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  1. Hey Rich, thanks for the info on getting some shine back on her. I will give it a try and let you know how it works! I first have to finish the interior, still have one small piece of carpet in the front and several trim pieces to sand and get the vinyl/carpet on. I am picking up the final few front seats that I had new vinyl put on this week so I should make some good progress the next couple weeks. Earlier this winter I also went through the drive, pulled the outdrive, replaced the gimbal bearing/seal and water pump. Everything looked in great shape, engine alignment was good and no rus
  2. I am starting a new post as the carpet part of my restoration is complete. I now have some of the trim pieces completed and installed and the new seats put in. I am hoping to be done with the interior in the next couple weeks. After that, I am hoping to get some gloss back on the gelcoat. If anyone has any advice on removing med to heavy oxidation it would be much appreciated. Several new pictures uploaded to my gallery.
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    Pictures of vinyl and carpet replacement
  4. Hey Thanks!! It was a very long weekend but the carpet is 95% in and I am starting on the trim pieces. Here is a picture of the latest progress, will get more pics up soon.
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    My 198XL

    Boat Pictures
  6. Hi All, I am new to the forum, it looks like a great place to share ideas and check out all the great Chaparral's in the world. I am currently working on my 1986 198XL 230 Merc. I have owned this boat since 2006 and love it! Unfortunately an unexpected hail storm came by a couple years ago and tore up the vinyl, it was pretty aged to begin with. This year I decided to replace all the vinyl and the carpet too. I didn't realize how much work I was getting myself into, but I have enjoyed it. I have had to rebuild most of the trim pieces with new plywood and most of the seat/backrests too.
  7. Waiting for Summer!

  8. Waiting for Summer!

  9. Waiting for Summer!

  10. Hello I am a new member, I will get some pics of my 1986 198 XL up here as soon as I can. Looks like a great place for information!

  11. Hi, The reason the boat has 2 30 amp plugs is because it needs 2 30 amp circuits, air conditioners generaly use quite a bit of juice. A standard GFCI plug or normal outlet plug is rated at 15 amps and is connected to just one circuit breaker (at the breaker box). This breaker shouldn't be more than a 20 amp breaker which means if you get two adapters, and plug 2 30 amp loads into one 20 amp supply, (both plugs on an outlet get power from the same breaker) you will more than likely trip the GFCI breaker. You may be able to run the "everything else" just fine but I bet when you hook up both y
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