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  1. No, the boat is three hours away and I won't be back until next weekend. I'll try to at least see what they go to... Good thing I bought three different battery switches and ruined a battery over two seemingly pointless diodes and a mysterious wire. I'll keep everyone posted!
  2. I'm not sure where they are coming from but they are not coming from the alternator or the nipple under the seat and I don't have an on-board battery charger. it goes into the wire loom so hard to tell by just looking. I do see what you are saying though. I thought you meant the were for the system not just that line. as always thanks for everyone's help on this!!
  3. I guess I'm not totally sure how it would work... wouldn't they need to be in-line to stop reverse polarity? I'm also not sure how it makes sense to have the diode connected to both post. I'll trace the wire and see where the diode(s) is and look to replace it. In the mean time it doesn't sound like an issue leaving it unplugged.
  4. I contacted the company who puts the switches in for Chaparral and they were able to find the exact switch used in 2006. I had them ship it to me and I installed it with the same results! (The boat having power all the time). After about losing my $h|t I started playing around and verifying everything was connected correctly. I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure it is. Some of the wires were labeled #1/#2, so that was pretty straight forward. Next I started removing wires and trying different combinations when I found the below wire that goes to both. When this is connected to either the 1 or 2 post the boat has power all of the time. I took it off and tried everything in the boat…. Everything seems to be fine and working. I actually ran all weekend just fine without an issue. My Q, does anyone know what it is for? I didn’t try my bilge pump to make sure it was live when the switch was in off but I did check my trim and that works, so I figured they’re hard wired someplace else.
  5. Thanks all for the replies!! As mentioned I'm still trying to track down the OEM switch. I've tried a Guest (factory) and Perko and neither have worked. I found a service number on the back of my switch but I haven't had any luck hearing back from them. (BH Electronic Inc.). As for the amps. when I'm going to be away for a few days. I totally unhook the batteries and use a jump box to raise and lower the hatch. If I'm just away from the night I leave them attached and make sure everything Is turned off. My amps do turn off when I turn my head unit off but the head unit still lights up b/c it has power. I just assume this isn't enough to kill both batteries over night. I might be able to kill the "display" mode on my HU and that might help too.
  6. I was just using those two as examples. I can turn the switch to "OFF" and everything still works. (blower, stereo, lights, etc.) I was using those two because they were examples of the less power being supplied than when the switch is in the other locations. Prior to this issue everything turned off when the switch was in the "OFF" location. (other than the trim and bilge pump)
  7. I was just using the blower because I could hear it turn on and off. If I turn it on off. I actually left if on "OFF" and started messing with my stereo when I noticed my subs weren't hitting. It freaked me out thinking something was wrong with my amps now but once I switched to "1", "2", or "ALL" they worked just fine.
  8. Is this how yours is? Note the four screws all the Guest I can find only have three and the face is larger than the cutout itself.
  9. There are two, what I believe to be isolators, below the switch. I'll try to disconnect them and see if it clears. Just to make sure I cover all my bases and have the correct parts at hand do you happen to know what model Guest Chaparral used? I don't see a model # on it anywhere. . As always thanks for the quick reply!!!
  10. Per below I have a 2006 256 SSI with the factory Guest switch. At some point last year I noticed my batteries kept dying then I noticed it was because they weren’t turning off and everything was getting juice regardless of the battery switch location. (off position). I started playing around and I noticed if I left the blower on and the switch in “1”, “2” or “BOTH” the blower ran normal. If I switched it to “OFF” I would get some lag but the blower was still running. Any ideas? Maybe the switch is bad? Maybe I hooked something up wrong when I replaced a battery? BTW I’ve tried replacing the switch twice now and I keep ordering the wrong switch (too large). I was hoping to confirm if it is a bad switch or not and have all the parts needed to fix the issue as I won’t be back at the boat for a week or two. Thanks, Jason
  11. Google "Spring line". Tons of videos and How-To's covering your exact situation.
  12. I have basically the same setup with some additions. I wasn't sold on the 10" JL's so I added another 600W amp and 12" sub under the helm (couldn't hear any bass in the bow). I don't think you have a tower, so no need to go into that. I also went with class D amps. usually they are only used for subs but mine have been great and they save a TON of power over class A/B. My old system I could run hard for hours before killing A battery. (2x 600W amps) I would say figure out what you're willing to spend and get the best. even if you can't get everything you want now. buying cheap you probably won't be happy and you'll replace it later. You can always make additions as you see fit.
  13. Speaking of removing has anyone removed and replaced? at some point I'd like to removed them and buff / wet sand the black. Waxing covers most of the fine scratches but at some point I'd like t bring it back to new. I was wondering how big of a deal this is. I wonder if I need to buy the graphics now, if still available, assuming at some point I won't be able to find them...? BTW I always try for 100 hrs but never seen to get it. I probably get 80+/-. Most of my time is spend on the hook when I'm at the lake. On the river we cruise around more.
  14. great thanks guys! It might look better if I don't worry about ventilation lol J/K
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