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  1. I enjoy a Macanudo or Arturo Fuente while relaxing on my boat.
  2. Going out on Saturday first time this year and taking my 7 month old Lab puppy for her first boat ride.. Looking forward to a nice afternoon on the water.
  3. Mike, The bottom photo is what I'm after more or less but mine were gray not white. Thanks, I appreciate your help.
  4. Can anyone recommend where I can get the Bimini Clips that came with my 2004 236 Sunesta? I’ve had to replace them and the replacements don’t hold the Bimini like the original clips did when towing. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Our summer trip this year is taking us to Lake Berryessa in Northern California just east of Napa 425 miles one way. 5 N. to 580 to 680 to 121 to 128. Looking forward to exploring a lake I've never been on along with a few days set aside for wine tasting.
  6. Yes a willingness to help other boaters. Last year while at Lake Mead I spotted a boater who seemed in need. As it turns out they 3 guys total had been out the prior day and broke down, they had spent the night no cell service nor a VHF radio. They were desperate. When I found them they had no water or food. I provided assistance and using my VHF radio was able to get the attention of a Ranger who we met and provided further assistance. They offered me money which I refused and I asked them to some day return the favor to someone in need. Karma.
  7. Wow sorry to hear you had such a rotten day. Look at it this way no one was hurt and in the end you learned a thing or two.
  8. Our Sandy dog. She loved being on the boat. We had to put her down a few years ago, she was a great dog.
  9. What is the name of your boat and why? I named my boat Legacy because my Father and Grandfather both introduced and taught me about boating. I have in turn introduced my kids to boating, thus Legacy.
  10. I went to Costco and tried to get in by showing my ARRP card.
  11. Hey, love that bad boy steering wheel! Nice job.
  12. rrjoy11

    Prop help

    I always have a spare prop on board a lesson learned years ago.
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