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  1. I really enjoy my 2005 255 SSi big block 8.1. It has great power, I can hit 55mph with right weight and weather. The cockpit is great and my son and I camp in the cabin several times per year. It handles great and trailers well. I'm impressed with it. No generator, that would have been sweet! I saw the posting for the boat in fl. that was linked --- expensive but nice. KF
  2. Scott, I boat smith mountain lake frequently. It is a Great Lake for boating, can get busy on nice days/weekends. Pretty deep lake, over 100 foot in a bunch of areas. Some shoals to watch for but generally well marked for hazards. It is a wonderfully mapped lake with lots of markers to let you know where you are. Clean water as the lake is fed from several streams, and warm right now. Good fishing on it - bass, catfish, and stripers as well. Numerous police boats, I have been stopped several times to check registration. Fair restaurants around and on the lake, fair marinas as well, gas is easy to find.I'm an hour from the lake and love its close proximity to me, can't beat it! Have fun!
  3. We haven't had our boat show yet. I have attended the last two- disappointing. I go there like a little kid at Xmas but get more disappointed each year. Less impressive "I like" boats and more pontoon and bass fishing boats. The local chap dealer is usually trying to sell off last years stock. Forget about anything 26 foot or over. I agree with previous post too- miss the trinket and other fun stuff to buy. Man, if a canvas guy was there, or flotation device, electronics, carpet, and stuff like that we're there, they would have my impulsive dollars. I'm bored with floating dock displays, pontoons, fishing, pwc, and home addition dealers at the show. Throw realtors in there too! Show me the "ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh" boats that makes me dream I had it and make me get that "more feet" itis. I rest my case Buddydog44
  4. I used uship when I bought my boat- I had several communications before he picked up my boat. He did a great job and got it here when requested.
  5. Ric, What kind of a/c setup do you have on your boat? I'm interested in options for my 255ssi cuddy Ken
  6. Buddydog44

    Best wax

    I'm pretty happy with the 3m products
  7. My thoughts are with you. A wonderful place your pup is now, waiting for you but having fun in the meantime. Lots of other great dogs to play with up there as well, like my Buddy and Madison- 2 great dogs who left a few years back- they will share the steak dinners! Be comforted with the memories. KF
  8. Feel your pain. I had a similar problem- loaded up my boat two nights prior to our 850 milde drive to Maine. Put new springs, brakes, 4 new tires and rims to be mostly certain of no issues. Night before did a final thorough walk around only to find my tires not aligning well - negative camber--- axles weak or bent spindle. Now I'm sitting in Maine with no boat--- well, canoe with trolling motor. From 375 HP to 2.5 HP. Still having fun but missing the boat. Not a good feeling driving away that early am with boat sitting in the driveway
  9. Buddydog44

    Virginia Boaters

    Central Va. here- Lynchburg. Primarily boat Smith mountain lake
  10. agree with brick, I have a tear in one of my seats and I could not find any replacement. Hit the upholstery shop-probably cheaper than buying from dealer.
  11. Im doing it! You all are right, I would regret every calm lake morning and every sunset I could be out floating. I had my trailer inspected last week- new brakes, lines, and master cylinder, bearings. Should be set and glad it had it looked at, it needed that attention. Truck im not worried about, just need to buy a spare or two. Long drive at several MPH under the posted but in the end, sure it will be worth it.
  12. A smaller lake in Maine, camp on water so im sure we would almost boat daily over two weeks. Renting a boat is a small fortune- approx 1 large deer for a week and thats a pontoon boat. Gas mileage is unknown- I havent towed it yet, guessing around 15 MPG. Trailer has been updated,inspected and tow vehicle is new so no initial concerns. I know I will regret it if I dont take it, just question the hassle of it all.
  13. Here is the question- would you tow your boat 850 miles one way so you coud use it on a lake- to fish, ski, tube during a two week vacation?? Is it worth the hassle and expense (gas, time)? The vacation would involve a fair amount of water exposure- camp on lake. What would you do?
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