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  1. did you check the fuses at your battery switch?
  2. Thanks a lot Scubajohnsonben! I will look there.
  3. my aft bildge pump has no power going to it. The dash switch doesnt light up when i turn it on however my forward bildge will. Does anyone know if there a fuse somewhere for it??
  4. I am new to this site or at least to ever posting anything so i hope i am doing this right! My boat pulls hard to the right when i let go of the steering wheel while under power and my mechanic says the tie bar arm is seized and he is too big to get in there. New guy says he cant fix it unless i pull the engine, the other other guy says he might be able to pull some pins and have the whole bar come out??? Has anyone out there had similar problems and what did you do if so? Thanks Chap owners!
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