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  1. I spoke with Prospec and was told it is compatible, that I must have a remote that has gone bad. Just interesting that it happended the same time the faceplate messed up on me. I was told to check all 3 remotes and find the bad one. I was told all three hook up under the dash with the helm remote being the "main" one. Guess I can unhook each one and try to see which one causes the problem? Any suggestions anyone? Someone mentioned a fuse... aside from the fuses at the battery, where are the ones for the remotes? I keep the boat in a wet slip on the lake so I can't just run out and take a look. Thanks!
  2. I'm sure it is better than a week or so ago but still too hot for me. Maybe I will head up towards Troutman next weekend and see if it's any better up that way. I was anchored in a cove about 15 ft deep. Maybe deeper water will help as well.
  3. This is a copy and paste directly from the rock the boat site. Check the last line in bold. JBL MR165S AM/FM/CD Sirius Satellite Ready, iPod Controller Marine Stereo Code: 38271 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manufacturer's MAP Price: $169.95 IMPORTANT NOTE: The manufacturer won't allow us to display our price on our web site. To view our price you must add this item to your shopping cart. You can easily remove the product if you choose not to purchase it. [more information] Quantity: (in stock) Ships out the same day or next business day Post A Review Of This Item View Your Shopping Cart Return To Previous Page Details: Related Items Bracketron Inc STM-100-BL Hold-iT Universal Mobile Device Holder - iPod/MP3 Bracket $7.04 Code: 32453 iPod I-Plug830 Interface Cable For JBL Stereos with IPod Control - iPod/MP3 Adapter $26.07 Code: 39256 JBL REM30G Black Gauge Size Flush Mount Wired Remote - Stereo Accessory $49.55 Code: 32019 JBL SCC1BL Sirius Satellite Receiver Box For JBL Satellite Ready Marine Stereos - Stereo Accessory $58.33 Code: 32798 Milennia MIL-SPAPOWER8 Waterproof 12 Volt 8.5 Amp Power Supply Adapter - Stereo Accessory Run your marine stereo using household current $68.55 Code: 41636 JBL REM40GS Weatherproof Wireless RF Remote - Stereo Accessory RF means no line of site necessary! Use anywhere on the boat! Manufacturer's Minimum Advertised Price: $99.95 Click for our price! Code: 28557 This unit is compatible with older JBL remotes (such as REM25) as well as the current model remote REM30. I contacted the company with the issue and they told me to handle it with JBL because that is where they get their information. Let the fun begin.
  4. I don't know about any of yall but I have been staying away from Lake Norman for a few weeks now. The water is too hot! I went out yesterday thinking the two days of rain may have helped. Well, if it did help, I would have hated to be in the water before the rain! I only stayed out for about 2 hours and found myself spending more time on the boat than in the water.
  5. So I found the problem. The remote connector from the new head unit has two extra wires that the boat harness does not have. If I leave the remote connector unplugged, the radio works just fine. As soon as I hook up the remote wires, it goes dead. When I compare the remote connectors, all the wires match up with the exception of the new head unit have two extra wires. So it seems my original remotes are not compatible. Is there a way around this without replacing my remotes? Unless I am mistaken, I have three REM25 remotes. I purchased the new head unit from Rock the Boat audio and it states in the description they should work. old head unit original to the boat = JBL MR16 New head unit = JBL MR165
  6. Just the face plate (detachable) on the old unit quit working. The unit itself would power up. I unplugged the old unit and plugged the new one in and nothing happens. All fuses are good.
  7. After much searching on here, I decided to replace my non-working JBL MR16 head unit with a JBL MR165. From what I read on here as well as Prospec, it seems the new unit would be plug and play with the wiring harness and that the original remotes would work as well. I installed the new MR165 unit yesterday, and NOTHING. No power or anything. The original (MR16) unit would power up however the faceplate was dead. But at least the radio was getting power. The new unit isn't even getting power. I wired it directly to the battery to ensure the new unit wasn't dead on arrival and it powered up. So, what do I need to do to the wiring harness to get things working? Is it gonna be a total re-wire? Anyone else replaced a MR16 with a MR165? Thanks,
  8. So I have a gas card that I can use as long as I purchase 87 octane and can swipe the card electronically / not the old tray slide thing. What marinas carry 87 and have electronic swipe?
  9. This is my first season at "F" dock. It had the only open slip big enough.... interesting group over there.
  10. Sounds like where I was each day this weekend. Just south of PYC... in the cove with the nice view of the golf course hole that is all downhill towards the water. Anyway, I got annoyed Sunday with the Waverunners not seeming to care about the no wake zone.