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  1. Kelly K

    Hal & Kelly's Chaparral Adventure

    1995 Chaparral Signature 290 located on Ross Barnett Reservoir near Jackson, Mississippi
  2. Kelly K

    1999 290 Signature series

    Get some artists' paper and a pencil and do a rubbing of the existing decal and take it to a sign shop. They can cut new decals to exactly match your old ones.
  3. Kelly K

    Strong head (?) odor

    Our problem turned out to be a waste tank (probably original, so 15 years old) that was corroded clear through on the bottom side, thus allowing its contents to leak out and fill the area that contains the waste tank and adjacent fresh water tank. Enough liquid finally emptied from the tank to reach the level of the fresh water pump, causing it to short out, and when we removed the flooring of the rear sleeping compartment to access the pump, we found the nasty mess. A new plastic waste tank has been installed, along with a new water pump, and LOTS of bleach has been used to thoroughly rinse, flush, and disinfect the whole area.
  4. Kelly K

    Strong head (?) odor

    First posting on this forum by the new owner of a 1995 Chapparal Signature 290. We began experiencing a strong odor in the cabin about a month after purchasing this boat that had not seen regular use for some time. First thought was to have the waste tank emptied, which we did, but a strong odor is still present. The odor seems to be emanating from the bilge area under the steps through which one enters the cabin. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kelly Kyle Jackson, MS