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  1. It runs great but uses a quart every 2-3 hrs. We will go thru it after we pull it to see if it can be fixed and sold. I will have everything you guys have mentioned checked once it is out. We plan on keeping the Chap at least another 10 yrs so it was going to need an engine sooner or later. Im also throwing a new sea pump on too. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. 350 mag, using lots of oil, decided to do a new long block, what else should be done while the motor is out? Thanks.
  3. I was waiting for someone to ask for the "Cliff Notes" version
  4. when your engine was winterized they should have bagged the plugs and zip tied them to the ignition key, hard to miss them this way
  5. It sounds like a HUGE heard of deer leaving your wallet
  6. I'm thinking of buying a 2nd boat from a guy I know, Its low hrs and in near mint condition and most importantly its priced right. Our Chap hit 1000 hrs last fall so a backup/alternate use boat would be nice
  7. Do the VP's have a 2 stage trim switch like the Mercs? If so he may not be pushing the button in far enough to activate the trailer mode.
  8. Yes the cooling is beneficial, I installed one at approx. 200 hrs after I talked to John P. of The Bravo Shop at LOTO. They build Bravos to handle BIG HP, they test with oil temp. sensors installed and they record significantly cooler gear oil temps. External chalking was illuminated and the gear oil looked way better at its 50 hr changes. It should be noted that we currently have 1000 hrs on the boat, and our boating habits are to run 60-80 mls from Omaha up to South Dakota with out stopping for more than 5 minutes at a time. I will always run one on my boats or two if I get TWINS............ John A.
  9. an empty bud light 20 pk box sits in the ski well when opened on its side and set in the tall way, put caps back on the bottles and put them back in the box when empty. no mess. it also can be lined with a kitchen sized trash bag for other waste
  10. "05 chap 220ssi 350 mag/ B3. After 800 hrs the slop in the steering has reached its and my limits. Question is do I have to pull the engine to repair or can it be done by pulling the lower unit ?
  11. On the nightly news they quoted one of his question/answers. Question: How can I tell if my mechanic is any good? Answer: The size of his boat!!! LOL
  12. Rather than the new sparkplugs being superior to the brand you pulled out I wager a guess that the ones you pulled out have some issues. If you have not replaced the plugwires in the last 5 yrs they may be your culprit and will shorten the life of your new plugs and the improvements you have noticed will not last. And YES, I did stay at a holiday inn express last night.
  13. When we picked up our new 220ssi in the spring of '06 it came with 20 loose lugnuts, that was fun
  14. www.leveragepolish.com , I use most of their products
  15. I ordered a halo from The Bravo Shop, they are a Simrek dealer, they build some badazz Bravos. http://bravoshop.net/Home_Page.php
  16. After I installed the pump I disconnected the the upper hose at the thermostat housing and back filled the pump system with water prior to start up. Took the better part of 2 minutes.lol
  17. Mods, I realize now that this should have been in the dock talk forum, if you need to move it by all means do.
  18. Here is a link to arial pics take around 6-15-2011, we need options for midwest lakes to visit. https://picasaweb.google.com/104592539075472798431/TheGreatMissouriRiverFloodOf2011# Note: the river is up 3 to 5 feet since these photos were taken.
  19. The Mo is setting new all time flood records on a daily basis from St Joe. Mo up to Souix City Ia. We have made our 1st two trips to Branched Oaks by Lincoln and we will be up to Yankton later this month for a couple of days. In august we plan on 10 days at LOTO, half at the 8mm and the rest near 33mm. Should be a good time with all the people from MWBP.
  20. I see you also posted this on midwestboatparty.com , they want to know where you are located to give you more info. They have some VERY helpful people over there, as they do HERE.
  21. Dave, what are the conditions like in late August as far as heat and the # of boats out there. Are there any good boat rentals available at reasonable prices? A group of us from Omaha will be in LV for 3-4 days for august 27th Nighthawks/Locomotives football game. If lake Mead is a possiblity for us we may come down for a week Thanks, John A
  22. Happy Husker


    When it comes to marine head units JBL stands for Just Bad Listening . Its the only head unit that the warranty EXCLUDES tuner reception.
  23. Happy Husker

    Table Mod

    Very cool, I'm thinking that using an old wake or knee board for the table top would look pretty cool also.
  24. What is sad for us Mo river people is the flooding is due to the total mismanagement of the dams in s and n dakota by the corps of engineers, they have held back WAY too much water to placate the users up there and now they do not have room to store water for flood control. If it had been a private company running the dams and we had these same results the lawsuits would be flying. Water levels to stay at flood level thru DECEMBER
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