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  1. Newb Sig 260

    How do you keep your cabin cool on hot summer nights?

    AC and Generator or move to Canada!
  2. Newb Sig 260

    Lake Powell Aug 2015

    Doing great here in AZ but haven't really been out as much as I'd like this year. Actually considering selling the Sig to get a start on the retirement houseboat. Will eventually have a day cruiser and probably will be a Chap. Been really hot this week...supposed to get to 115 or so today. As long as it cools down to 102ish it should be nice temps at Powell. It's usually 10deg or so cooler up there than in Phx. Would love to get another raft up scheduled but been so busy I haven't even been on here much!
  3. Newb Sig 260

    Lake Powell Aug 2015

    Anyone going to Lake Powell next week (8/10-8/16)? I have a trip planned. Picking up a houseboat at Bullfrog but everyone we invited can't make it so it's just the wife and I on a 46'er with 2 jet skis. Can't take the Sig cuz I don't have enough bodies to work all of the equations. Would be great to meet up with some other Chappies!
  4. Newb Sig 260

    Do I Overpack??

    This is the water saddle that was mentioned. I have 4, they are very easy to store and work like a charm.
  5. Newb Sig 260

    Orbital Antares Rocket Launch Scrubbed...

    OK...so the engines are old Russian rocket motors. My friend won't confirm but I believe they are decommissioned ICBM engines. The whole purpose of the engine is to mix the liquid fuel and ignite it. All of the engines purchased are completely rebuilt by an American company contracted to do the work and test them. This particular rocket is Cargo Only.....(Absolutely NO Passengers) so the risk of using older refurbished parts are negligible and cost effective. Orbital has had over a dozen successful rocket launches and 2 successful cargo transfers to the ISS with this configuration and has had 0 (zero) failures until now. As for the multiple explosions they did manually engage the self destruct to prevent any off course mishaps. The second stage is a solid fuel engine so after the crash it could have burned for days (anywhere it landed with 0 capacity to extinguish it) had they not done so.
  6. Newb Sig 260

    Do I Overpack??

    Try owning a cruiser.....there are so many places to pack stuff, especially if your transporting everyone's crap to the camp site!
  7. Newb Sig 260

    Signature 280 Electrical Questions

    I think I read somewhere that the battery switch has to be in certain positions for all batteries to charge. Certain switch combinations will prevent one or more batteries from actually getting charged. Also have you verified that your battery charger is working properly. Maybe your getting a partial charge when driving around and not really charging from the Generator due to charger issue or switch settings.
  8. Newb Sig 260

    Orbital Antares Rocket Launch Scrubbed...

    One of my best friends builds these rockets. He was deeply upset that with over a dozen successful launches none were covered until something goes wrong! He said he noticed something not quite right as soon as the main engine fired. Thank goodness for insurance!
  9. Newb Sig 260

    Can someone tell me what this is...

    If the option is installed!
  10. Newb Sig 260

    Can someone tell me what this is...

    The picture shows what called a deck plate 4" which in your case is more than likely an access/maintenance port. Your throttle cable, wire bundles and other components probably runs right through that area. Here is where you find the parts manual for your boat: http://www.chaparralboats.com/2014/chaparral/Boating-Publications.php?publications=parts_guides
  11. Newb Sig 260

    Newbie questions - 240 sig owner

    1) I believe that the water in the forward bilge may be coming in from the anchor locker. It has been a know issue with the Sig 240 and Sig 260 where water can get into the forward bilge when it rains. I'm guessing you are getting quite a bit of rain. The moisture in the cabin is due to the water in the forward bilge. If you do a search in this forum you will find at least 1 if not 2 threads that talk about this and how to fix where the water is coming in. 2) Could be many things. Check the belt. If it is slipping or if one of the pulleys is starting to seize up that could cause poor cooling. Also other things to check. Impeller is usually the #1 culprit of overheating or thermostat. 3) If you will be docking on a floating pier and only have side axis to moor then cross the center and aft lines, this will give you access to the swim platform to board and debark. 4) Doesn't rain much here in Arizona so I can't answer this question. 5) All of the upholstery is replaceable or fixable. I suggest fixing the issue with the water in the forward bilge and this issue may go away.
  12. Newb Sig 260

    1999 Sig 260 wont plane

    I have the same 1999 Sig 260 with the 5.7L EFI Carb engine. My prop is 22p but I'm also up a little in elevation. You definitely should be able to get on plane with 7 people. I generally have 3-4 teens and an adult on board while tubing and get up and out easily. The only time I have a hard time getting on plane is when I have 8+ passengers and their gear on board. Full throttle and trim tabs all the way down usually get me on plane though. It is quite possible that the previous owner may have had the gear ratio changed. Also what altitude was the original owner using the boat at, same lake/river system? With this boat and engine your top speed should be around 40 give or take depending on conditions and loading. I've never gotten above 42 and that's pushing 5000-5100 RPM. I notice that at Lake Powell where the elevation is a little higher than Phoenix I top out at about 38 and 4800ish RPM.
  13. Newb Sig 260

    Sig 260 ac sump

    OK...so here is the update on my issue: It appears as though I had 2 different but coincidentally simultaneous problems. After some more research and crawling around the depths of the boat I found that my AC condensation drains to the engine compartment and not to the Sump box. So after clearing our the AC pump strainer (not finding anything in it) and pulling the boat out for the weekend I turned on the AC Air breaker while in the slip on shore power and the water pump turned on. Hmmm. Must have had something blocking water flow to the inlet of the pump. Now that the AC works I started looking at the Sump. OK so since the AC condensation doesn't go to the sump but the sump trips when I turn on the breaker I disconnected the sump motor and the breaker stays on. So all of this time 3yrs I have been running the shower sump dry (or maybe not because it has a float switch that I think kept it off unless it filled with water) and if so that would explain why it was tripping the breaker. Anyways, I pulled the entire sump unit out since it was so old and have ordered a replacement. I hate when multiple issues arise at the same time and make you think they are related.
  14. Newb Sig 260

    4th of July

    Great pics. To answer your question. Usually when a microwave runs but does not heat anything up either the magnatron starting cap or the magnatron itself has gone bad. usually cheaper to just replace the microwave.
  15. Newb Sig 260

    2003 260 Signature buying tips

    The filler cushion is to convert the table into a sun pad. You should have 2 short sun pad legs that replace the longer table legs then the cushion on top of the table should be flush with the seats.