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  1. Lake Michigan As you can see the attached graphic the observed Lake Level in January 2020 is 581.56 feet. It was at its highest point in July 2019 at 581.91 feet. Link to all great lake levels from NOAA if you want to look at the data in more detail: https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/data/dashboard/portal.html To put the current lake levels in perspective with historic levels. In October of 1986 the lake was at its highest point ever recorded at 582.35. It looks like we are projected to break that record. Key take away from the graph: 1. We did not get the dip and normal loss of water level in the winter because it has been such a warm winter we didn't have a lot of evaporation. Going into spring I expect it to only add water with little evaporation. 2. Look at the burgundy bars at the end of the blue dots. That graph is the next six months of the projected water level. It's a pretty large range but it looks like it is going to continue to rise.
  2. I was thinking about having a bow thruster installed because I only have a single engine and looking for some assistance with docking. Sometimes the current on the Milwaukee river is pretty strong. I was doing some Internet research on bow thrusters and ran across this water jet system which uses a water pump vs the traditional propeller. I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything like this. The installation looks to be much easier and the cost for bow and stern thrusters are relatively equal to a traditional bow thruster install without any of the necessary fiberglass work. http://jetthrusteramerica.com/jetthruster/systems/bow-and-stern-thruster
  3. Think about how you want to boat. Are you looking to overnight on the hook or entertain guests? Power: How many people will be going boating with you? The more weight you have the more engine you need to maintain the speed you are comfortable with. If it is just you and one other person the 6.2L might be just fine for you. Platform (SSI vs Signature): You will not get the same amount of people, comfortably, on a 27' cruiser that you can get on your SSi. I boat on Lake Michigan and I have a 260 which is now the 270 w/8.1L 496. I've seen 52 MHP on the GPS on a good day with one passenger and 1/2 tank of gas. Good Luck in your search, let us know which way you go.
  4. Was there any ice in your refrigerator that could have melted?
  5. Senior

    Bogging issues

    Clean the air intake and flame arrestor make sure your engine is getting enough air at WOT
  6. The Suncoast is a Performance Deck Boat. The Suncoast stats are on the right the biggest difference is going to be the deadrise at 20 degrees. I don't know if it helps I don't have a Suncoast. These are just side by side specs from the website.
  7. +1 Friends of mine purchased a new boat last year and their dog has torn up the swim pad on the swim deck. Brand new boat and they are already talking about needing to make repairs. Build a ramp its less expensive, portable and you don't destroy your boat in the process.
  8. Senior

    High RPM beep

    +1 on both of these issues as being a possible reason. I replace my impeller every couple of years. Preventative maintenance. I've heard to many horror stories. I've experienced the lube level alarm at higher RPMs.
  9. +1 I'm in Wisconsin and IMHO nothing beats a heated facility. Heated storage costs more than shrink wrap but not a crazy amount more. Electronic gear doesn't respond well to cold and our winters reduce the life of all electronic equipment. I prefer to spend a little more now on storage than to spend a huge amount replacing electronic equipment.
  10. Senior

    297 SSX Windlass

    I don't understand why they won't sell options aftermarket as it could be an additional source of income. I don't have much choice but to accept it. Nor do I want to dig up old wounds I found a new 2019 297 SSX that the dealer was using as a demo and put 15 hours on it. I negotiated a deal that I just couldn't pass up. The windlass option is 4 large deer and a few doe from the factory, but its not worth passing up this sale just so I can have a windlass. The admiral never liked me climbing up on the bow of the Signature 260 to retrieve the anchor. It was all by hand for many years before I installed the windlass on that. She was always worried that she would give it too much gas (navigating over the anchor point) as I was hauling the anchor rode and feared that I would fall overboard (mind you that has never happened). However, she is okay with me pulling it up by hand now because I'll be safe and secure in the open bow of the 297. I'm just getting soft, and used to the windlass.
  11. Here's a location in Milwaukee for you. http://www.centerpointeservice.com/
  12. Maybe you should look outside of Chicago. I know that Center Pointe Marina in Milwaukee are Certified Volvo Mechanics. http://www.centerpointeservice.com/
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