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  1. I agree i definitely give them credit. Communications from them or the dealer is all that could be asked for.
  2. I saw the same thing when i visited Regal's factory in Orlando.
  3. Agreed - they should have checked it. After waiting this long for the boat i'm happy to have it home and will take care of myself. The dealer also took it out for a sea trial and didn't notice it. I was just happy to get it back. This is what the crack looked like - subtle but a crack none the less:
  4. Electrical System Update - i think the switch is faulty. I pulled the negative cable off both and went one at a time. Battery 1 would work when on 1+2, but not on 1. Battery 2 works on 2, and 1+2. Should be an easy fix. So the end of the season last year i noticed a bulge cracking the gelcoat just behind the bulkhead for the head on the port side. Took it to the dealer as it was obviously coming from the inside out. They took some photos and Chap took care of it. It just took a long time and there was no communications from Chap or the dealer. Boat is good as new now though so i'm
  5. Thanks - i should have looked at the wiring diagram. I "mis-read" labeled it ... i thought the bottom was 1+2 but that's actually just 2, and the one i had marked as 2 is the output. Time to do some more digging. Overall - it took a long time to get the boat back - dropped it off in October at the dealer, got it back July 18th. I dont think the dealer got it down to them until February though. but overall everything is seems perfect. I did trace out the battery 1 - neg goes to the engine block and the positive goes to switch position 1. Thanks for the help and suggestion
  6. Hello, It's been a while. We had some bad / good luck last year. Towards the end of the season i found a problem with the Hull. Short story Chap replaced my hull (swapped in my old Engine) and i just got it back last week. It's been a long hot summer up here. All seems good except it seems they mis-wired the batteries. Only battery 2 works. I used a volt meter and Battery 1 has a charge. Looking for any advice on someone that has re-wired these. This is the front and this is the back Any suggestions? I'd rather poke my eyes out than take it back
  7. On the newer Mercury 350's with the Catalyst option - do they still recommend the special fuel cocktail with the 2 stroke oil/stabil to be run through it? Thanks! Jim
  8. There was another poster that had this happen to him on Lake George
  9. vtjim345

    246 SSi

    Nice! Great Photos
  10. The first year we had our boat we used the full enclosure often - did 110 hours on engine that year. Since then we only wind up going out when it's nice - haven't pulled out the enclosure in 4 years.
  11. From the safety perspective - driving an F150 today I think a rear camera is great. It shows you what you can not see from the mirror perspective since it is back further and has a better vantage point. Trailering wise - I use the center headrest in rear as my guide and the camera for distance. It's helpful when you are by yourself getting the rig hooked up. My 2 cents
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