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  1. Lowflyer

    Chaparral Brothers

    Gentleman, This will be my last post on this forum (baring replies). The Admiral and I have sold our Chaparral looking to move up! She (the Admiral) was a little "P'd" because we were "without" a boat for almost three weeks. We had looked at, and then bought a Carver 355 Aft Cabin and are extremely pleased with our purchase. The room, quality, and added width, length made this the perfect upgrade for us. I really appreciate ALL of the help, advice, pointers and "family" over the years, that helped us maintain our Chaparral. It really boils down to the friendship that a forum like this creates to help fellow boaters and Chap owners to maintain or "sustain" our boats. Thank you again for all the support, guidance and advice. Cheers always... PS.. Sold 2006 Sig 276 in 1 week for the asking price to some great people! Look for another "member" soon!
  2. Lowflyer

    Do you treat ethanol-free gas?

    I treat with Stabil or similar product every fill up. It is supposed to help preserve the fuel and will help with any condensation in the fuel. Cheap insurance... Cheers
  3. Lowflyer

    I can't seem to locate my boat keys

    Ironically, I just had a friend tell me that she cannot find her ONLY key to her boat and wants to know what to do? I explained to her, first thing, make a spare key after I replace your ignition switch! It will come with two keys but get a third one. That way you have one with you, one spare in your vehicle and one spare at home in case you lose the other two. Way cheaper then replacing ignition switches..... I have three sets of keys... Why? Because after we got to the lake one beautiful day and did not have the keys, I had to drive 20 minutes each way to get the keys. Now, I keep a set (ignition, cabin, locker) of keys in each vehicle so that IF I ever forgot to grab the keys again, I just reach in the glove box of whichever vehicle we drove to the lake to retrieve the keys. Besides, it keeps me from looking "forgetful" in my old age.....
  4. Lowflyer

    Sierra Parts

    And you matched the filters end to end and they were exactly the same? Obliviously, something's not right. I don't always use Sierra parts, but when I do I haven't had any problems over the years. Cheers
  5. Lowflyer


    offshoretechman.... we have the same boat and mine is only around 700 deer with max coverage to meet umbrella policy mins........ Progressive.. Might want to shop around.... Cheers
  6. Lowflyer

    Removing GPS

    I have had my GPS panel out several times without any problems. No adhesive on mine, just the four black corner screws. Give it a little pry up and it should come off. Suggest the bottom half so that IF you bend a little it will not be as noticeable. You will definitely be able to see the steering gear housing and all the wires. Cheers
  7. I have the same boat. Mine has a 5.7 VP but no wire attached to a drain. What engine and do you have a pic? Cheers,
  8. Lowflyer

    Hour meter has reset itself...

    You will now have to keep track of your "original hours". Once it resets the Tach will only keep track of the hours on the engine from here on out. Actually, anytime the key is turned on, the tach is keeping track of "hours". The only thing that will tell the true hours on the engine is the ECM. It has the actual run time on the engine stored in the memory. If you now changed out the ECM, the boat would only show the tach hours and ECM hours from here on out. The ECM hours on most boats show less hours on the engine then the Tach simply because of the key starter (ignition switch) being turned ON and not started. Not unusual. I have inadvertently left my key in the ON position while doing maintenance on the boat which means the Tach hour meter is continuing to count up the hours of "run time". Cheers
  9. Lowflyer

    Rinker vs Chaparral

    +1 Ric Buying used can really pay off in "not paying off". Never had a new boat but always bought a " new to me boat ". Current boat was at least 10k deer less then other same boats at the time. Looking to upgrade a few years and/or feet and stay in the same price range. There are plenty of boats for sale.... wait for the one that "speaks" to you. Good luck! Cheers..
  10. Sorry to hear about having to pull your boat for the year.... Not a great Summer here in Georgia this year because of the late Spring and all the rain. "Water Wings" is in the water 24/7 so I can still use her deep into Fall and sometimes early Winter. ONE of the advantages to living in the SOUTH! Still need to change all the oils and plug in the engine compartment heater before the first hard freeze.... Is it me or did this season just speed by so fast that I (we) couldn't or didn't enjoy it? Just saying...... thanks Whalersailor
  11. Lowflyer

    Can't find leak--ready to give up

    Put it on the trailer, put a hose in it, fill the bilge with water just below the starter, enough food coloring to change the water color and see where the leak is. If it doesn't leak then it is not structural. I just replaced all my rubber exhaust coupling boots because I could not see the leak but was getting water into the normally dry bilge. On my VP, if the lower exhaust boot has a split, it will leak water into the bilge. Just a suggestion... Cheers
  12. Lowflyer

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    ECM was bad....... Do not buy new frm VP if you can help it...... Saved 700 deer minimum due to research....... Problem solved. Cheers
  13. Lowflyer

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    Update on "Water Wings" idle problem: Mechanic checks all the sensors that I checked, says they are all good. Thinks it is the "crazy reliable" ECM that is bad. Another boat finally comes into the shop that they can swap ECM to check (dealer doesn't want to buy an ECM and not need it). ECM swap works, boat runs and idles. I find a place in California that can repair ECM's. Sixty to eighty deer if repairable, 800 + deer for new/used plus programming. VP wants 1600 herd for new ECM! California shop checked my ECM says not repairable (IAC diode controller bad). Makes sense so I requested one programmed for my engine overnighted to Georgia. Put it on, started engine, high idle with NEW IAC installed, ECM brought idle down to normal, purring like a kitten again. Saved 700 deer! The bottom line here is that even though EVERYTHING checked out fine on diagnostic, the actual ECM was doing the diagnostic test but couldn't find it's own IAC problem within the ECM. Thanks for all the good info from you guys and the things to test and try. Hopefully this thread will help someone else if this symptom happens to them. Cheers
  14. Lowflyer

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    Wingnut..... Thanks for the reply. Already checked the fuel pressure low and high. Right in target range. Hope it's not a cylinder............... happened suddenly while shifting Forward to Reverse in a docking situation. In Neutral I can set the RPM at any setting from 500 to higher with no missing or hesitation. When I pull it back to straight up Neutral it stumbles and dies. Temp and oil pressure are normal and steady. Checked every wheel and pulley that rotates on the front of the engine, all run true and without any drag to pull the engine down at idle. New IAC tomorrow.... they did say to send the other one back, hopefully for a refund. Everything points to the IAC and nothing else. Wish I had another ECM to plug in or a boat to plug mine into..... Is there any possibility of throttle linkage slippage? Everything is tight on the engine part of the quadrate but wondering about the shifter its self? Still investigating..... Any service bulletins for this year model engine or components? Cheers
  15. Lowflyer

    Another "Engine won't Idle" problem

    Wingnut.... It does not look like that one. It has the four wire connector. http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx/Idle-Air-Control-Valve/_/R-CRB229653_0169842388 I already replaced the Throttle Position Sensor and checked for vacuum leaks at every hose and fitting. Anymore ideas?