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  1. pitch

    Saying Bye to My Chap Family

    We took delivery of our MC last Saturday at 2pm. Our Chaparral was sold by 4pm. I'll miss that boat but I'm glad a new family will get to enjoy it. Chap makes a quality boat that hold up for many years.
  2. pitch

    Saying Bye to My Chap Family

    Today is both a sad and happy day for our house. Last year I took delivery of a 216 SSi in April and have loved every minute of the 70hrs my wife and I put on her. But, last week I came across a deal on my dream boat that I couldn't pass up so I pulled the trigger today. I want to say thanks to everyone on this board that helped me along the way. I was a newbie boater last year and had a lot of questions and this forum kept me well informed the entire time. So, here's to my Chap family for keeping it real. If anyone boats in the Knoxville, TN area look for me in a new Mastercraft X-30. Take care everyone! My old girl - Pier Pressure My new girl - will possibly be named Drug Money (long story)
  3. pitch

    A Week on Norris Lake

    If I can get up there I will. We're docked on Loudoun without a trailer so I know my boat won't make it up. If I can hit a ride on my friend's boat I will give you a shout.
  4. pitch

    A Week on Norris Lake

    Have a great week! You will be in my neck of the woods.
  5. pitch

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    Good stuff QMDad. I failed to point out that I walked a 3.5 year old up to that very Lamborghini Gallardo and said, "this is what hard work, street smarts, and some luck look like." His response, "it's a Lambor-genie!"
  6. pitch

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    A homemade electric chair...I mean, personal watercraft.
  7. pitch

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    Is that a hot tub on top? That guy is living right.
  8. pitch

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    I believe it was a 40'+ SeaRay.
  9. pitch

    never wake boarded need help

    You will love it. I did a write-up for a few friends on my own site. http://caseypeters.com/how-to-get-up-on-a-wakeboard/ Let us know how your first pull goes.
  10. pitch

    Cars Seen at the Marina/Dock

    I'm not sure about everyone else but I have about as much fun looking at the cars parked at the marina as I do the boats. I snapped a shot of this Lambo (seen below) today but I also noticed a few Maserati's and Porsche's scattered about. I love watching these people walk to their boats so I can see what kind of on-the-water taste they have.
  11. pitch

    '10-'12 196-216 owners please read.

    We have had multiple sunpad issues. The first was an issue with the gas shocks that hold the sunpad up to view the engine and cooler bay. The right shock kept coming off and the dealer had to install a new shock. To date it's held up. Second, we have had issues with the sunpad as reported in this thread. Even before we bought the boat the dealer said it was a gimmicky setup and often times frustrating to deal with. However, I'm tempted to ask for a '12 replacement so that we can have access to the cooler without having to lift the entire sunpad...thus kicking the wife off of it and making her upset. First world problems but this needs to be addressed for sure.
  12. pitch

    10 Bodacious Boathouses

    I saw this on FB earlier. #3 is on our lake and it's weak compared to many others near it. Not sure why they chose some of these.
  13. pitch

    Grand-Babies first boat ride

    Nice! Love that last pic of the mountain. Is that Rainier?
  14. pitch

    Our New 327

    Congrats! That's an awesome setup.
  15. pitch

    2012 Chaparral 216 SSi with Volvo 5.7L Gi DP?

    As others have said, great choice! We are going into season #2 with our 216 VP 5.0l and still love our boat. The 5.7 will really be a kick in the pants - you will love it. The only issue I've faced with my 5.0 is having 6+ in the boat and trying to pull a D1 fullback out of the water to wakeboard, and we have the factory tower installed. Other than that it's had plenty of power and planes out really fast. Quick note on the vapor color: we have vapor black and although we love it, the hull will quickly show scratches, etc. Just keep telling yourself that the fishies don't care about scratches and scuffs and you'll be good to go.