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  1. mikw

    Lake Wheeler, Alabama

    Does anyone boat on Lake Wheeler, Alabama? I'm looking for information and opinions of boating on Lake Wheeler? I'm not sure it's worthy of a string topic here, so PM me. Thanks!!
  2. mikw

    Engine compartment soundproofing

    I used DynaMat. Works pretty good.
  3. mikw

    Worth it to upgrade?

    If you're going to up-size, make it at least 3' !!
  4. mikw

    Raw Water Impellar Damage

    I was changing out my Raw water impellar tonight and found the old impellar had a small piece missing. Don't remember engine temp elevated on last run in the fall. So take a look at these pictures and comment if you think it's worth chasing the piece of rubber. I.E. removing thermostat, riser hoses, etc, etc. The piece missing is 1/8" x 3/4". Thanks!
  5. mikw

    New to me 2335 SS Sport Cuddy :)

    Drew, Just logged back in to the site, and this is the first time Ive looked at your blog since Sep '15!! You've done a tremendous job!! Keep up the good work. And keep posting the pictures.
  6. Brought boat home today and listing winter projects I'd like to start working toward. First for consideration is replacing the speedometer gauge with a Lowrance LMF 400. It fits in the same hole without modifying panel and ties into my NMEA 2000 network. The speedo pitot was constantly getting pushed up all summer and not even close to accurate. I can replace the speedo pitot tube with a Lowrance paddle wheel and temperature sensor using same mounting area and transom passage. Thus getting speed and water temp plus other data from the network. At least the gauge would be of some use as opposed to the current speedo. Anyone have the Lowrance LMF 400 gauge? If so, are you satisfied with it?
  7. mikw

    Feedback on 1998-1999 Signature 300

    The '99 has SX drives, so I suppose they're not the composite Xdp drives. Thanks for the info on the fuel tanks - that's the kind of institutional info I'm seeking from this audience!! Also, since I'd use it solely in saltwater, closed circuit cooling is a must?? I'd sure like to here from someone that's owned the Sig 300! Thanks!!
  8. I'm toying with the idea of purchasing 1998 or 1999 model Signature 300. The '98 has twin 4.3L Merc and the '99 has twin 5.0L Volvo. Both have reasonable hours and '98 has an '04 generator. Inspection would be a must along with a sea trial. I'd keep the boat on the Gulf Coast vicinity of Destin. So, I'm seeking info from the experts here to chime in with your experience or opinion reference these two models. Any info will be highly appreciated!! Thanks.
  9. What about the GM to Volvo re-brands? Is it Volvo proprietary or out of the box?
  10. Thanks for the insight!! I liked the down and dirty info on the Rinda tools.
  11. I found this Tech article while searching for information about Rinda Technologies (www.rinda.com) code readers and troubleshooting the MIL codes. The article is very informative for the DIY! My boat does not have a malfuntion indication light (MIL). So I might follow the guidance from BillaVista and make my own. This article helped me tremendously AND will save many $$$$ in the future! I hope it does the same for you. Here's the Link: http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/MEFI/
  12. mikw

    New to me 2335 SS Sport Cuddy :)

    Good looking boat!! I had the 2330SS with B1, fast hole shot and it was a smooth ride. The lines on the profile view are timeless!!
  13. OK, I've Google Searched the Net and this site and haven't found my answer! I'm hoping you folks have the answer. What's the sensor on the underside of the flame shield on the 8.1L Volvo? And must it be positioned (only twist, but has somewhat of an arrow on it) in a specific direction? The flame Shield VP part number is 3861345.