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  1. Anyone know what the replacement part number is for this deck trim?
  2. Just wondering if anyone has seen one of these types of covers for the Vortex 2430 or where I can get one?
  3. I am having the same problem on my 244 sunesta. Not sure if my bildge is working properly, It seems to be intermittant at best. The light powers to the float sensor although I am not sure that either the float or the bildge is operating at 100% Does anyone know the best way to test this out. When I run water into the bildge, sometimes it will kick on but sometimes it just wont work. Thoughts? thanks
  4. Brick, a picture of your idea would be the greatest ever! Please attach. thanks
  5. Mister... Unfortunately, mine is a manual lift and does not have an electric hold down like my old cruiser used to have. But I bought a tie down and will add a backing plate and screw through the 3 inch portion that rises from the deck so that I can use a bungie to hold it down. Sounds ghetto, but I dont think I have another option.
  6. Dont know... Has anyone taken these waves before where it would lift up?
  7. So I know that this may be a bit driver error, but I am going to ask anyway. We have a Sunesta 244 with a 350 merc and boat on the Upper Chesapeake. But when we get out into 1-2 foot chop, the motorbox will lift slightly and slam down. In previous boats that I have owned the motorbox was electric secured and didnt lift. But since this is hand pulled up, there is no way to secure it down tighter. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks
  8. We purchased a 2008 Sunesta 244 which we love entirely, but we have found that the Starboard side through hull DRAIN near the rear of the boat by thTransom walkthrough has a water backflow issue. When we are just sitting and a wake hits the outside, it will flush water up into the boat getting the cabin carpet wet and soggy. Apparently this is something that Chaparral fixed on later models with a flapper valve, but does anyone know how I can fix this? I have looked for pugs but have been told this is not a good idea as water will eventually corode in the drain and rust out. OR to cap the cabin, which is also not recommended? Thoughts? Part Nunber Locations from Parts ID Guide (http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/PartsGuides/Sunesta/2008/244.pdf) 1 1/4 SS SHORT THRU HULL (Starboard Liner Drain) (OUTSIDE OF THE BOAT VIEW) 12 34.00038 DRAIN - SS FLOOR DRAIN 1 1/4" BARB (INSIDE THE COCKPIT VIEW)
  9. I have an 08' Chaparral Sunsesta that we purchased a few years ago and have been high-n-drying it. But we want it closer to home now. Does anyone know where a good place to get a decent priced one would be? thanks
  10. Depends on how much you want to spend? For some reason, DE is a bit more expensive than keeping it in Maryland. If you are going to haul out, I would recommend somewhere on the east shore of Maryland by Duffy Creek. Its a quick boat to a ton of spots. If you like to sit high on the Chesapeak, go up towards elkton. Just know that its a good 40+min haul to get to any party spots. If you are looking for High and Dry's then down towards Baltimore is your place. Tons of locations there to raft up and pretty central to everything. A Bit more of a drive though.
  11. Dave, Where are you looking to leave your boat? In delaware or Maryland? I ask because I have stayed at a few locations with our boat. In delaware there are very few High and Dry's which is what we leave ours in. If you are looking at the East shore of the chesapeake bay, you are going to pay more. For some reason, I havent figured this out, the western shore is much cheaper and has nicer amenities. But there are some drop and go marina's in DE that are ok for what you are chatting about. Let me know.
  12. Purchased our 08' 244 sunesta last year and love it! But I was reading an article in Boating Magazine,April 2011 pg.58; and they mentioned that swapping the 14" x 20" 4blade ss with a "Fuel Saving" 15 1/4" x 19" 3 blade was able to save the following specs. Fuel Wasting Fuel Saving 3500 RPM 3500RPM 15.9 gph 11.3 gph 33.7 mph 35.8 mph 2.1 mpg 3.2 mpg Does anyone know if this is correct and two will this fit my Sunesta 244? thanks.
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