isolator
  10. I am looking for some advice. I'm having a strange problem and I think it might be the fuel filter from the tank (not the water separator). I was running the boat on Friday at varying speeds. Spent some time at full throttle, and half throttle on Lake Michigan (<1ft waves). I also spent some time at 1100 RPM on the Milwaukee river. After an hour I left the river back onto the lake, and after about 5 minutes at full throttle the engine just shut down. The engine restarted right away and as long as I kept it under 2300 RPM I was fine. As soon as I went over that RPM the engine would shut down, but restart again right away. I've never had the guardian kick in before, but I thought it just governed your RPM not allowing you to go over a certain point. Does it shut your engine down? I have a Garmin 741 connected to my engine. There is no check engine light and all of the gauges look normal except the Fuel PSI which is reading 90 PSI even at idle. Am I correct that fuel PSI should be about 43 PSI at WOT? I'm guessing that the engine is shutting down because of lack of fuel, but it doesn't sound like its starving before it quits. My first guess is the fuel filter and I will change that out first. Does anyone have any other thoughts? 2002 Mercruiser 8.1L 496 / Bravo 3 Thanks for the Assist.
  11. Senior

    Paddle on board?

    I kept a paddle on my 20' boat. I used it once to get to shore on an inland lake. It worked just fine but I wasn't going to win any races. I sold the boat and paddle after that day. That's when I got my 260 and no more paddle. If you are on a federally governed body of water like Lake Michigan it is mandatory to have two types of signaling devices. You can use the boat horn and a portable horn. I use marine flares (don't get road flares) and a rechargeable spot light.
  12. Senior

    Northeast Blues

    Very long winter. 35 degrees in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today. I stopped to see the boat Tuesday. Having the marina install a windlass this year. Our Marinas on Lake Michigan won't let us in until April 15th, and no services until May 1st. At least we didn't get the snow from the East coast!
  13. Senior

    Check Engine Light

    Shepherd as usual you are spot on! I was finally able to get the boat in today. The scanner pointed to the IAC valve. Thankfully they had a new on on the shelf. Hour and 15 minutes after pulling up to the pier I was back underway heading to my marina. No check engine light or beeps. Ran the boat 4000 rpm for about 10 minutes before getting it back into the slip. I wish I could have been out longer but was already playing hooky from work. whew....good to go!
  14. Senior

    Check Engine Light

    I have a 2002 496 Mercruiser 280 hours with check engine light on and it beeps 2 times every minute). Maintenance that I've had done since the check engine light. New raw water impeller (5 psi at idle, 12-14 PSI at 3000 rpm). Oil & oil filter changed, All fluids verified (lube, trim, antifreeze, power steering and engine oil). In line fuel filter changed. Fuel water separator changed. Engine temp 175, oil pressure 50-60. Removed and cleaned flame arrester with soap, water, and pressure washer (wow, that was really dirty). I took it over to the local marina (Volvo certified, not Mercruiser certified) to do all of the work. I know they never scanned the engine (it upset me that they were guessing). After they completed the maintenance listed above it still beeped. I wasn't too upset because the work needed to be done anyway. I thought for sure it was water in the fuel. Yes, had half of a tank of old gas, but put new gas in with old. They wanted to then replace the impeller housing "to see if that could be the problem". The marina with the Mercruiser certified mechanic to scan it is booked for the next couple weeks. I've had the boat out several times and have had zero problems or indications of a problem. Sound great, guages normal, SmartCraft engine data normal, other than a generic check engine. Here's the question. If I already fixed the issue, will the engine alarm reset or do I need a scan tool to reset it? Thank you!
  15. Senior

    04 270 sig starboard engine odd

    Most marine maintenance facilities have fork trucks to move your boat around. Especially with most marinas providing "dry stacking" now a days. When I have my boat pulled for repairs my maintenance facility doesn't charge me. $1k is outrageous. Do you have any other repair facility options near by?