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  1. Man I #$%$&$% give up with you assholes on this site. I spoke of facts in my response to try and help. Fact #1 used oil contains combustion by products that can cause damage to internal engine components. Fact #2 moisture in oil can severely damage an engine. Blow a head gasket and watch what happens. Fact #3 his oil was fresh when he put it up for the season. Fact #4 if he has all of information in his op plus the manufacturers recommendation, he should be able to make the right decision. Fact #5 not totally related to this topic, I
  2. What does the manufacturer recommend? I can't speak for others but used oil contains byproducts of combustion that can cause damage to internal components. In addition there is the possibility of moisture in the oil that can cause corrosion. These are facts, not opinions or guesses. Now that you have this information it's up to you to make what you feel is the best choice.
  3. +1 and Cabelas carries them all and now so does West Marine.
  4. Have tried both a tube type and now have a wet sounds 12' mounted(correctly) under the sink in my boat. The tubes as mentioned earlier will make a lot things on your boat rattle but most important, they take up a good bit of storage space so you have to be willing to lose some space..
  5. Applying Your Adhesive Whether it is being sprayed, brushed or rolled on, the application of your 3M™ adhesive is a straightforward process. Start by carefully applying your adhesive to your surface until you've formed a uniform coat. Using an overlapping pattern, the application of one coat should prove sufficient for most surfaces. Effective adhesive coverage is accomplished when 80% or more of the surface is covered. Some substrates, including porous materials, may require an additional coat. In order to apply additional adhesive, simply wait until the existing adhesive becomes dry to the t
  6. I thought of that but unfortunately and in my own haste, removed the entire pad from the boat so that I could photograph it for Seadek. If you GOOGLE reattaching Seadk there is a page from Seadek giving exact instructions for reattaching loose pads. In it they use some sort of sheet or strips of pressure sensitive adhesive but Seadek will not provide me with information to purchase or even offer to sell me the sheets that I would need. In fact they deny the instruction exist?? I contacted 3M adhesive division and put the question to them and they suggested 3M 1099 adhesive so I think Im g
  7. Everyone keeps pointing to the installation as the cause, WTF? As previously stated previously, I installed all of the Seadek pads on the boat, 17 total, exactly per the Seadek installation instructions provided on the web. None of the other pads are affected. Seadek' has a three year warranty, my pads are just barely over that and yet they still offer no support? Clearly, you got lucky with your Seadek product and just as clearly, I did not. I put this information out here so others who might be considering a product like Seadek can make the best choice possible. I clearly won't be purchasin
  8. Update #1. I contacted Seadek and described my issue to Jackie from Seadek customer service. She was polite and friendly and even asked for pictures of the specific panel that's affected which I provided. She said the pictures would be given to management and they would make a decision concerning this problem. Seadeks response is as follows, "Unfortunately this product is out of warranty due to the swim platform pad being purchased almost 4 years ago. We are attaching our warranty guide just for some extra clarification. The warranty does not cover adhesion. We would be happy to remake yo
  9. PM me a good email or number I can text you a couple, Photobucket is an a$$pain.
  10. My swim platform has three and the extended swim is five as well. The center one is the one that's coming up on mine also. I only saw mine bc it lifted when I was spraying it down. I read on another boat forum that Seadek has been replacing pads when customers report them delaminating, guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow? I also got a light grey with dark grey border and wish it didn't stain so easy. If knew then what I know now.. I have too much done in these colors to start over after three years.
  11. Mine was installed 3 years ago in 2014 and was done according to the instructions on Seadek website. It is exposed to the elements except when in storage with all the covers on. I've never cleaned it with anything but 409 and Maguires car wash. I have Seadek on most of the walking areas on my boat but only the extended swim platform is affected? Kind of rules out improper prep/installation..
  12. While I was washing the boat today I found out the Seadek on my swim platform is coming up? Has anyone had this problem before? I plan to contact Seadek tomorrow since I've read where they had adhesive issues around the time I bought mine (2012).
  13. Can't help you with finding any of those style but you might look into removing all of the chrome plastic ones andhaving them done in vinyl by a local graphics shop or one you can find online? They reproduce the exact font and they will look just like if not better than the original ones. The best part is you can get a couple made so if you get a dock rash through one it's easy to replace.. Just a suggestion.
  14. I hope texastoast changes his mind, and continues to use this website. I got a speeding ticket once ( ok, more than once...) but I still drive... brick I hope he comes back to. $houldnt let tho$e who feel the need to con$tantly correct and re$pond negatively to new people on the $ite. This i$nt the only forum but it i$ one of the one$ that has numerou$ member$ that feel the need to be di$re$pectful toward$ new u$er$. Kills me that some use this space to make boating a bad thing to others? Not why I bought my boat and not why I joined the site.
  15. Hence the reason my lights are mounted between the rub rail and the ESP. Besides, I haven't seen a color that looks good in muddy or brownish water. Ah, should've read it first. I see they covered lights mounted as mine are. I guess I will only use them while anchored or tied up and not underway. Seems as if that's the biggest concern.
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