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  1. Meguiar’s #45 marine polish applied with my porter cable, followed by Meguiar's M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax (smells so good I lick my hull now and then) every other year on my 2003 ssi, It does sit on a trailer in the shade, guys at the public dock ask if it's a new boat....
  2. I've seen guys cut pool floaties/tubes and fix them to the skids.
  3. Hey Duane, I'm pretty sure you need to be at a minimum altitude before follow me will work. You also need to be using a phone or tablet with a data plan (so it can use the GPS)
  4. I was using a DJI Phantom 3 standard, the boat chase scenes I was using the "follow me" feature.
  5. When my buddies are out golfing on the weekend and I can't go because I'm wrapped up like a pretzel underneath the console trying to find an electrical short all day or snaked in behind the engine compartment on a 90-degree day trying to grease something. I have to remind myself why I have a boat and it will all be worth it when I'm out on the water. Besides that, how the heck else am I going to get out to an island?
  6. Howdy all, summer almost here! Check out some footage I took with my drone up in the Thousand Islands. I was using the "follow me" feature with my DJI Phantom drone. This is my 2003 200ssi, love this boat. Best viewed in 720.
  7. The very shoal I paddled away from was on the St. Lawrence near Clayton. : )
  8. Yes, I keep 2 collapsable paddles in my 20 ft 200 ssi. They have saved my butt on a few occasions. Once when the engine quit near a gas dock in a busy marina, and another time when the engine quit and I had to paddle about 50 ft in order to prevent getting bashed up on a shoal.
  9. Hey Shepherd1 Thanks for response and details. Hope all is well with you. My video was actually filmed last fall out in the Lake Fleet Island group across from Gan. I can't believe the Marina is gone now. I trust you are doing well though. 1. I took the lower unit off 3 seasons ago to replace the impeller but I have never pulled the upper since I purchased the boat 8 years ago. 2. The bellows look good. I always store in down position and she sits on the trailer most of the year when we aren't out on the island. 3. I do all of my own work ( i like to know the boat) so will probably have a crack at it as soon as we are out of freeze threat. 4. When I pull the drive, I will probably take care of all of above since I like to do preventative maintenance. Question: What does a bad gimbal feel like? Hard to spin? Loose? The boat runs great, shifts very smooth, no loud obnoxious noises...just that subtle clacking noise at idle. Thanks again.
  10. Chappy275ssi - I'll let you know if I find anything else out, if you could do same please.
  11. The odd thing is, I can't really hear it with the muffs on. I'll check on muffs again as soon as we are out of any freeze danger. It's a very subtle noise, clacking sound is best way to describe it.
  12. I put my 2003 200SSI (Alpha One gen2) away last fall with a possible issue. I took a video with the boat in the water as it doesn't seem to make the sound when on the ears. It is a light knocking noise, you can just hear it behind the bubbling noise...maybe a little better at the end when I moved away from the outdrive. The boat performed just fine, no grinding, just a light knocking or clacking noise. It's more audible when I'm filming from above but this is the last video I had before I put her away for the winter. Do any of you geniuses know what could be causing this knocking sound? You tube video of knocking noise
  13. Hah! I think they are Chinese now. Every breaker in my 2003 ssi is a joemex series 77......
  14. I'm kind of a Noob with electrical ratings. The oem breaker that are installed in my boat are the joemex 20 amp 50 vdc, just want to make sure I can go with a 20 amp 32 vdc since that seems like a very common breaker. Just concerned that it is 32 vdc and not 50 vdc Thanks.
  15. Hello all, I have to replace a bad circuit breaker under dash on my 2003 200 SSI (5.0 MPI Alpha). The post snapped off of it when I was attempting to remove the panel...#^@#*! This push button breaker is for my ignition and is made by JoeMex 77 series 20A 125VAC 50/60Hz 50VDC. I see several 20 AMP breakers made by Blue Sea and Sierra but they all seem to be 32 VDC... The broken breaker is pictured and this is what I'm thinking will replace it: https://www.bluesea.com/products/7057/Push_Button_Reset_Only_Quick_Connect_Circuit_Breaker_-_20_Amps My question, is it safe to replace the 20 AMP 50 VDC Joemex with a 20 AMP 32 VDC from Sierra or Blue Sea systems? If not, does anyone no where I can pick up a replacement breaker? I've searched all over and can't seem to find 20 AMP 50 VDC circuit breakers anywhere. Thank you in advance.
  16. No kiddin! 5 minutes of panic. 3 hour drive, kids hot in the truck, dog whining and barking out of the back, wife with hands on hips staring at me, and people waiting for us on the other side of the lake. Took a deep breath and block it all out and start running through troubleshooting....I checked several times to ensure it was in neutral but it wasn't until I moved it in/out several times before it started. Thanks all for the suggestions, I'll be working on that this weekend, Regards!
  17. Hello - I'm in VA too. Some pretty nice places in VA i head out to are the Chickahominy River, Smith Mountain lake (really nice in the fall), Lake Anna (ok usually really busy in summer)and the James now and then. Every summer, we tow our boat up to Canada (Thousands Islands) for 2 weeks. About a 10 hour drive but well worth it. Lots do do and see, the water is really clean and clear too. You can find cottages to rent online.
  18. Hello all - I had an issue at the ramp this weekend. Turned the key, panel and gauges light up, and only get a click noise. Thought I had a dead battery but voltage (on gauge) was good. Attempted to start several times but only got a click when turning the key. I checked the shifter and it was in neutral but after moving it around, back, fwd, back to neutral a couple of times I was finally able to get her turned over. Ran like a top all weekend except for having to play with the shifter a little before it would crank. I have a good battery, fully charged, clean connections. Not sure where I should focus my attention? Shift cable? Kill switch? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards - 2003 SSI 200 (Alpha One V8/5.0L, MPI)
  19. I'm in the same boat as you (2003 200 SSI). My original cover is pretty much shot and I'm looking for a trailerable boat cover but can only find covers for the '02 196 SSI. What did you wind up buying and are you happy with it? I attempted a search in the "newbies" section but can't seem to locate the discussion you were referring to. Thanks.
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